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Season 9

Episode 55

(If You Dont Agree Ill Withdraw From The Production Immediately)

Lin Ches heart twitched.

Gu Jingze gestured for everyone to leave first.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze. Did you especially get Dongzi to come here?

Gu Jingze said, When I went to the military base to select people, I heard that he was very hardworking and had excellent results too. I took a look at his statistics and saw that he has improved remarkably. From knowing nothing at all, he has now acquired a full set of skills over the past few years. I thought that he was worthy, so I recommended him to come here. Of course, it was also because I thought that you would feel a bit more comfortable if there was someone you knew from before.

Lin Che smiled and looked at him. Hn. Not bad. Youre quite thoughtful.

Gu Jingze tilted his head and looked at her. Oh? In that case, do I get a reward?

Lin Che stood on her tiptoes and pecked his cheek. Consider this your reward!

Gu Jingze shook his head and looked at her. How petty. Are you only giving me a kiss?

Lin Che said, Dont go overboard. A kiss is already good enough!

Gu Jingze was speechless. This lass.

But he was only like this when it came to her. He would definitely not put in so much effort for anyone else.

As they were ultimately people whom he had personally chosen, he told them to get familiar with their surroundings first and to spend more time with Lin Che as well. They would also have to make future arrangements regarding work matters.

Bodyguards who worked for extremely wealthy people were well-provided for in their daily lives. There were people specially assigned to provide for their food and accommodation. In terms of material provision, there was absolutely no way outsiders could match up to this level. On the other hand, they no longer had any secrets from the moment they entered the Gu family. All of their secrets had been dug up and recorded in the Gu familys database. They were also taught to be loyal. They understood that once their own lives were intertwined with one person, they would put their lives on the line for her. From the moment they entered the Gu family, they belonged to the Gu family. Their family members would become part of the Gu familys database and their lives would be guaranteed. However, in the event they betrayed the Gu family, their entire family would be extinguished.

Back in her room, Lin Che specially called for Dongzi to come in. Not only had he been selected here this time, but he had also even become a little leader. Lin Che looked at Dongzi. Where are you staying now? How has life been for you?

Dongzi looked at Lin Che. Miss, we live in a house that the Gu family bought for us. We chose the house and the Gu family paid for it. Its in a very good location. I chose it after looking at many houses. Because the Gu family bought it for us, they gave us the best location. I brought my grandmother over and even hired someone to look after her. Shes living a very good life. We have Miss to thank for all of this because youve given us a good life. Otherwise, we may have stayed in that small village our whole lives.

Lin Che said, Dont say that. You attained all of this through your own hard work. By the way, what about your sister?

My sister changed her name. Linda changed it for her. Shes attending school elsewhere right now and is about to attend university soon. Shes living a very good life too.

Really? Im genuinely happy for you guys. But back then, it was only because of us that your family encountered trouble. I felt so guilty. I feel very comforted seeing that your lives have gotten better. I hope that you can treat this place as your home. Come here often in the future and dont feel restricted, Lin Che said with sincerity.

Miss, dont brood over what happened to my father. We know that it wasnt your fault. Disasters and catastrophes cannot be avoided. My fathers death was not your fault.

Lin Che said, Thank you for thinking that way.

The two of them spoke for a very long time.

When Lin Che went out, she did not take many people with her. Although nearly ten bodyguards came here, she brought only two people with her when she actually went out. That way, it would not look like she had many people with her and would not affect her work. She would also be able to deal with typical situations.

And on the other side.

On Yin Shangshus end, nothing much had been done. He did not say exactly how he was going to deal with the matter either. However, discussion about it was abuzz online. Someone said bluntly that Peng Yu had probably overshadowed Lin Che. When the drama was eventually broadcast, it was likely that Peng Yu would completely suppress Lin Che.

A few advertising personnel came to Yin Shangshu to discuss how to manage public relations.

Yin Shangshu was very troubled as well. On one hand, he did not want to offend Lin Che. On the other, he did not want to offend Peng Yu either.

He said, Even though we would be in trouble if we offend either of them, think about Peng Yus personality. Shes rotten at heart. We would rather offend an upright person than offend a nasty person. If we offend Peng Yu, we may really be in for it. If we offend Lin Che, she may not do anything to us either despite her anger. At the most, she would not want to continue working with us but I dont think she will leave just like that since weve already filmed so much of the series.

Everyone agreed as they thought that Yin Shangshus words made sense.

Yin Shangshu felt very helpless too. He sighed and said, There is no helping it since Peng Yu is actually connected to Gu Jingze. Peng Yu alone is not frightening. Im afraid that our television series will be done for after she engages in pillow talk with Gu Jingze.

Since they had made their decision, they ignored the comments online and made no response either. They allowed the situation to develop and did not care about whether the netizens were treating Peng Yu as the female lead.

When Lin Che arrived at the set, she immediately entered Yin Shangshus office after finding out about the matter.

Director, Ive already become the second female lead now, right?

Yin Shangshu looked at Lin Che and frantically said, No way. Dont bother about other peoples speculations

I demand that you release a new trailer. Otherwise, I wont continue filming, Lin Che said bluntly.

Yin Shangshu froze. Dont kick up such a fuss just because of a problem with the trailer.

Lin Che shook her head. The problem doesnt only relate to the trailer. This is an attitude problem. Youre simply being biased toward Peng Yu and indulging all her whims. This directly tells me that you may even continue being like this in the future. Right now, its just a trailer. If I dont insist on having my way and I dont fight for my benefits, you will only go further in the future and bully an honest person like me even more. Thats why I want you to prove your attitude to me now and show me that youre not being controlled by Peng Yu. Otherwise, I will choose to leave.

You Lin Che, think about this clearly. What benefits will that give you? If you suddenly refuse to act, people will only speculate even more. It wont be good for your image too. Furthermore, the compensation sum for a breach of contract is no small sum either.

Lin Che said, I dont care whether this will be bad for my image. I was forced into the role of the second female lead even though I was initially the first. That image isnt that much better either. When I first signed the contract, I signed to be the first female lead. Now, Ive turned into the second female lead. You breached the contract first. If we go to court, you may not be able to win so stop threatening me like this. Im not Peng Yu; I dont make empty threats. I always mean what I say.

Yin Shangshus gaze flashed unpleasantly.

Lin Che huffed. If youre in a difficult spot, I can leave right away. Call me when youve thought it through. If I dont get a call by tomorrow, Ill come back to pack up and leave.



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