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Season 9

Episode 56

(Gu Jingze Was Here To Pick Her Up)

That was all Lin Che said before turning around and leaving.

At the back, the directors face darkened but there was nothing he could do either.

He felt that he was really in a very difficult spot. He just hoped that in the future, he would never take on a production like this with two female leads. It was best if there was only one prominent actor per production and that the rest were all newbies. Then, there would be no such problems.

Back then, he had been keen to gain some petty advantages. He thought that Peng Yu and Lin Che acting together would definitely gain a lot of attention. Once the production became famous before it was even broadcast, he would not have to worry that no one would pay a high price for it.

But look where he was now. He himself had burned his own fingers. There was nothing else he could do now.

The director had even thought all along that Lin Che would not be so stubborn. After all, he had hinted to Lin Che about Peng Yus background. Even if Lin Che had Yu Minmin to back her up, there was no way it could be better than Peng Yus close relationship with Gu Jingze.

Furthermore, it was a fact that she had just made her come back and had not even solidified her position. How could she recklessly offend someone else?

As a result, the production crew did not give Lin Che any response even on the second day.

Thus, Lin Che informed Yu Minmin that she was going to go over and retrieve her luggage.

She said to Gu Jingze, I may need your help today.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. Oh? Since when did you ever ask me for help? The sun is really rising from the west today.

Lin Che said, Theres this person who really angered me. I want you to go and help me slap someone.

Slap someone? Is it a man or a woman if its a woman I wont easily hit women. Gu Jingze thought that she wanted him to slap someone for real, so he even asked her this solemnly.

Lin Che looked at this old-fashioned man with her brow furrowed. Hey, cant you surf the Internet more when you have nothing to do? What rubbish. When I say slap, I mean ugh, I cant explain it to you properly anyway. Youre way too stupid. You dont know anything. Anyway, just come over and pick me up. I want to make her look bad this time. I also want to let the people in the production crew who thinks you have something to do with Peng Yu know exactly whether Peng Yu has anything to do with you!

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes at Lin Che. On one hand, youre looking down on me. On the other, you still want to use me. Ha. Women are way too difficult to deal with, especially a petty person like you!

Im happy being like this. Why? Do you not want to do it? Lin Che said with her lips pursed.

Gu Jingze conceded, Im willing to do it. Ill do it. I wouldnt dare disagree.

Gu Jingze turned around and pulled her into his embrace. He tapped the tip of her nose and warned, But Im going to claim my appearance fee tonight.

Was an appearance fee even necessary for this?

The same day, Lin Che proudly went to retrieve her luggage.

Upon hearing that Lin Che had really meant what she said and was here to simply retrieve her luggage, Yin Shangshu was immediately stunned.

How could Lin Che be so stubborn? She was here to retrieve her luggage after having simply said so. She was not even going to continue filming.

Lin Che brought her own staff, assistants, and even her bodyguards.

She had two bags; her assistant carried one and her bodyguard carried the other.

Lin Che strutted out and saw the rest of the people from the production crew gather around to see what was happening.

What is Lin Che doing? Is she really going to leave?

After being bullied by Peng Yu, of course shes leaving out of anger.

Isnt the director going to ask her to stay? She has already filmed so many scenes but shes leaving just because she said so. Seriously

The director wouldnt dare ask her to stay. It will be difficult since he has to consider Peng Yus feelings.

Why is it necessary for him to do that? I still prefer Lin Che. In terms of popularity, Lin Che is probably more popular too. She has so many loyal fans.

Thats because you didnt hear the rumors. I heard that Gu Jingze is sponsoring Peng Yu.


Otherwise, how can she be so arrogant?

Lin Che dragged her luggage out. When people came to persuade her, Lin Che did not make things difficult for them and said calmly, I have already said what I have to say. Theres no need for you to say anything else. If you wanted to say something, you would have said it before today. Its useless now for you to say anything.

Then, she proceeded to gesture for them to leave.

At the back, some people who were on Peng Yus side looked at Lin Che and said, Look at how shes behaving. Shes just a drowning dog that was kicked out. Whats there to be proud of?

My point exactly. Ultimately, she couldnt compare to Peng Yu only because shes quite useless anyway. In the end, the female lead was instead kicked out by the supporting actress.

Just look at the kind of person Peng Yu is. Most of the people who oppose her dont end up well.

Precisely. Her tricks are brilliant. If not, how could she have captured a man like Gu Jingze?

Shes way too impressive. I cant believe she managed to snag Gu Jingze. Ha. When will we have that kind of luck?

They watched Lin Che walk out with her luggage.

Outside, several cars were slowly driving over.

Just then, Peng Yu came out to join the crowd. With her arms crossed, she looked on haughtily as Lin Che dragged her luggage out.

It went without saying how proud she looked.

Even the angles of her eyebrows seemed to show the pride of a winner, especially when she heard those people talking about her with envy.

Since she had won this time, everyone was in complete admiration of her. Their fear towards her had also heightened. All of them became more careful in the way they looked at her now.

However, the line of cars outside attracted their attention once again.

Whose cars were they? They were in monochromatic colors and they looked extremely grand in their formation.

When the car in the middle stopped, they saw the person inside alight

His narrow cuffs looked extremely neat and his white shirt formed a contrast with his dark-grey suit. The way he got out of the car was so dashing. When his high-grade and custom-made leather shoes stepped on the floor tile, the sound they made even gave off a slight air of nobility.

With his extremely charismatic side profile, he immediately captured the hearts of all the women present.

His calm demeanor genuinely made their hearts pound with one look.

Gu Gu Jingze! Someone instantly recognized him.

Furthermore, he had recognized him not from anywhere else but from his memory of the photograph that Peng Yu had shown him. Peng Yu had said that the person in the photograph was Gu Jingze.

So, was Gu Jingze here for Peng Yu now?

Is this Gu Jingze?

Good gracious! Is he really Gu Jingze?

Hes so handsome in person.

His gaze is so piercing

Pft, pft. Look. Gu Jingze is here to look for Peng Yu. Of course, Lin Che cant match up against Peng Yu. Look at his strong presence. This is a show of extravagance from a prominent figure.

Everyone looked at Peng Yu enviously but no one noticed how deathly-pale her face was.

Gu Jingze was actually here.

However, only Peng Yu knew that he could not have come to pick her up.

He was here for Lin Che.

Someone quickly called out Peng Yus name with his voice full of envy. Peng Yu, why arent you doing anything? Gu Jingze is here for you.

Peng Yus body swayed. For a moment, she totally did not know how to get herself out of this situation.

Lin Che was composed as she turned to glance at everyone. As her departure from the production was definitely a significant matter, nearly the entire production crew had gathered round to watch.

This included Yin Shangshu who had been inside all along and scratching his head in frustration.



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