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Season 9

Episode 42

(You Betrayed Me For A Woman)

Yun Luo did not expect Lin Che to be acquainted with so many people in high society.

Situ Qiong had clearly said that he did not like her. But he had actually tried to take her away directly from Gu Jingze.

Yun Luo looked on in a daze. The expression on her face was slightly complicated.

After Gu Jingze and Lin Che returned home, Gu Jingze went into the room immediately and slammed the door.

Gu Shinian was still at home. He looked up at Lin Che when she entered. Mother, what happened

Lin Che said, Hes playing a prank on you.

At times, she truly felt that Gu Jingze was even younger than Niannian.

She went into the room and looked at Gu Jingze who was standing by the window. She said from behind him, Hey. Are you angry?

Gu Jingze did not speak.

Lin Che approached him and pulled the back of his clothes. Youre really angry?

She caressed his back from behind him. You were in the wrong in this matter, to begin with. He just likes to joke around, but you actually took it seriously and picked a fight with him. It looked so bad it looked bad on you and on me as well. We gave people a chance for idle gossip for no reason. Furthermore, things were fine. Starting a fight was wrong to begin with.

However, Gu Jingze still did not turn around.

She did not continue reasoning with him and immediately hugged Gu Jingze from behind.

Of course, he was more rational than she was. What he needed was something else.

Gu Jingze froze and was even about to push her arms away when he felt Lin Ches hands creep under his shirt. She started touching him while moving her hands upwards.

His hot chest immediately became incomparably rigid.

The instant her body came into contact with his, his anger miraculously dissipated.

This woman seriously

Only knew to attract unwanted attention.

But when he thought about it, Situ Qiong would not take a fancy to just anyone either.

He did have good taste.

Lin Che attracted people so easily because she was so good.

However, she was still his woman right now.

When he thought about it this way, of course all his anger disappeared.

Especially when her body had already wound itself around him like a snake, arousing his entire body.

He was weak against her. Even though he was so angry, he was still weak

He was livid when he turned his head and swiftly grabbed her recklessly-moving arms. Fine. Youre the one who asked for this. Dont wail later!

Lin Che seemed to see the fiery anger still burning in his eyes. It felt as if she was going to be completely engulfed in flames.

He pushed her down without hesitation. Lin Che immediately regretted her actions again when she saw how he looked like a hungry wolf.

She really should not have casually provoked him

That night, Lin Che called Situ Qiong.

Situ Qiong said, Your company even issued me a dividend.

Lin Che knew that Situ had stocks in the company too. Although it was a token investment, the sum was not large. She had put it in his name back then and had only given it to him because she wanted it to look presentable at the very least.

Lin Che said, Mr. Situ probably cant be bothered with such petty cash.

Do you think Im so wealthy that I can hide the sky with one hand as your husband can? I care about the petty cash. If I knew that your company would expand to what it is today, I would have invested more.

Lin Che was very happy when she heard this. This compliment is not bad. Youre quite good now. You even learned how to flatter people.

Only towards you Situ thought to himself on the other end. But how could he verbalize it?

He asked, By the way, are you on good terms with Lu Beichen?

Lin Che said, Our relationship is quite good but we havent seen each other for a long time too. Why?

Its nothing. I only knew that you had a good relationship with him when I saw the two of you together today.

Im the one who was surprised. I only knew that you guys were related when I saw you with Yun Luo today.

Yes but she was always in M Nation before this, so we didnt spend much time together. Its normal to have such relations anyway. After all, there are so many marriages to create connections among wealthy families. Are you and Lu Beichen related?

No way. My family is an insignificant family. We have no background at all. The Lu family is such a prominent family. If our family could claim connections with theirs even a little bit, I wouldnt be in such a dire state either.

Rubbish is this something that Madam Gu should be saying?

Youre being so ridiculous. How could I be related to the Lu family? Have you forgotten how I nearly got into a fight with his younger sister?

Oh, right I did indeed forget. But when I saw you stand beside him today, I thought you guys resembled each other a little. Thats why I said that.

Lin Che asked, Whats wrong with your eyes?

Alright. I was just commenting. Ill look for you at your company next time and we can talk in detail again.


At the Glazed Tile Palace.

Linda said to Gu Jingming, I got someone to mimic Maams voice and call this number. We used a hidden number too. This is the recording.

Gu Jingming took the recording from her and listened to it. Sure enough, the person was negotiating with her.

Yu Minmins voice said very clearly that she could not give him a lot of money but the other party said that she had to give him five million dollars. Otherwise, he would definitely spread the news and destroy her name and reputation.

Yu Minmin bargained for a long time. However, in the end, she had no choice but to agree helplessly.

Gu Jingming nodded. Have you tracked down this person?

Yes. We have already followed your instructions and tracked him down.

Although they did not know who this person was and he was also using a number that they could not trace, Gu Jingming had a suspect in mind. Thus, it was enough for Linda to simply follow this suspect.

This also meant that Linda was keeping a close eye on Fang Zhongmou and Yin Suya to find the suspect.

In the middle of the night, Fang Zhongmou left the house and strolled a few rounds around the neighborhood. He ultimately ended up outside a pub.

People seeking enjoyment and fun were still loitering everywhere. The streets were filled with people and no one would notice this place either.

Fang Zhongmou asked, Did you get the goods?

The person immediately replied, I got it, I got it. Here it is. But my money

Fang Zhongmou handed him the money in exchange for the goods.

Because neither person believed the other, a deal like this could not be conducted online. It was basically a rule of the trade to hand over the goods in exchange for the money.

Otherwise, Fang Zhongmou would not have made the trip either.

When he got the USB drive, Fang Zhongmou looked ahead calmly.

I didnt expect it to actually be you.

Just then, a gloomy voice traveled from behind with a disappointed tone.

Fang Zhongmous face shone with a slight surprise.

He turned around to see Gu Jingming and his subordinates make their way over swiftly.

Fang Zhongmous eyes darted. He looked at the bodyguards Gu Jingming had brought with him. Each and every one of them was ready for battle. Fang Zhongmou asked, What are you trying to do now? Are you going to arrest me and take me to the Natural Security Agency?

Gu Jingming said, Zhongmou, Minmin is innocent. Why must you cause her trouble?

Fang Zhongmou looked at him. Dont tell me you dont know why?

Gu Jingming frowned. For Yin Suyas sake? Zhongmou, you and I are brothers. But now, you betrayed me so easily because of a woman.

A woman? Shes just like any other woman to you. But to me shes the woman I love.


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