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Season 9

Episode 57

(The Direct Insult Was So Infuriating)

Gu Jingze alighted from the car and walked inside under everyones admiring gazes.

Everyone marveled at each step he took.

Someone shouted, Peng Yu is so lucky

Im so envious of Peng Yu

Lin Che really looks like a drowned dog. Gu Jingze probably came here on purpose today. It was probably Peng Yus intention to make Lin Che look bad.

I really pity Lin Che right now. She cant match up to Peng Yu at all. If she had known it earlier, she shouldnt have been so stubborn.

However, at this moment, Gu Jingze suddenly stopped beside Lin Che.

He looked at Lin Che and did not seem to notice that there was anyone else behind him. He simply put his arm around her shoulders. Have you packed up?

Hn. I finished packing.

Lets go.

Without looking back, he pulled Lin Che in the direction of the row of cars. Thereafter, the crowd of people behind them was momentarily stunned.

How they wished right now that they could take back the words they had just said.

They looked on flabbergasted. For a moment, they felt as if the lively discussion that had occurred earlier was just a dream. Right now, it was as quiet as it was at night. There was no sound at all, not even the sound of their breathing.

What was going on?

What was happening?

Werent Gu Jingze and Peng Yu a couple?

Why didnt he even glance at Peng Yu now? He did not seem to recognize Peng Yu and took Lin Che away instead.

They suddenly felt as if they were in a fantasy world. None of them could figure out what had happened and could only stare straight ahead.

Peng Yus face was deathly pale. She sensed Lin Che turn around and glance at her calmly from inside the car. The clear ridicule in her eyes was like an invisible hand flying towards Peng Yu without any qualms and slapping her face without hesitation.

Peng Yus eyes twitched. At a time like this, she dared not have any direct confrontation with Lin Che. She turned around and sneaked off.

Inside, Yin Shangshu had initially been utterly exhausted from anxiety. Out of the blue, he received the news of what had happened outside.

Director, Lin Che left. You have no idea. Gu Jingze personally picked Lin Che up. It just happened!


Yin Shangshu asked, Shouldnt it be Peng Yu?

What Peng Yu? Everyone outside is about to go mad. Gu Jingze took Lin Che away directly. He ignored Peng Yu completely.

Yin Shangshu was immediately dumbfounded too.

At the moment, the situation outside was already a complete mess.

Everyone was discussing with surprise what had just happened.

As the saying went, there were all kinds of birds in a huge forest. The longer one lived, it was possible to encounter anything.

As for todays incident, it was definitely the most unreal experience they had ever encountered in their lives.

Peng Yu boasted so much but it turns out that Gu Jingze and Lin Che are actually a couple.

Now that I think about it, Peng Yus photograph is actually a bit strange too.

The crux of the matter is that Lin Che never mentioned it. She simply slapped Peng Yu with the facts. And it was such a loud and clear slap too.

This time, the director must be feeling so much regret. Now that weve offended Lin Che, she wont take revenge on us in the future, right?

I hope that Gu Jingze is not the kind of person who must get an eye for an eye. Otherwise, Peng Yu would have gotten us in deep trouble this time.

He was right. Gu Jingze was indeed a vengeful person but he could not be bothered to play some revenge game with these nobodies.

Besides, Lin Che had not suffered any mistreatment. She had become smarter now. She herself knew how to quietly expose someones lies. As she watched the fire burn across the river, she felt extremely at ease instead. She watched the news while eating grapes and felt so refreshed.

The news reported that Lin Ches studio had already released a public notice stating that she would not continue filming and was backing out of the production.

Everyone was saying that Peng Yu had snatched her role from her and cursed Peng Yu out terribly for some time.

Lin Ches studio immediately posted a small segment of the contract to show that it had been a clear term of the contract that Lin Che was the female lead. Now, because Peng Yu had exerted some kind of pressure, the trailer that she had initially seen had been cut. The public notice also stated clearly that Lin Che had chosen to back out because she did not like being in a production that was controlled by someone else. She said that she filmed the television series to produce a good piece of work and not to earn money. Therefore, she did not care about the fees she was being paid to film this time. She could not be bothered with the fees, but she would still claim every dollar of compensation she was entitled to. She warned the other side to take note of this and said that she would see them in court.

After she was done with this, she returned to the company.

Upon seeing that Lin Che had arrived, the company staff crowded around her in unison.

Sister Che, the news just spread everywhere. Everyone is saying that you slapped Peng Yu squarely in the face, so she doesnt dare show her face to anyone right now.

Sister Che, I heard that it was such an exciting scene.

Sister Che, since when did you know Gu Jingze?

Sister Che, for some reason I feel that youre becoming more and more brilliant now.

Lin Che looked at all of their admiring gazes. Thats enough. Stop flattering me. Get back to work quickly. Peng Yu will not let things rest this time. You guys better pay proper attention to the trend of the online discussions.

When she finished speaking, she left immediately without any explanation either.

She left them to continue speculating.

Our company has hidden talents, to begin with. If these people want to come up against our company, they definitely have a death wish. All else aside, Sister Yu is the first lady.

Then, is Sister Che really with Gu Jingze

As for Sister Che, its difficult for us to ask about it too. Who knows if shes really connected to Gu Jingze or whether Sister Yu asked Gu Jingze for help?

Dear me. I really hope theyre actually connected to one another. Then, each and every person who looks down on us can forget about staying alive.

Yin Shangshu was so regretful at the moment that he did not want to meet anyone.

He truly had not expected Peng Yu to be a huge liar.

Look at what had happened now. It was impossible for him to hold Peng Yu responsible and Lin Che had also left in a fit of anger. Right now, neither Lin Che nor Yu Minmin was picking up his calls too.

He felt unbearably frustrated and thought that he must have offended them this time.

He looked at the public notice Lin Che had put up online and dared not respond at all.

He was willing to concede to whatever she had stated. Now, he would not only quickly offer up the fees she should be paid, but he also dared not give her any less compensation than she was entitled to.

However, Peng Yu was extremely unhappy. She was being cursed out right now but Yin Shangshu, ever the opportunist, had immediately gone to make amends and apologize. He was such a coward. Thus, she knew that she had to be the one to settle everything.

As a result, she quickly instructed people to upload a post rebutting the public notice released by Lin Ches company. It stated that the sudden increase in Peng Yus number of scenes was only because Peng Yus character had many highlights and would attract even more attention if she had more scenes in the trailer since Peng Yus acting was good. It was a decision that the production team had made for advertising reasons. It was Lin Che herself who was petty and had to take the issue of screen time in a mere trailer to heart. She was being unprofessional.

To increase the impact, Peng Yu even asked someone to do a comparison of the acting skills of her and Lin Che. She chose a scene that showed barely any of Lin Ches acting skills and compared it with a scene in which her acting skills could be fully shown. People who did not know about acting could not tell either. When they looked at the comparison, they really felt that the passion and power Peng Yu displayed definitely showed that she had better acting skills.

The netizens were momentarily undecided and did not know who to believe.

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