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Season 9

Episode 49

(I Just Came Back To See My Grandson)

Back at home, Lin Che had unexpectedly entered the house with Gu Qigang.

Mu Wanqing was first to run out. She stumbled and nearly fell.

As she looked at her husband who had been away for many years, her sadness and grievances suddenly resurged. She immediately threw herself into his embrace.

For so many years, she had brought up these children alone and had also taken on the responsibility of being the mistress of the house. She had made herself numb all this while telling herself that she could not admit defeat because of her responsibilities.

Even if her husband was not by her side, she still had her children. She had her sons with her and their youngest daughter too, so she could not allow herself to collapse.

However, all the grievances she had nursed over the years finally turned into tears and poured out immediately when she saw him.

Qigang, why are you back only now I thought you were dead somewhere and I was even about to put up your memorial tablet. Hmph!

As Mu Wanqing looked at his disheveled and aged appearance, she felt even more sorrowful.

Gu Qigangs heart ached as well. He looked at Mu Wanqing and caressed her face with a trembling hand. Im sorry

He had not let down anyone else for so many years, just her

If youre really sorry, then dont leave again. If you leave for another ten years, you may only be able to see my corpse when you return. Im old and I may not be able to wait another ten years or more


He embraced Mu Wanqing and thought to himself that she had indeed waited too long for him

He heaved a sigh and heard Gu Xiandes voice from behind him.

Youre back.

His dragon-head walking stick rapped on the floor.

Gu Qigang retracted the moistness in his eyes and turned his head to look at his old father.

If he still did not return, his father may have been the first person he would be unable to see.

However, Gu Qigangs lips twitched and he did not say a word. It was a long time before he lowered his head and said, Father.

Come in and well talk, Gu Xiande said while glancing at the person beside him.

Gu Qigang also turned to glance at Mu Wanqing. Then, he smiled and agreed.

In the room.

Gu Xiande looked at Gu Qigang. You must have already heard that Jingming had a falling out with the military minister recently. The Gu family is experiencing internal trouble and external aggression. As the head of the family, Jingze is still young. I dont know if he can subdue these vicious wolves. Even the Yun family they know too much about the Gu familys past affairs. Ultimately, they are a threat too. You came back at the right time. You can assist Jingze and help him deal with the Yun family in secret as well.

Father, youve got it wrong. I came back just to see my grandson, Gu Qigang said.

Gu Xiande raised his head. Qigang, youre still resentful towards me but our family is harmonious now because I made that choice back then. I dont regret it

The child was only an infant Father, I dont even know whether hes alive or not right now. I will bear the pain for a lifetime. You cant remedy that. You do not regret it, but I do. I regret trusting you and bringing the child to you.

Gu Xiande scoffed, Your wife is still outside. Do you dare to tell her this? Do you dare to tell Wanqing that you actually brought your illegitimate son back home? That child isnt dead. I know that hes somewhere out there. He will ultimately bring misery to the Gu family. I dont know who took the child away, but the person may come back anytime and cause trouble for you. It has been more than thirty years. The child is already in his thirties. Who knows when he will come back? When the time comes, the Gu family will be in a state of upheaval again. Yet, you still have the nerve to say that you regret it? You should regret it. You should regret having a random child with someone else. Its also my fault for trusting you too much and not instructing anyone to watch over you for so many years. I didnt even know that you had a child. Wanqings maiden family is not one to be trifled with in the first place. The Gu family was not even as prosperous back then as it is today. Can you really justify your actions to her family members? Even if I didnt deal with the child, the Mu family would have done the same too!

Gu Qigang shook his head. You always have your reasons. I have mine too. These matters concerning the Gu family have nothing to do with me. Ill leave first.


Gu Xiande was so angry that he nearly collapsed there immediately.

It was the maids and the personal bodyguards behind Gu Xiande who hastily held him up.

Gu Xiande sighed. All his sons and grandchildren

Each one was more stubborn than the next.

When the time came, he would see how Jingze deals with these messy family affairs!

Lin Che was still waiting outside. She walked back and forth and looked at what was going on inside.

Gu Qigang left Gu Xiandes room very soon after and left immediately with Mu Wanqing.

Lin Che continued waiting. Beside her, the maid feared that she was anxious and quickly said, Madam, why dont you rest up first. Sir will be here soon.

No need. You can just bring me some water to drink.

The maid quickly went to get some water. Just then, she saw that Gu Jingze was finally here.

He was currently walking in with quick strides. Seeing the situation, Lin Che stood up and went up to him.

Gu Jingze, youre finally here.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and pulled her towards him first. He glanced inside and asked, Where is he?

Ah. You mean Father? Hes inside with Mother.

Hearing this, Gu Jingze pondered for a bit and nodded. Then, he said, They havent seen each other for many years. Let them have a chat first.

He pulled Lin Che inside and sorted out his emotions while walking. Although he seemed completely calm on the surface, Lin Che could sense that he was still different from usual.

She slowly pulled his hand into hers, wanting to tell him in her own way that she was standing by his side. To her, he was not the head of the Gu family and he was not the Gu Jingze who stood high above the masses. He was just her husband.

Gu Jingze seemed to sense what she was saying. He looked at her, smiled, and touched her face. Silly girl. He left when I was only sixteen. I got used to it a long time ago.

Lin Che said, I really got a shock today. Why did Father appear like this he looked like a beggar today. He was filthy and I totally didnt recognize him until the bodyguard beside me suddenly walked up to him and knelt down.

Gu Jingze said, All the bodyguards of the Gu family come from a certain family. They belong to the family they work for. He probably belonged to Father, so he momentarily felt emotional. Later on, I took in many of my Fathers subordinates. The ones that I chose were all well-known figures among them. Although I have all their records, I cant even tell who belongs to who.

When he thought about this, Gu Jingze felt that it was time for Lin Che to have her own subordinates too.

Otherwise, all of these bodyguards from different families would not belong to her. Ultimately, this would cause trouble.

He first reminded himself to do something about this. Then, he said to her, My father did not like the family rules back then. Since I could remember, he was already not too involved in family matters. Each time he left, he would not come back for half a year. When I turned sixteen, he left for good after seeing me take over the company. He said that he was going to travel the world. Because he took funds from the Gu family, he would not really be poor either. Even if he looks poor, its only because he doesnt want to live better. You shouldnt think that he must have suffered a lot outside.

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