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 Season 9

Episode 48

(He Had Actually Returned After Disappearing For Many Years)

Lin Che looked at the old man. Sir, what did you call Gu Jingze? Do you know him?

Dear me. I dont know him but I cant say the same now. Anyway, call him here and he will tell you who I am.

Lin Che blinked. Did he really know Gu Jingze?

Just then, one of the bodyguards beside Lin Che suddenly came forward.

Are you Old President Gu? Old Gu he suddenly said.

Lin Che turned around to look at her bodyguard. He suddenly went down on his knees in a moment of agitation. With a thud, he knelt directly in front of him. Old Gu, youre finally back.

Old President Gu?

Tears were about to stream down the bodyguards face. He looked up at the old man. Im one of the guards whom you personally appointed back then. Later, after you left, I followed the Second Young Master instead. When you left, Second Young Master was only sixteen years old. Now, Second Young Master has already gotten married and has a child. Youve been away for so many years youre finally back.

Everyone was immediately stunned.

The old man in front of them was part of the Gu family?

Furthermore he was even the Gu familys

He was Gu Jingzes father?

Lin Che stood there in a daze and did not react for a long time.

Now that she thought about it, she found it strange. He was not one of her weird fans because he had repeatedly said that he wanted to see the Young Madam of the Gu family and not Lin Che. She had not mulled over it in detail earlier.

At this moment, he looked slightly more clean and neat in his new change of clothes. Although he had already aged, his brow bone, eyebrows, and face shape had subtle similarities to Gu Jingzes. In particular, despite looking dispirited and sad, there was an indifferent aura about his face. He was like the sail that fluttered with the wind and allowed itself to be carried along by the tide. He would not at all feel inferior because of taunting from other people. Instead, he gave off the air of wanting to watch the fun.

Indeed, he did not look like a beggar who had been in dire straits all along. He did not recoil from people at all and did not fear anyone either. He seemed instead like a monk who transcended worldly affairs.

Are you Gu Jingzes father? Lin Che looked at him probingly.

The old man stood there with his arms behind his back. He smiled with his lips pressed together. I just wanted to see my grandson. But unfortunately, you didnt bring him with you

So that was what had happened.

Lin Che had always been on very good terms with Mu Wanqing. But she had never met Gu Jingzes father.

This was actually her first time meeting him. She could not believe that they were meeting in such a situation.

Lin Che wondered in surprise why Gu Jingzes father had unexpectedly appeared like this now that he had returned home after being away for so many years.

Meanwhile, the rest of the people present were immediately about to piss themselves out of shock as well.

This old beggar was Gu Jingzes father which meant that he was a member of the Gu family.

Back then, the old President Gu Qigang had previously been all-powerful as well. Later on, he did not really bother with company affairs and eventually went to travel around the world, paying no attention to worldly affairs. As a result, Gu Jingze took over the businesses of the Gu family at the mere age of sixteen and became the President of Gu Industries.

When they recalled the way they had treated the former head of the Gu family

All of them cowered and momentarily wanted to just go inside quickly and get out of his sight.

Opposite them, Yun Luo was dumbfounded. At this moment, she hastily walked towards him and said, Uncle. So its Uncle. Earlier, I just felt that you didnt look like a beggar. With one look, I knew you were not an ordinary person.

Gu Qigang chuckled and said, Yes, its me. Unfortunately, my appearance has brought shame to the Gu family.

In an instant, the Yun familys maids turned completely pale.

Old Old President Gu, Im the one whos blind. I failed to recognize you and I didnt know you because I lack knowledge and experience. I really misspoke earlier. I really misspoke The maid who had even cursed at them earlier looked as if she was on the verge of tears.

Seeing that Old Gu remained silent, the maid sensed Yun Luos gaze and was so frightened that she hastily slapped herself. I was blind not to recognize you and said such foul words. I beg you for your forgiveness.

On one hand, she did not want to be blacklisted by a member of the Gu family. A person of such high status could trample on her like he was killing an ant. On the other hand, even if he did not take it to heart, there was no way that Yun Luo would still let her off when they returned home.

She was just a maid who spoke according to the situation. But she was also a maid who would be kicked out of the household at a time like this.

Old Gu scoffed and obviously could not be bothered with her. He just turned to look at Lin Che. Since you know who I am now, I should be able to get a chance to see my grandson, right?

Lin Che froze before hastily saying, Of course you can. You can meet him whenever you want. His name is Niannian and hes in kindergarten now.

Kindergarten? Just kindergarten? Gu Qigang did not think so.

Children of the Gu family would not attend kindergarten only.

It was the same for Gu Jingze too. From the age of three, he began attending various training courses until he became an adult. The different skills that he had learned were unimaginable to outsiders.

He thought that Gu Jingze would definitely nurture his successor in the same way too.


Gu Qigang looked at Lin Che. She was not the kind of person who could put up a front. The complete confusion on her face right now was not a pretense.

Its nothing. Lets go.

Lin Che quickly instructed someone to tell Gu Jingze the news before she got into the car.

Yu Minmin followed suit quickly as well. She turned to look at Yun Luo whose face was ashen pale and snickered internally.

Served her right!

Yun Luo restrained her emotions for a long time. It was only after she watched all of them leave that she finally could not bear it any longer. She turned around and gave her maid another slap.


What a bunch of useless people who were unable to achieve anything and only ruined things.

However, it was a fact that no one could have imagined Old Gu to be so strange. He went to become a beggar for no reason instead of being the wealthy man that he was.

The members of the Gu family immediately found out that Gu Qigang had just returned.

Gu Xiande was in his room when a maid came in directly and said, Old Master, Young Master is back


Young Master, Young Master Qigang has just returned. Hes right inside. Are you going to visit him?

Gu Xiande stood up instantly. His wrinkled eyes gazed straight ahead, momentarily agitated and then momentarily dim. They darted around in a complicated pattern as if he had suddenly recalled many things.

His return at a time like this

Was not the right time.

The Yun family was still watching him like a tiger watching its prey, a constant threat to him.

His return at this juncture that secret had been kept under wraps for so many years. Would it be unearthed all of a sudden?

Of course, he did not want that to happen, even though he knew that he had gone overboard when he thought about it now. However, what was done had already been done and the incident had passed. He did not want the incident to be dug out again. Why did things that had been buried for so many years have to be brought up now?

Back then, Gu Qigang and the Old Master had fallen out. Thereafter, he started to run away for no reason. So many maids in the family had never even seen this master of theirs.

This continued until the year Gu Jingze turned sixteen. Gu Qigang left the house for good and never returned again. They only heard that he had gone to travel around the world. He would be at someplace one day and then somewhere else the next day, but there was no way of knowing where exactly he was.

Thus, upon hearing that he was back now, many of the maids wanted to catch a glimpse of him to see who exactly this Young Master was after disappearing for so many years.

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