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Season 9

Episode 46

(Dirty Old Man Stay Away From Us)

The old man glanced at the car behind them and took a few steps backward upon being pushed. He yelled, Seriously. I was just asking.

Another maid said, Thats enough. Why talk about the Yun family with a beggar like this? What does he know?

My point exactly. Lets go. We should stay away. There are so many germs.

Yun Luo looked at him in loathing as well. She thought that he was really too dirty. She lifted her dress and walked many steps ahead. Then, she looked down and took a whiff of her body as if she was worried about being contaminated with his body odor.

She turned around to look at him strangely. She wondered why this person was looking for Lin Che. Was he related to Lin Che in some way?

However, Lin Che did not come from a good family and her relationship with her family was not good either. It was also conceivable for her to have a relative like this.

After Lin Che entered the venue, Situ Qiong immediately came to welcome her.

Lin Che presented him with her gift and at the same time introduced him to Yu Minmin. This is Yu Minmin. You have probably corresponded through email.

Of course I know her. Situ Qiong continued, I often see her on television. The first lady has graced me with her presence but I didnt notice at all. Its truly an honor for me today.

Yu Minmin smiled and said, Im not here as the first lady today. I came to pay my respects to the owner of the company.

Good lord. Im just the nominal owner. You guys are the real kingpins.

They exchanged greetings and he invited Lin Che and Yu Minmin to the main table.

The birthday party seemed to be on a large scale. Lin Che looked at Situ Qiong. Youre really a wealthy businessman. Even your birthday party is so grand.

Situ Qiong said, Im a businessman after all. I have to look for various excuses to hold gatherings all the time so that I can seize the opportunity to gather power. This is a good excuse that I can use once a year. Why shouldnt I use it? But you guys can just eat. You dont have to bother with other people.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin smiled in disbelief.

When Yun Luo saw that Situ Qiong had actually invited them in, her slight displeasure showed on her face.

Upon seeing this, the maid beside her took advantage of the situation and asked, Whats wrong with Young Master? I cant believe he actually invited those two women inside.

Yun Luo did not like the heat. Even if the air-conditioner in the room was switched on, she was still holding a fan to fan herself. She looked exactly like a rich young heiress who had so delicate a constitution that she could not stand a gust of wind. I guess theyre close. She said in a bitter tone.

Her maid started cursing, Close? Can their relationship be better than his relationship with you? Its because that woman has nothing to her name and flew up to the branches and became a phoenix in one day. Thats why she quickly curries favor as much as she can with everyone she meets. Our Young Miss has never needed to do that because the Yun family does not need to please anyone.

Yun Luo felt the same way too, so she looked on and did not say anything else.

While Lin Che and Yu Minmin sat there eating, the old man outside had yet to leave and kept walking back and forth.

The bodyguards of the Situ family had noticed something wrong for a long time. One of them walked towards him slowly and said, Hey, old man. If youre looking for money, youre in the wrong place. Go elsewhere to beg.

The old man looked at the bodyguard. Is the Young Madam of the Gu family here yet?

The bodyguard frowned and looked at him. Wasnt Lin Che the Young Madam of the Gu family?

Many people were aware that Lin Che was on good terms with their Third Young Master. Since she was here today, she was treated as a VIP guest as well.

But this beggar in front of him wanted to meet Lin Che?

Why do you want to meet the Young Madam of the Gu family? You want to meet her just because you know who she is? Go, go, go. Dont add trouble around here. Ill give you as much money as you want. Leave, quickly.

The bodyguard quickly threw him a red hundred-dollar bill so that he would not loiter around this area. All the people who were here were prominent officials and eminent personages. It would be so bad for them to see him.

However, the old man did not take the money and continued looking at him. Help me ask if the Young Madam of the Gu family is here yet.

Hey, old man. You still refuse to listen to reason even after Ive advised you kindly and even gave you money. You dont believe that Ill get people to take you away?

He asked, How do you know that the Young Madam of the Gu family doesnt know me? Arent you afraid that she will blame you if you take me away?

Hahahahahaha. You say that the Young Madam of the Gu family knows you? Thats enough. Leave quickly.

Im not leaving. You can take me away if you want to but dont regret it. The old man found a place to sit and immediately sat himself down.

The bodyguards fumed and glared at him in anger. They had encountered an unreasonable person.

However, one of them looked at him and still did not dare to actually take him away. He asked, Why dont we just go and ask Miss Lin whether she knows this person? What if she knows him? We shouldnt make a mistake.

No way. How could someone as dignified as Miss Lin know an old man like this?

We cant afford a single mishap. Go and ask quickly.

Inside, Lin Che heard the news in no time.

She asked in confusion, Someone is looking for me?

Yes. Hes right outside. Were not sure if you know him, so we didnt dare to chase him away.

Lin Ches eyes darted. Then, she said, Alright. Ill go out and take a look.

When she came out, she saw an old man from afar. He was sitting there, his face dirty and unfamiliar. However, seeing that he looked very pitiful, Lin Che nevertheless walked towards him even though she did not know him.

Sir, are you looking for me?

Hearing the lively voice, the old man looked up and saw a beautiful face looking at him strangely.

Even though her face was a little unfamiliar, she was very polite.

The old man said, You are you the Young Madam of the Gu family?

Yes, I am. Are you looking for me or are you looking for the Young Madam of the Gu family? Are you looking for me regarding the Gu family or are you looking for me? Lin Che wondered if it had something to do with the Gu family since he kept repeating that he was looking for the Young Madam of the Gu family.

The old man stood up and looked her up and down as if examining her. Then, he said, Im looking for you.

Youre looking for me? Do you know me?

I do know you, but His stomach grumbled as he spoke.

He patted his stomach awkwardly, causing dust to fly all around his stomach.

His clothes were too dirty and he appeared slightly disheveled.

As Lin Che looked on, she could not just accept this. She asked him, Sir, dont you have a home? Where is your house?

Home? He signed and looked straight ahead. I used to have one. I may have one now too but I often just pretend that I dont have one. Dont you think that having a home is very tiring?

Lin Che looked at the old man and said solemnly, Yes, Sir. Its very tiring to have a home. But you must think of it this way. If youre tired and your family members and lover live well, then your fatigue is worth it too. The important thing is not whether you work or not but whether you know what you want to achieve. I work hard to get more money so that my family members can live blissfully with me. Thats enough. Having a home is not very tiring; youre tired only because youre thinking too much.

Lin Che thought that he had a home but he had run away from home because he wanted to avoid his family due to the immense stress that he was under. Thus, after talking to him, she asked again, Then, why are you looking for me?


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