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Season 9

Episode 53

(She Was Using Gu Jingzes Name To Swindle And Cheat)

Lin Che was presently in the company. She was reading the details of their new actors with Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin said, Ill send you back later. See if they need any extras. You can bring some of them there to give it a try.

Lin Che said, Alright then. Anyway, if theyre paid the same as the other extras, the director probably wont say anything.

Yu Minmin said, Subsequently, I also want to try signing on some singers. However, singing doesnt make much money now and its also too tiring to earn money through gigs. Im still considering signing on talented singers from those talent shows. If their image is good, it will be easy for them to switch to acting once they become famous through singing.

Lin Che said, Alright. Ill leave these things to you. Ill head back to the set first.

Come on. Ill go back with you.

The two of them returned to the set. The moment they entered, they saw Peng Yu kicking up a fuss.

It seemed that someone had given her something unpleasant again. She was in the midst of a tantrum.

Everyone was avoiding her like the plague and quickly moved aside. They hastily greeted Lin Che when they saw her at the back.

Lin Che pulled someone to her and asked, What happened here again?

Sister Che, she said that her costume hasnt been washed but costumes like these cant be washed often anyway. The appearance of the costume will change. What if it doesnt look good when she wears it? We only made a few costumes in total and each one was very expensive. Even though it stinks a little now, there is no way around it either. All period dramas are like this. How can there be no odor on the clothes when the weather is so hot?

Lin Che knew this too. There was no helping the stronger smell of sweat when the costumes were thicker, so they usually brought some perfume to cover up the smell. Filming was a very tough process, to begin with. Everyone had experience over the years too.

Yu Minmin asked, Isnt the director going to do anything? Its so annoying for her to stir up trouble like this. Seriously, dont act if you want to behave like a rich young heiress. Shes disturbing others and making them uncomfortable too.

He cant do anything. People say that her connections run very deep. Thats why she was able to land the job directly.

Ha. So she got the job through connections. But what connections does she have to make the director so fearful?

About that The person dared not respond to Yu Minmins words. After all, she knew the relationship between Yu Minmin and the Gu family. That was her brother-in-law she would not be angry, right?

Yu Minmin seemed to sense her fear. She said calmly, You can relax and tell me. Just let me know. If her connections are really that powerful, we will be warier in the future too.

Sister Yu must be joking. Of course, you dont have to be wary but we really cant afford to offend her. Rumors say that shes connected to the head of the Gu family, Gu Jingze There was no need for further explanation. Everyone knew what being connected to him meant.

The staff did not find it strange when she saw Lin Che and Yu Minmin look at each other in surprise. After all, although many people in the industry had some connections, it was nevertheless uncommon to have connections to someone as powerful as Gu Jingze.

She said frantically, But please dont say that I told you

Yu Minmin dismissed her with a wave before asking Lin Che, What the hell is this? When did your husband get involved with her?

Lin Che said, She is way too good at making up things. Gu Jingze would not even lay a finger on her.

But I cant believe everyone believed what she said. That director is way too gullible.

Who knows? Lin Che found it strange too, but she nevertheless said to Yu Minmin, Dont bother about her first. Lets observe her secretly to see what tricks shes trying to pull.

The two of them went in and saw that Peng Yu had just finished throwing a tantrum. When she turned to see Lin Che and Yu Minmin, she scoffed angrily and walked away.

The people inside were still complaining. Seriously. She just knows some powerful figures.

Thats enough. Her sponsor is definitely not an ordinary person. If he really wants to support her, all of us will lose our jobs.

Then, we can only let her make a fuss. Its really annoying. Were so busy but we must still wait upon her.

Even the director cant do anything about it. What can we do?

Yu Minmin scoffed and looked at Lin Che. Everyone is on their tiptoes just because the rumors say that she has some connections to Gu Jingze. If they knew that his wife was here, they would definitely worship you.

Lin Che nudged Yu Minmin. Dont spout nonsense. Its not like Im going to become a deity. Why would I let them worship me? Lets go.

The director called Lin Che in to watch the first part of the trailer.

The first part of the trailer looked quite good. There were several different versions of clips where they battled in wits and strength. It did not look draggy at all. It was fast-paced and vivid.

The director complimented Lin Che, Lin Che, your condition is getting better and better.

Lin Che said, Its because youre good at what you do. You give me such good guidance.

Dear me. I wouldnt dare claim credit for it. Its because your foundational acting skills are good.

On her end, Lin Che had always said that she would not interfere with the overall production. As long as it was reasonable, she would not say anything more and would do what she was supposed to do as an actress. She would state her opinions if she thought that anything was lacking. But she would definitely not insist on having her way. Her only request was for the product to be good.

However, after Peng Yu saw the trailer, she immediately threw a tantrum.

In the production control room, she said to the director, Look, you gave Lin Che so much screen time but you gave me so little. Dont you feel bad? Arent both of us female leads?

The director hastily said, Peng Yu, calm down. Although both of you are female leads, the positive character must have more scenes. Dont worry. Even though you have less screen time, negative characters are always more impactful. You dont need too much screen time

You dont have to make it sound nice. You know who I am. Dont you know what the person backing me up does? He only has to stomp his foot and your script will no longer exist. Yet you still dare to offend me? Hmph.

The directors face immediately turned pale. Although he felt irritated, it was true that he did not dare to offend her either.

Peng Yu was rotten to the bone but men simply liked her. No one knew exactly how many sponsors she had backing her up so even though they all knew that she was rotten, there was nothing they could do since she had people protecting her.

Of course I want everyone in the cast and crew to have a harmonious relationship. This is just a trailer. We havent edited the entire thing. Dont be so anxious either.

In any case, if you dont satisfy me, you can forget about releasing the trailer! Peng Yu huffed and immediately walked out.

Once she was outside, seeing the directors response, she thought to herself that Gu Jingzes name was useful, as expected.

Lately, she had been going about swindling and cheating using Gu Jingzes name. She did not expect so many people to be so afraid of Gu Jingze. So many people were waiting to curry favor with Gu Jingze. Right now, she was in talks for two endorsement deals and three scripts. All of them were definitely very good scripts.

She really did not understand why Lin Che did not make use of Gu Jingze when his name could be so advantageous.

It had to be because Gu Jingze did not allow her to do it.

Peng Yu thought that she was still much more intelligent. Lin Che would end up dying of regret. If she obeyed a mans words strictly, how would she continue surviving in this industry with her level of intelligence? When the man no longer wanted her, she would end up with nothing too.

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