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Season 9

Episode 44

(This Was Her Enemy)

Fang Zhongmous father said bluntly, Zhongmou, you must leave now. Even though Gu Jingming wont dare to touch us so easily, the Gu family has been secretive for the past few years. No one knows what other powers are behind them either. If you dont leave, I cant be sure that Gu Jingming wont do anything to you. Leave right now. Ive already made arrangements for a plane to take off directly from the military base. No one will dare to stop the plane. Leave right now. Dont stay here even for another second.

Father just give me another day

Thats enough! If not for the fact that you are my only son, I would have thrown you straight into jail right now! His brow trembled and the veins in his face were throbbing in anger. He looked much more frightening than he usually did. He pushed Fang Zhongmou out of the house without hesitation and instructed, Protect Young Master.

Fang Zhongmou was furious inside. He clenched his teeth and did not continue arguing.

However, he was not going to leave just like that.

With this thought in mind, he continued walking towards the military base.

At home, Lin Che had yet to get wind of the news.

Gu Jingze had not informed her about these worrisome matters. He only told her to focus on filming and leave the rest to him.

As a result, Lin Che went straight to the filming location and began filming while Gu Jingze stayed at home to look after Niannian.

In reality, Niannian was way too independent, so Lin Che had never really felt like she was his mother. Because of this, Lin Che was always very regretful that she had not given birth to a girl. If she had a daughter who clung to her all the time, she would probably feel much more like a mother.

This did not affect her love for Niannian, but her love for him was much more rational.

After all, he was her child. Furthermore, he was such a brilliant and handsome son. How could she not love Niannian?

At the filming location, Lin Che had been allocated the best hotel room as well. Although Lin Che had not specially requested for it, of course, they did not dare to make Lin Che feel aggrieved. Peng Yu had asked for the presidential suite upon entering the production and said that she would not stay anywhere but there. As a result, the production team could only arrange the same type of room for Lin Che. Otherwise, they would appear to be brushing over Lin Che. They dared not to do that.

To be honest, Lin Che really did not care about such things. She would have stayed in any accommodation that they arranged.

Upon seeing Lin Che, Peng Yu looked like she could not be bothered with her as well. However, just when Lin Che had moved in, Situ Qiong came to visit her.

Situ Qiongs arrival immediately stirred up excitement among the members of the production team. When they saw Situ Qiong swagger his way into Lin Ches room, they even thought to themselves that Lin Che was still in contact with Situ Qiong.

The director Yin Shangshu had worked with Lin Che before and knew about her relationship with Mr. Situ. However, it was Situ Qiong who had openly admitted that he had a one-sided crush on Lin Che. He did not expect this Young Master to still be in love with her now. His feelings had lasted quite long.

Lin Che was not the only one in her room. The assistants whom the company had allocated to her were also here. When they saw Situ Qiong enter the room, they quickly and tactfully left.

Situ Qiong asked, Gu Jingze didnt make things difficult for you when you went back, right?

What do you think?! Lin Che still felt angry thinking about it. They had a tussle for no reason and even pulled her into it.

By the way, what did you say that day about me and Lu Beichen looking similar? Lin Che asked.

Situ Qiong said, Oh, its nothing. I found myself very stupid when I thought about it later. I just thought that your dispositions are very similar.

Alright then perhaps good-looking people all have similarities. Lin Che smiled in self-satisfaction as she spoke.

Situ Qiong laughed out loud. Youre really candid.

Why are you running a pub now? Lin Che asked.

Situ Qiong said, Im not just running a bar either. I opened the bar for some casual fun so that I have a place to hold gatherings as well. I can also host some guests.

Lin Che nodded her head in understanding. It made sense too; how could wealthy people run only one business?

Anyway, it seemed that he was operating it merely for fun.

I just bought a fencing team and Im also sponsoring a few fencing competitions. I guess you can say that Im taking part in fencing again and also making some contributions to the sport.

Really? Thats great, Lin Che said.

I fence once in a while too. But I havent gone recently since Ive been too busy.

Situ Qiong looked at Lin Che. In actual fact, he had to thank her for giving him hope and teaching him how to live life.

Now, he understood many things and he did not live his life so dispiritedly. He felt that he was indeed doing much better than in the past when he had been cooped up at home.

Life had only just become much more meaningful now that he had his own things to do and had things he wanted to do.

Situ Qiong said that he would invite her for some fun at his birthday party next time.

Of course, Lin Che agreed but said, I have to see if I have time. Im afraid that I wont be allowed to take leave from filming.

Situ Qiong immediately asked, Who dares to stop you from taking leave? Why dont I ask the director whether hell let you take a break?

Good lord Lin Che frantically held him back.

If he went to tell the director, was there any way the director could refuse?

Okay, okay, okay. I promise that Ill ask him. Dont go there and scare the director.

After chatting for some time, Lin Che escorted Situ Qiong out. She still had to film, so she could not let him stay for too long.

Peng Yu saw Situ Qiong leave as well. When she saw Lin Che chatting and laughing as they walked out, she thought to herself that Lin Che was really good at seducing people. Furthermore, the people she had seduced were people that others could not seduce.

She really did not know why these men had all gone blind.

She thought that Lin Che was indeed a tough opponent. Initially, when Lin Che had been away, she had sullied Lin Ches name quite a bit in secret. The moment Lin Che returned, she saw Lin Che as her enemy because everyone compared her to Lin Che. At the time, she single-mindedly wanted to defeat Lin Che, but she had not considered her status and background. Now that her background was emerging bit by bit and her social connections in the past were emerging little by little as well, Peng Yu was becoming more and more troubled. She was so vexed that she could die.

Why was Lin Che so difficult to deal with?

During the filming, Lin Ches scenes were all with Peng Yu.

The first scene today was also one such scene.

Peng Yu played the role of the older sister in this television series. From the moment Lin Ches character was born, the older sister Lin Yuan suppressed the younger sister Lin Yang. However, after Lin Yuan caused Lin Yangs death, her soul possessed another body and she then obtained revenge.

Peng Yu even felt that everyone would mock Lin Che when the older sister ended up looking younger than the younger sister since she was younger than Lin Che by two years but was playing the role of the older sister.

However, everyone started admiring and praising Lin Che once she had donned her period costume.

Lin Che looked like a sixteen-year-old girl even though she had given birth and was even older than Peng Yu by two years. This was especially so after she put on make-up. She deliberately showed lively expressions and seemed even younger.

Her skin was soft and not much light was needed to make her skin appear fair and without blemishes. Even her eyes appeared clear.

On the other hand, after Peng Yu put on her outfit and make-up, she looked older than Lin Che by more than a few years. Her heavy make-up had covered the original color of her skin and made her skin look much heavier. Her age, which was not usually apparent when she was not wearing make-up, became even more obvious now.

The moment Peng Yu saw this, she quickly said to the person beside her, Seriously. What make-up artist did you guys hire? Her make-up was done so well but mine is like this. What ulterior motives do you have?


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