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Season 9

Episode 47

(Did I Embarrass The Gu Family?)

She felt that many people sought her out ever since she had become a public figure.

Some of them were very unreasonable while others indeed made her heart ache for them. Unfortunately, she was just a person and not a charity organization. She was not the President either. She could not help so many people.

The old man seemed deep in thought as he looked at her. Im not looking for you for any reason. I just came to take a look since youve started acting again.

What the hell. So he was her fan?

Lin Che looked at this old man in disbelief. She felt that it was probably her first time meeting such an old fan too.

Regardless, she nevertheless said, Sir, let me take you to change your clothes first.

She pulled the old mans clothes and walked in front of him.

The old man became much more obedient and followed her into a hotel.

As her company staff was still trailing after her, she was not too concerned either. She instructed someone to buy a simple suit of clothes first and then told them to go in and help the old man to change his clothes.

When the old man finished changing his clothes and came out, Lin Che immediately saw that he looked much more refined after, even though he still looked down and out.

This made her even more certain that this old man had probably run away from home because of the stresses of life. Furthermore, he may even have been a very wise person before he left.

Sir, Ill take you out for a meal first.

Oh, really? I would be very grateful.

No problem. Go home quickly once youve eaten. I think that your family members must miss you terribly as well. No matter how stressed you are, go home and have a good chat with them. They will probably understand where youre coming from now. After all, there must be a mutual understanding among family members.

She took him to a nearby restaurant and ordered several delicious dishes, most of which were fish and meat.

The old man was genuinely hungry. He finished off the dishes neatly and quickly.

Lin Che also ate a bit but not too much since she had already eaten at Situs earlier.

The old man wiped his mouth and said, Im really sorry. I came to look for you and even made you treat me to a meal. Dear me, you ate at the same table as me but did not look down on me at all. It looks like youre a nice lady.

Thats enough. No one looks down on you. Youre clean now. Theres no reason to look down on you. Come on. Why dont you tell me where you live? Then, I can send you home.

She brought her staff with her and went out with the old man.

The old man looked at her. Did you come alone?

All these people came with me. She pointed to her staff members.

No. What I mean is are you the only one from your family who came?

Oh, yes.

The old man shook his head with a face full of regret. At that moment, he saw Yu Minmin come out from inside.

Lin Che, why didnt you go back in? Did anything happen?

No. I just met an old mister. Ill go back in soon, Lin Che said.

Yu Minmin looked at the old man in slight suspicion. Just then, she saw the people from the Yun family walk out.

After giving Situ Qiong his present, Yun Luo said that she was feeling unwell and was about to leave.

When Yun Luo saw Lin Che at the door and saw that the old man who had earlier been looking for the Young Madam of the Gu family was actually also at the door, she could not help but look at them in curiosity.

The old mans appearance had changed completely. He definitely looked much cleaner. Only his hair was still a mess and he still looked like a beggar.

Yun Luos maids saw this too. One of them scoffed and said, Wow. Just now, this beggar was at the entrance looking for the Young Madam of the Gu family. I said that the Gu family was such a prominent family. Theres no way their Young Madam would have anything to do with a beggar. Well it looked like I guessed wrong earlier.

Another maid immediately joined in, Exactly. Shes here now. You guessed wrong. Have you forgotten Young Madams family background? Its also conceivable that she would have relatives and friends who arent doing well.

Lin Che heard their sarcastic remarks one by one. She smiled grimly and looked at Yun Luo who was standing behind them and acting innocent while letting her maids speak recklessly.

Lin Che asked, Who lets their dogs out without a leash and allows them to bite people randomly?

The maids immediately looked at her.

You They did not expect Lin Che to be so disrespectful and insult them by calling them dogs without any qualms.

She was just the Young Madam of the Gu family. What kind of family background did she have? She was being way too arrogant.

She was just banking on Gu Jingzes love for her.

However, it was also precisely because she was the Young Madam of the Gu family that they genuinely dared not to retort even though she had insulted them.

Yu Minmin said, There are so many crazy dogs around in this day and age. Fortunately, we dont have any on our side. Otherwise, it would be bad if we got infected.

Forget it. We still have to be wary of the dogs owner if we want to hit them. Were letting them off also because of their owner. Anyway, youre right. We wont get infected either.

Hearing this, the maids knew that it was a thinly-veiled insult aimed directly at Miss Yun Luo.

She did not even have any self-awareness of what she was. How dare she insult their Young Miss?

Lin Che was way too audacious. Did she not know exactly what kind of family the Yun family was?

Hey. Who did you say got infected? I think youre the one who got infected by that dirty old man behind you. Your mouth is so foul.

Lin Che asked, Who are you talking about?

Im talking about you!

Lin Che immediately slapped her.

Upon being slapped, the maid shouted.

Yun Luos eyes immediately widened.

How dare she simply hit a maid of the Yun family?

It was akin to directly shaming the Yun family!

You Lin Che, how could you hit her? Yun Luo yelled.

Lin Che patted her hands as if trying to brush off the dirt on her hands.

Miss Yun, I hit her on your behalf. By spouting nonsense, they embarrassed the Yun family. Wouldnt people say that the Yun family does not discipline their subordinates?

You Yun Luos face began to turn red. Even so, these are the affairs of the Yun family. They are none of your business either!

Lin Che said, If they are the Yun familys private matters, of course, I have nothing to do with them. However, they insulted me, so I have the power to settle this matter. Miss Yun, did you think that Im the kind of person who would cower after being insulted for no reason? If they just walked past me without a word, this incident would not have happened either. However, they already offended me from just now. Thus, this slap is just a simple greeting. If they continue to look down on me like this, I will show them how a country bumpkin like me can make an unreasonable scene.

You you

Of course, Yun Luo could not argue against her.

Meanwhile, the maids, especially the one who had been slapped, didnt dare to start a fight with Lin Che even though they were extremely furious and had been embarrassed in front of everyone.

She was indeed the Young Madam of the Gu Family and Gu Jingze even doted on her and her alone. The maid did not want to die yet.

Therefore, she could only pull Yun Luo by her arm in fury and said, Miss, lets go. While were at it, we can go and tell Mr. Gu that the Young Madam of the Gu family even has a dirty old man following her and embarrassing the Gu family. Seriously She said while looking at the old man behind them.

The old man broke into a smile. Ha. I do want to see what Jingze will say if he sees me embarrassing the Gu family here.

Lin Che froze.


Did she just hear the old man call Gu Jingze by his name?


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