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Season 9

Episode 43

(The Two Wealthy Families Began Tearing Each Other To Pieces)

Gu Jingming shook his head and smiled grimly while looking at him. However, the gap between the two of them had existed from a long time ago. It was just that his sneaky actions this time made Gu Jingming even more disappointed in him.

Fang Zhongmou had initially thought that Yu Minmin would definitely fall prey to incidents like these since she was not that smart but he did not think that she would actually tell Gu Jingming first.

He acknowledged his bad luck but found it a pity that he still did not manage to help Yin Suya.

He tossed aside the USB drive in his hand and looked at Gu Jingming and the people behind him. What exactly do you want? Just tell me straight.

Gu Jingming asked, What do you think I should do with you?

Fang Zhongmou laughed out loud once again. What is Yu Minmin to you? Because of Yu Minmin, you first threw aside our brotherhood and Suya. You did not see her sadness at all. You didnt care about all the years we spent together. If you still want to continue being my brother now, then let me go and make Yu Minmin leave. Otherwise, we definitely will not be able to continue being friends. Right now, youre not the Gu Jingming I know.

Let you go? And then just let you continue on your misguided course?

Fang Zhongmou walked up to him. If not, what do you want? Come on. Tell me what you want.

His body immediately came into contact with Gu Jingming and their bodies collided with one another. Fang Zhongmous intention to pick a fight was already completely obvious.

Gu Jingming did not say a word as he stood there. After Fang Zhongmou collided with him, he took a step backward.

Come on. Come on. Come at me if youre a man. Fang Zhongmou continued provoking him, yelling at him with a ferocious expression on his face.

Gu Jingming released his pent-up emotions and swiftly grabbed Fang Zhongmou by the collar. Fang Zhongmou, listen up. I wont allow you to mess around like this again. You want to fight me, right? Then well fight. I can tell you straight that Im not afraid of ruining our relationship, nor am I afraid of making a big deal out of this but you better remember not to regret this! He immediately shouted to the people behind him, Seize Fang Zhongmou!

His bodyguards rushed forward.

However, Fang Zhongmou belonged to a family of influential military men. The servants of the Fang family trailed behind him. All of them were former soldiers of the special forces. They were fiercely loyal to the Fang family. The bodyguards would not necessarily gain any advantage from starting a fight with them.

Just then, Fang Zhongmous subordinates also rushed to the frontline. They formed a barrier in front of Fang Zhongmou and did not allow anyone to come near.

Gu Jingming looked at him. Are you going to defy the law now? Are you going to go against the entire Glazed Tile Palace?

Youre not the law, Gu Jingming. What right do you have to arrest me?! Fang Zhongmou shouted.

Gu Jingming said, The USB drive you threw aside is evidence of your fraud, you swindler!

Ha. Even if Im a fraud, the Presidents guards still shouldnt be the ones arresting me, right?

The Presidents personal guards have the power to act first and then talk later when they sense danger to protect the Presidents safety, Gu Jingming said.

Fine. Then come at me. Come and catch me. What good will it do you at all to break off relations with the Fang family just because of Yu Minmin? Have you forgotten that the Fang family has always been leading C Nations top military college? So many of the generals in C Nation are my fathers students!

Gu Jingming said, If I cant even protect my own woman, then how can I be good enough to protect the countless citizens? I dont care who you are and who I will offend. If anyone touches my woman, I definitely wont let him off easily.

Fang Zhongmou was stunned.

He was using his position as the President to oppress him just because of a woman. Did he really not care about anything anymore?

Gu Jingming raised his hand up a little and said to the people behind him, Capture Fang Zhongmou.

Hearing his command, Fang Zhongmous heart hardened immediately as well. All of you, attack. You dont have to care about their status. You only need to remember which family you serve!

The Presidents bodyguards instantly started fighting the Fang familys servants.

The bodyguards threw kicks and punches and the servants of the Fang family did not show weakness either.

In no time, the narrow alley seemed to turn into a battleground for a gang fight.

From afar, some people thought at first that some hoodlums were engaging in a fight. However, as they looked at their movements which were so much more exciting than in the movies, they could not stop staring after some time.

This was definitely not a typical fight. This was a fight that was loaded with meaning.

Gu Jingming looked at Fang Zhongmou with these people in between them. The distance between the two of them increased in an instant. Gu Jingming narrowed his eyes dangerously at him. Fang Zhongmou scoffed and walked out through the back of the alley under the protection of the Fang family.

Gu Jingming immediately called the police headquarters and instructed someone to issue an arrest warrant, spread the news everywhere, and to put Fang Zhongmou on the wanted list.

Thereafter, he instructed his guards to capture all of the people present who were involved in the fight on the basis that they were openly defying the law. Then, he again instructed his guards to handcuff those who resisted on the basis that they had attacked public officers. If there was no other way, they were permitted to shoot.

The night seemed calm and tranquil, but the news of the incident spread immediately throughout high society. The small piece of news triggered a series of chain reactions in an instant.

Gu Jingming had publicly broken off relations with the influential military family, the Fang family. The two families had directly started a fight on the streets outside and it seemed like they were going to oppose each other to the end.

Meanwhile, vague rumors were spreading outside. Someone uploaded some photos online saying that he had seen people fighting the previous night. It was a group fight involving people who had terrific and professional fighting skills and it looked remarkable.

But these photos were deleted in an instant. News like this was known to a minority of people. It could not be helped that they were spreading rumors among themselves but the news could not be seen by people on a large scale.

Everyone knew that the two of them were childhood friends. Now that the two of them had started fighting out of the blue and had even blown the matter up to this scale, everyone could not help but feel a little disappointed.

It seemed that these people who were at the center of power did not lead such beautiful lives either. They seemed to have the power to hide the sky with one hand and to obtain anything they wanted. However, in reality, anything they did at the heart of the struggle caused waves. It made one sigh.

However, since the two families had started fighting now, everyone was speculating who would emerge triumphantly. On a superficial level, one had military power and the other had political power. They seemed equally matched. Still, Gu Jingming had the entire Gu family to back him up, so it could be said that he had financial power as well. Therefore, Fang Zhongmou had no edge over him either. However, was Gu Jingming really planning to engage in a full-on fight with him? If so, Gu Jingming would actually gain nothing at all.

Although everyone knew of these prominent wealthy families, most of them kept a very low profile. As a result, ordinary people could only hear some updates about them from the rumors. It was really quite uncommon for such a large-scale fight to suddenly break out among them, so many people were watching in anticipation.

But everyone wanted to see what the exact outcome of this rare fight among wealthy families would be.

After Fang Zhongmou returned to the Fang residence, the Fang family sent him abroad in haste.

Even though a child of their family had caused trouble this time, the Fang family was not to be trifled with either. They could not possibly allow Gu Jingming to take Fang Zhongmou away and send him straight to prison.

However, Fang Zhongmou was still unwilling to leave.

He felt that he still had unfinished business. He had yet to complete what he wanted to do for Suya.

But how could the Fang family allow him to stay?


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