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Season 9

Episode 58

(Take Your Child Back Quickly)

On Lin Ches end, she did not provide any explanation and simply watched silently as people spread the news online.

Yu Minmin did not say much either. She merely said to Lin Che, In a few days, one of the television stations will be holding a National Acting Ceremony. Its the same as the Panda TV Festival back then. Now, the National Acting Ceremony is also a very well-known program. Many people will participate in it. This program is the sister program of the National Acting Festival produced by the same television station. So even though you have no television series to mark your comeback, they invited you to participate too. Dont make any public appearances for the next few days. When the time comes for you to attend this program, just make your appearance there and accept some interviews.

Lin Che had always left these things to Yu Minmin, so she did not ask any further.

She merely said to Yu Minmin, I think that were a bit too passive right now since we only promote our own talents. If possible, lets produce higher-quality television series for our talents. It would be easier to work together to create hype and to increase their popularity.

Yu Minmin said, Oh. I know what you mean. Youre right too but we didnt have much energy to do these things previously. We still dont have enough people and we dont trust anyone enough to do it either.

Lin Che said, I was just bringing it up too. If were really going to do it, we can take it slowly.

Just then, Lin Che suddenly received a call from the kindergarten.

They told her that her son had stirred up trouble in the kindergarten.

Lin Che hastily asked, What happened?

About that, Gu Shinians mother, you must come down to take a look.

Lin Che hastily packed up in preparation to rush over and see what trouble the little imp Gu Shinian had caused again.

In the kindergarten.

Niannian sat there swinging his legs. The little girl behind him was Yunyun whose face was filled with fear. Beside them, the two little children Chen Nian and Chen Jiu were still playing around.

Opposite them, the child was crying and wailing.

Mother, mother. It hurts

The teacher was running around in circles from anxiety. She looked at Gu Shinian but did not dare to say anything. She looked at the child who had been bullied but did not dare to say anything either.

Their kindergarten was a prominent international kindergarten in C Nation that had always been internationally managed. The people who attended the kindergarten were all wealthy and respectable too. They could not afford to offend any of them.

Everyone had heard about Gu Shinian a long time ago. He had been admitted into the kindergarten with a ten-million-dollar sponsorship.

As for the child on the opposite side, he belonged to the family of B Citys vice-mayor.

There was nothing like having a man on the spot to smooth the way and this vice-mayor was in charge of finance. Most of the large-scale projects came from their family, so they were extremely powerful and had a very imposing manner.

This boy, Sun Zhangming, was the youngest grandson of the vice-mayor. His mother was a very unreasonable lady. She looked quite young and had originally been a model. She was tall, slender and beautiful with an extraordinary aura. However she was probably not very educated, seeing as she spoke in a very brash manner.

As she looked at her son cry, she shouted in anger, What are you crying for? Thats all you know how to do. Youre from a senior class but you couldnt even beat someone from a junior class. And you still have the cheek to cry.

Because of his unique family situation, Sun Zhangming was the top dog in kindergarten too. He was six and a half years old and was in a senior class. By right, Gu Shinian should not have been able to beat him since he was much bigger than Gu Shinian. He was tall and had a bigger build too. However, the childs mouth was completely swollen from having been beaten. He was wailing nonstop and even his mucus was streaming down.

In comparison, there was not a blemish on Gu Shinian. Immediately, one could see the difference in his demeanor.

He looked like a small adult who knew everything. He was really very likable.

It was a pity that although his family was wealthy, in reality, they could not compare to families with power either.

The teacher still felt that Gu Shinian may have stirred up huge trouble.

However, this little tyrant Sun Zhangming had been riding roughshod over people in the kindergarten for so long. This was actually the first time any of the children had dared to go against him. Furthermore, he had even been beaten up to this extent. Putting aside the fact that Gu Shinian had stirred up trouble, the teacher still felt that her anger had been somewhat vented

After being reprimanded by his mother, the boy cried even more.

His mother became even more furious. She had been busy playing mahjong when she had been forced to come here. She had lost so much time. She was really close to winning but now, she had been called here and was wasting her time. Furthermore, it was her son that had been beaten

Usually, when her son hit someone else, it went without saying that they would send some people from their family to settle matters. In any case, their family did not care about such trivial matters. However, now that her son had been beaten, the situation was different.

Annoyed by his crying, she looked up and threw an angry tantrum at the teacher.

What the hell were you guys doing? We pay you so much money each year for our child to attend this school, not to get beaten up. How did you guys look after him?

The teacher said, Zhangmings mother, we made a mistake and did not pay attention for a moment.

Thats enough. No need for excuses. Whose child is that? Hes so unreasonable at such a young age with such a poor upbringing. Where are his parents? Where are they? No one from their family has come until now. What do they mean by this? Or is he an illegitimate child with no mother?!

Dont speak like that in front of the child. We have already informed his mother. She will be here soon.

Hmph. Just from how unreasonable this child is, I can tell that his family isnt any good either. What a waste of my time. I havent sent back the things I just bought. Its time for my appointment at the beauty salon too.

The teacher looked at her, the corners of his mouth twitching. She thought to herself that she looked nothing like a mother at all. However, she had no choice but to say respectfully, Zhangmings mother, were really sorry to waste your time. It will be fine once we settle this. Youre so beautiful. If we see you on the streets, we wont be able to tell at all that youre a mother. Missing one appointment at the beauty salon wont affect your beauty.

Her compliment made the mother glad. She looked at the teacher and said, Although youre right, I spent money on it too. Do you know how much it costs each time? This time, I wasted quite a few thousand just like that. Hmph. When the mother of this wild child comes later, I will ask her for compensation for this too!

At this moment, Lin Che had already rushed here.

She took a few steps and walked in.

The people inside immediately saw Lin Che. The teacher instantly turned into her fan.

Wow. Lin Che

Earlier, she had seen that the mothers name was Lin Che and even thought that they had the same name. She could not believe that Lin Che was actually here.

Before this, she had not paid attention either. Furthermore, she did not think Lin Che had ever said on television that she had a child. But now that she had seen Lin Che, she recalled that Lin Che had indeed left for quite a few years before this, and Gu Shinian happened to be three and a half years old

Following Lin Ches entrance, the staff inside were extremely surprised. They looked at Lin Che with joyful expressions on their faces as they whispered amongst themselves.

The mother who had earlier been so proud of her good looks was now completely embarrassed.

She glanced askance at Lin Che who really did not look like a mother at all, looking her up and down rudely.


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