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Season 9

Episode 54

(All These People Would Be Her Personal Guards)

The trailer that Lin Che had initially seen did not end up being the version that was released.

When the trailer was released the next day, there was a lot of discussion about it online. Only then did Lin Che realize that the trailer had unexpectedly been edited to that extent

Peng Yu had gotten one-third more screen time than she had. It seemed as if she had turned into the second female lead instead of the first.

People online were also skeptical. Lin Ches fans were extremely upset and wanted to know what exactly was going on. Was Peng Yu the female lead or was Lin Che the female lead? Why did the trailer mainly feature Peng Yu?

After watching the trailer, Yu Minmin rushed to Lin Ches set immediately.

While sitting in the room, Yu Minmin said, They agreed to everything you said in the beginning. Now that youve filmed a part of it, do they think you wont leave? How could they bully us like this? Theyre treating you like a newbie. Do they think that were so easy to bully and that you will tolerate this and continue filming?

Yu Minmin immediately went to look for the director.

The director seemed to have been expecting Yu Minmin. He looked at her and said, Minmin, youre here. I was just about to explain to you.

Yu Minmin smiled grimly at the director, looking as if she was waiting for a reasonable explanation.

The director hastily explained it to her over and over again a few times. He kept flattering Lin Che, talking about how good she was and how she would not make things difficult for them, but that Peng Yu was different.

Yu Minmin would not fall for this. She looked at the director and said, Director, I gave you a bargain back then by getting Lin Che to join your production. But to be honest, I respected you because weve known each other for a long time and were on pretty good terms. But now, youve turned on us and slapped our faces.

But Minmin, Ill be honest. Peng Yu made a huge fuss yesterday. I had no choice either. You may not know her identity The director had a troubled expression on his face. ,

No, I know what youre going to say. Yu Minmin stopped him and said, You mean to say that Gu Jingze is very powerful and you dont dare to offend him. Because of that, you think that were easy to bully and youre going to get us to shoulder the consequences, right?

I Im not

Thats enough. Yu Minmin huffed. I wont say anything more. Do you really think shes so terrifying that you dare not offend her? In that case, this production really wont be able to continue. If she asks for a mile instead of an inch in the future and tells you to just film according to her instructions, then who exactly is the director of this drama? Our Lin Che did not make a proper comeback only to be suppressed by other people. If you really think that you cant afford to offend Peng Yu and youre willing to sacrifice us, then well leave.

Hey, hey. Dont be like this.

You shouldnt bully honest people like this. Also, a word of advice. Dont believe everything you hear. Dont regret it when Lin Che leaves. You can decide for yourself.

The director had a conflicted expression too but Peng Yu was pressuring him immensely and he thought that Lin Che probably would not leave just like that. She had just made her comeback and this was her first television series. If she actually pulled out halfway, it would not be good for her reputation in the future too.

When Yu Minmin returned, she said, It seems like he still thinks were easy to bully. Im afraid he really doesnt dare to offend Peng Yu. Ha. Although Yin Shangshu is a good director, the way hes so easily swayed is truly loathsome as well.

If he continues doing this, we cant stay on here and let ourselves be mistreated. We will find somewhere else to go if we cant stay here. Anyway, gold will shine no matter where it is!

Precisely. Recently, there was actually an outdoor reality program that offered you a spot. It looks very promising. Youll be the only girl in the cast and youll definitely receive a lot of attention. Why dont we take up that offer first?

Alright. Well wait and see how they plan the program. Lets see how Yin Shangshu deals with this matter first.

We can only resign ourselves to fate after meeting such a cowardly director but if he cant give us a good explanation, this television series will be the explanation, hmph, Yu Minmin said furiously.

Now, the company was no longer a random small company. So many of their talents were waiting for them to set an example.

Lin Che did not remain on set today. She left directly after informing the crew.

Online, people were still arguing over this matter. Some of them took it very seriously and went to Peng Yus page to curse her out. Peng Yu immediately began arguing with the netizens, saying that this was the directors arrangement and had nothing to do with her.

Lin Che did not bother about these things. She left and saw that Gu Jingze was waiting for her at home. He said that he had chosen a few loyal guards to follow her and wanted her to meet them first.

When Lin Che heard this, she was still a little confused.

He had actually picked out some people for her. She felt that she had yet to register that fact!

Gu Jingze walked in with his arm around her. Inside, she saw a row of people standing upright. They appeared to be wearing the same uniform as they stood there in an orderly manner.

The moment Gu Jingze entered, they immediately bowed and said, Sir, Madam.

Gu Jingze said, She will be your master in the future. All of you are only eighteen or nineteen years old and you have never had a master. Shes your first priority, your first target of protection. I believe that youve been taught in the base and in the troops and that you understand what that means. It means that you will only need to listen to her commands in the future. You will not need to listen to anyone elses command.

Yes, they said in unison.

Gu Jingze said, So now, you dont have to call me Sir and you dont have to call her Madam. Just call her Miss Lin. Shes the center of your world and she determines whether you stay or leave and whether you live or die. Understand?

Yes, Miss.

Lin Che looked at them and felt that all of them really looked very young.

Lin Che said, Dont worry. If you follow me, I wont treat you unfairly. We are one and we stand together through the storms. I dont want to lose anyone of you either. I hope that we will be each others companions and be mutually loyal to each other, without any divides.


As she looked at everyone, Lin Che felt very emotional as well. She actually felt a little uncomfortable at the thought that these people would listen only to her commands in the future.

Gu Jingze said, I hope you still remember their leader.

Confused, Lin Che asked, Who is it?

Dongzi. He pointed to a young and sturdy lad at the side.

When Lin Che took a closer look, she immediately remembered that he was that Dongzi, the boy that she had saved back then when Lin Che and Gu Jingze had ended up in A Nation.

She broke into a smile and said with a pleasant surprise, Dongzi, I cant believe youre here too.

Dongzi smiled sincerely. Then, he immediately recalled who he was and retracted his smile. With an expression of righteousness, he said, Miss, Im very honored to have been selected!

Lin Che said, You werent so well-built when Linda took you away. You look really different now.

Dongzi said, Miss, Ive already trained at the military base for two years and in the army for two years. Im a qualified soldier. I will protect you in the future. I wont ever let you undergo the kind of hardship you went through in A Nation!


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