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Season 9

Episode 51

(The Fang Family Must Be Removed)

Alright, go in. If you dont, Im afraid He leaned in and said to her, I wont be able to control myself from eating you first.

Lin Che blushed and couldnt bear to part with him. She turned around to look at him. Then, they parted ways.

The moment Gu Jingze returned home, Gu Jingming was already waiting for him there.

Ever since a gap was created between the Gu family and the Fang family, they had been practically standing on a platform until now. Outsiders could not believe it.

However, since things had already come to this stage, the Gu family would absolutely not let off someone who dared to betray them so easily.

In politics, the Fang family had always been on the same page as the Gu family. But now, those who held the power in military affairs were actually going against the Gu family. How could the Gu family allow them to exist?

Fang Jimin sent Fang Zhongmou to a foreign country. Now that he was already sent away, nobody knew where he was sent to. He was probably sent away from a military base. Gu Jingming said, For every day that we dont find him, he could be continuing his revenge and the Fang family are not saints. They probably know that since they betrayed us once, there will be no chance for forgiveness. Im afraid that theyll take action sooner or later. When the time comes, they would leave no mercy nor relax against us.

Gu Jingze agreed with him. I sent my men to investigate his recent contacts. He probably already has a plan, but he is still unclear about our decision so he does not dare to act rashly. He is worried that things will turn ugly. Big Brother, since its already decided, there is no turning back. You must be sure of it. When we can take action, Ill show my face. You dont have to worry.

Gu Jingming sighed and stared ahead. Zhongmou and I, weve known each other for over thirty years

Gu Jingze said, People change.

Gu Jingming turned around. Okay, lets do it.

Gu Jingming would never risk Yu Minmins life. Fang Zhongmou wanted to target Yu Minmin in the past. Now that things blew up because of Yu Minmin, the Fang family might not want to let her off easily either.

Yu Minmin had no direct relation to all of this, but

He knew Fang Zhongmou all too well. That was a man who did not accept failure.

Especially when it came to the woman he loved.

Gu Jingming was only worried that Fang Zhongmou wanted to drag Yu Minmin to the grave with him. He was worried that Fang Zhongmou would want to harm Yu Minmin, believing that it would appease Yin Suya.

The next day, Gu Jingming personally called Fang Jimin.

He said, Uncle, Zhongmou committed a crime this time. Make him surrender himself now and everything will be settled with a light punishment. Now that he is overseas, it shows suspicion of absconding. I know that this probably had nothing to do with you, but if he insists on not returning, we wont be able to control what outsiders are saying.

Fang Jimin said, Jingming, Ive also spoken to him. You two are like brothers who grew up playing together. I asked him to come back but I cant do anything if he doesnt want to. Why dont we forget about imprisonment? It is scaring him off and that is why tongues are wagging outside.

Haha. Uncle, the law is the law. I cant be biased. So many citizens are watching.

The law is dead. This is a life we are talking about. Just say that it was a misunderstanding and itll be settled.

Uncle That day was definitely not a misunderstanding. Are you making me lie to the public?

Fang Jimin could hear the change in Gu Jingmings voice. He could only harden his tone. Jingming, I only have one son. I must protect him at all costs. Dont force me.

Haha. Uncle, since youve said that, it means that youre not willing to stand with me. In that case, I have no choice either. Well go according to legal procedures.

After that, Gu Jingming hung up.

Fang Jimin sat there overwhelmed. However, he could only continue down this path. There was no turning back.

He sat in his office and threw the phone aside. He heard a security guard come in. Sir, Gu Jingze is outside.

What? Fang Jimins eyes changed.

He thought deeply for a while and waved his hand, Ill meet him outside.

Gu Jingze stood outside in his windbreaker. His back faced the sun.

Jingze, long time no see. Its so rare that youre here, but you are also rather brave to come here at a time like this, Fang Jimin said.

Gu Jingze looked at him. Uncle, my big brother, and Zhongmou are brothers and friends. We hoped that he would admit to his mistakes and repent, but he is in big trouble now. We need you to look at things clearly now and hand him over. It is for his own good and yours.

Fang Jimin said, Please leave. I dont know where he is.

You really dont know? Gu Jingming asked again as he raised a brow.

I really dont! Fang Jimin replied impatiently.

Gu Jingze suddenly took a few steps forward. Uncle, if you really want to be like this, you are going against the Gu family. I dont want to have a feud with you but if you insist, I dont mind either.

Fang Jimin looked at him and leaned forward. What are you going to do to me? I want to see what you dare to do to me!

Just then, Gu Jingzes eyes shifted. In his dark grey eyes, a murderous intent glowed. In a split second, his hand held a gun and pointed it directly at Fang Jimins head.

Fang Jimin froze.

The jet black gun sent shivers down his spine.

Fang Jimin felt the gun against his temple and laughed out loud. You want to kill me? My family has always been the top in C Nations military power. If you kill me, what are you going to say to the rest of the Fang clan? You wouldnt dare. You wouldnt dare to touch me at all!

Gu Jingze scoffed, Uncle Fang, this method is old. Clans were important in the past but now, I dont believe that the clan is more important than their own lives in everyones eyes.

He lowered the gun and with a loud bang, the bullet went through Fang Jimins waist.

Fang Jimin wailed as he collapsed on the ground, holding his bleeding wound.

Gu Jingze looked at him as he stood tall. Coldness filled his eyes and Fang Jimin got really scared.

He really wanted to kill him

This sullen man was rumored to be cold-blooded and ruthless. However, it was his first time seeing Gu Jingze like this.

That coldness in his eyes would chill anyones heart.

Fang Jimin retreated. You cant! You cant kill me. If you kill me, how are you going to answer to people?!

I dont need to answer to anybody. Take a look and see who this gun belongs to.

Who? Fang Jimin took a closer look.

That gun was Fang Zhongmous.

Fang Jimins eyes grew wide as he stared in astonishment at this cruel and devious man.

You you

Gu Jingze looked at him. Ill give you a choice now. Kill yourself or Ill force you to kill yourself.

Wh- What?

Gu Jingze said, I heard that this gun was specially made. Even every single bullet is custom-made by your son in your military factory. The bullets are very slim and much smaller than ordinary bullets. If you dont kill yourself, Ill use this to shoot ten to twenty holes in you. It probably wont kill you, but youll bleed so much that youll die from blood loss. In that case, you should estimate how much blood you have in your body and how long you can bleed out for

Fang Jimins face turned as white as a sheet. Now, he was really afraid.


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