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Season 9

Episode 45

(Who Is This Old Man?)

No one in the production team dared to say a word. Of course, in their hearts, they wanted to say, Its not the make-up artists fault at all. Its because your face is not in good condition. You will only look sixteen with heavy make-up.

Because the television series contained scenes where her character was sixteen years old, she naturally had to look more youthful. It was fine if the make-up looked heavy during filming. Anyway, they would use brighter lights when the time came and her skin would look fair and soft on television.

However, Lin Che was different. Her skin was fair, clear, and soft to begin with. She needed only one layer of make-up to appear on the screen. So of course, it was different for her.

Lin Che ignored her. Filming was filming. Once she had gotten into the role, no one would care about who she was.

However, Peng Yu really immersed herself in the role. Her malicious manner onscreen seemed incredibly genuine.

As everyone watched Peng Yu act, they even worried that Lin Che would be unable to keep up with her since she had not acted for a long time.

However, when it was Lin Ches turn, she immediately raised her spirits. She could not quite grasp the right feeling initially and quickly did another take. Immediately thereafter, she found the right feeling in the second and third takes. She seemed to have turned into the Lin Che of the past. She finished all her scenes in one take and made the director extremely satisfied.

When filming ended, the director shouted for them to wrap up. He hastily pulled Lin Che over and said, As expected of Lin Che, you got immersed in filming so quickly.

Lin Che smiled and said, Im still a little lackluster, but I will try to get into it as soon as possible.

I really enjoy working with actors like you, seriously. I never have to worry that you wont be able to perform up to par. Youre just so fast. You film your scenes in one take and a hint is all that is needed.

Director, youre praising me too much.

At the side, Peng Yu watched the director praise Lin Che nonstop and felt miffed. She asked the person beside her, Whats the big deal? Thats all there is to her. Its not as if she acted so well that flowers started sprouting.

Precisely. The director is just flattering her because he knows that she has some power.

That night, Lin Che read the script in her hotel room. Although the director was very satisfied with her performance today, Lin Che could sense that there was nevertheless something amiss with her. She had been focusing too much on acting, making her appear to be acting instead.

She would probably still need a few days to really get back into the right condition.

Just then, someone started knocking on the door. She opened the door only to see that Gu Jingze was here.

He had sneaked in and even looked like a man having an affair. He looked around and hastily squeezed himself into the room.

As she looked at him, Lin Che momentarily found him very amusing. She pulled him in and said, Hehe. This feels so exciting

Gu Jingze looked at her with a deadpan expression. Wasnt it because she insisted on staying with the production team? She even made him have to sneak out in the middle of the night to meet his own wife as if he was having an affair.

But it was all because she was Lin Che.

He, the head of the great Gu family, had truly done every embarrassing thing possible for her sake.

He stood there and pulled down her chin. So compensate me accordingly. You hear me?

In the middle of the night, Gu Jingze rushed back home again.

At the door, he looked at Lin Che longingly. He wanted to sleep while hugging her. He wanted to be able to kiss her sleeping face the moment he woke up but he had no choice but to leave now.

She said, Thats enough. Anyway, Im going home in a few days. Wait patiently for me at home.

Remember to call me. He looked down and tapped her chin.

Yes, yes. Youre such a nag. Lin Che smiled. He turned his cheek to her and refused to leave.

She understood what he meant only after pondering for a bit.

He was so childish.

She quickly looked around. Seeing that the corridor was completely dark and empty, she then went on her tiptoes and pecked his cheek.

In the opposite room, Peng Yu was just about to leave her room when she saw this scene. The two of them clung to one another in front of the door. It seemed that Gu Jingze had been here earlier and was about to leave. He was reluctant to leave and stayed there, embracing her and kissing her fiercely. It was a long time before he released his hold on Lin Che who was panting with a blissful flush in her face. He told her to go in first before himself leaving.

Peng Yu scoffed before walking back in. She wanted to go out. However, she had no choice but to retreat when she saw that Gu Jingzes bodyguards had already swiftly caught up with him. She felt slightly discontent. She felt that Gu Jingze was really sweet to Lin Che. It was seriously very uncommon to encounter such thoughtful sponsors.

A large majority of the men she had met behaved extremely arrogantly to their mistresses. They thought of themselves as the lord and master and expected her to do exactly as they said. However, a person as formidable as Gu Jingze actually treated Lin Che as if they were a couple deeply in love. It was really upsetting.

On Situ Qiongs birthday, Lin Che asked the director for a day off.

Of course, the director instantly agreed and absolutely did not put her in a difficult position at all.

Lin Che took Yu Minmin with her. On the way to the Situ residence, Yu Minmin said, Situ has been the nominal owner of our company for so many years. I havent even met him properly.

Lin Che said, Thats really strange. So youve always transferred the dividends directly into his bank account in the past?

We sent him a check by post each time but Situ has been doing quite well for himself recently. He probably doesnt care about the small dividends either. He opened quite several pubs and inns and even started some travel routes. He was a sports ambassador a while back and appeared on media everywhere. He captured the hearts of so many teenage girls. Everyone is saying that Situs chances of defeating his older brothers and becoming the successor of the Situ family will increase greatly if he goes on like this.

Lin Che recalled how depressed and strange he had been in the past. She felt very happy for him as well, seeing that he had already changed so much.

The two of them went in but seemed to catch sight of Yun Luo in the distance.

Yu Minmin frantically said, Go, go. Yun Luo is over there. Shes so annoying.

The two of them went in straight and could not be bothered to greet Yun Luo.

Yun Luo got out of the car while the people beside her provided her support and carefully held an umbrella for her. The maids of the Yun family were all used to looking after the ill Young Miss. She even walked very carefully with numerous eyes on her.

She was about to go in when a pack of cigarettes suddenly dropped beside her. A man quickly bent down to pick up the cigarettes and immediately blocked Yun Luos path.

Yun Luo was shocked. Beside her, her maid was even more shocked and immediately shouted, Hey, smelly old man. What are you doing? Do you know how to look in front of you?

The person who picked up the cigarettes was indeed an old man.

His hair was grey and his clothes and body stank. It seemed that he had not showered for many days.

The moment he stood up, many people instinctively wanted to retreat to avoid him.

However, the old man calmly picked his cigarettes up from the ground and looked at the person in front of him. Eh. Are you the Young Madam of the Gu family?

Yun Luo froze. The Young Madam of the Gu family?

Did he mean Gu Jingzes wife?

Of course, she wanted to say that she was. It sent a pang through her heart. She felt that the old man was literally being sarcastic. She glared at the old man and said, Im not.

Oh youre not The old man glanced at her and assessed her from head to toe. They did not know what he was thinking.

One of the maids hastily shoved him aside. Just move aside. Youre so stinky. Your odor is overwhelming our Young Miss. Good lord, what kind of beggar are you? Do you know where you are? How dare you come to this place. This is a car belonging to the Yun family. Are you blind? How could you not know?

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