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 Season 9

Episode 41

(Are You Guys Trying To Start A World War?)

Lin Che looked at the two of them and quickly tried to start a conversation. Why are you here, Situ?

Situ Qiong said, This place is run by my family.


Gu Jingze said, No wonder business is so slow.

Lin Che thought that this seemed different from what he had said earlier.

Situ Qiong said, Huh. I remember that your sister is a regular here. She spends at least ten million a year.

Gu Jingze said, Its fine to give handouts to the poor from time to time.

Lin Che truly could not believe Gu Jingze. Could he be less rude?

At the side, Yun Luo only felt sad after her initial surprise. She looked at Situ Qiong and the rest. Do you know each other?

Lin Che looked at them as well and asked more or less the same thing, Why are you guys together?

Situ Qiong said, Oh. This is my younger cousin.

The corners of Lin Ches lips twitched.

What a small world.

But it made sense when she thought about it. Like the marriage of alliance between the Gu family and the Lu family, it was understandable that Situ Qiong and the Yun family were relatives. She could also imagine the complicated web of relationships among wealthy families.

Gu Jingze said, Thats enough. I dont know if Jingyan will still come back or not. Well make a move first.

He grabbed Lin Ches hand. Beside her, Situ Qiong also grabbed her other hand. Hey, we just met. Why are you leaving? Lin Che, you cant be treating your mentor like this. He who teaches you for a day is your father for life. You cant kick someone to the curb when theyve outlived their usefulness.

Gu Jingze turned to see that Situ Qiong had already grabbed Lin Ches hand. His initially calm gaze had already turned completely dark.

The corners of his lips turned up in dissatisfaction. How dare he touch Lin Che

Gu Jingze yanked hard and pulled Lin Che so she was behind him.

He then looked at Situ Qiong sternly.

Situ Qiong refused to admit defeat. Gu Jingze, what do you mean? Cant I even say a few words to Lin Che? Shes the wife that you married, not the slave that you keep locked up.

Situ Qiong. You dare say that again!

Why? Am I wrong?

Situ Qiong!

When Gu Jingzes tone turned severe, the Gu familys bodyguards outside nearly rushed in.

Situ Qiong narrowed his eyes. Fend them all off. Outsiders are prohibited from taking even one step into this place. Let me see if anyone actually starts smashing things in my shop for no reason.

He immediately instructed the security guards in the pub.

The security guards rushed forward to block them.

Although the people that Situ Qiong trained could not compare to the Gu familys bodyguards who were professionally trained and were seasoned fighters, they were ultimately not ordinary either.

The Gu familys bodyguards would not attack for no reason. As the security guards looked at the bodyguards who wore the emblem of the Gu family, they did not dare to recklessly provoke them either.

The two groups of people stood at the entrance in direct confrontation.

Similarly, there were also two tall and well-built men in a standoff.

As for Lin Che, she was about to go insane beside them.

What were they trying to do now

Hey, stop messing around, you two. There are still other customers around. Dont become a laughingstock, alright? Lin Che said.

Situ Qiong looked at Lin Che. Its fine. This is my territory. Anyone who dares to mock me will definitely be kicked out. You should know me well. I just have a bad temper.

Know him well? Why did Lin Che have to know him well?

Hearing his deliberate provocation, Gu Jingze imploded with anger again.

Situ Qiong, I think you have a death wish!

Lin Che looked at the two of them in disbelief. Seeing that they were about to start a fight immediately, she reached out her arms to push the two of them apart.

Thats enough, you two. Dont behave like children, alright?

You After being pushed aside, Gu Jingze took a step forward first and wanted to say something. But Lin Che immediately stopped him. Thats enough. Gu Jingze, Ill go back to America right now if you continue stirring up trouble!

Although there was still anger in Gu Jingzes eyes, he had no choice but to stand there unmoving.

Lin Che proceeded to say to Situ Qiong, You too. Stop talking rubbish. Why are you behaving like a child and provoking him for no reason? How old are you two already? Both of you are even bosses and presidents of companies. You dont even feel embarrassed about making such a fuss in front of your employees.

Gu Jingzes face clouded over even more. Around him, all the bodyguards and security guards looked at him and thought that he was about to blow up in anger.

They had never personally seen Gu Jingze get angry before. However, they felt that he would definitely be very frightening when he was angry.

However, contrary to what they had expected, Gu Jingze merely stood there silently. His head was bowed and he did not dare to say a word of rebuttal at all.

He even seemed like a child who had just been reprimanded by his mother. Even though he felt aggrieved, he absolutely did not dare to show it

This Gu Jingze he pampered his little woman way too much. In front of so many people, he was not at all angry and even obeyed Lin Ches words completely.

As for Situ Qiong, he could only stand there and glance at Lin Che calmly.

Alright then. I just wanted to say a few more words to you.

Anyway, Im back and I dont have plans to leave either. Well have plenty of opportunities in the future.

How dare she even say that there would be opportunities in the future

Gu Jingze glared at Situ Qiong unyieldingly.

If he hadnt helped Lin Che back then, he would have gotten rid of him long ago.

How dare he lust after Lin Che

He was not even allowed to have such thoughts. Furthermore, he even provoked him repeatedly.

Just then, Lu Beichen entered

Upon seeing the situation, he was completely shocked as well.

Good lord, whats happening here? I havent seen you guys in a while. Is a world war going to start here?

Situ Qiongs expression became more relaxed. He turned around to look at Lu Beichen.

Lu Beichen looked as if he had just settled his family affairs. He had a relaxed expression now and he seemed more careless as if he was very interested in joining in the fun.

He looked at Lin Che with his hands in his pockets and smiled. He said, Little Che, youre finally back. If you stayed elsewhere any longer, Gu Jingzes arm would develop a six-pack.

He was poking fun at Gu Jingze for typically using his hands to satisfy his biological needs. Lin Ches face turned completely red when she heard this.

As expected, Lu Beichen behaved extremely inappropriately.

He walked over and stood beside Lin Che. However, he had not expected Lin Che to have something to do with this little tyrant Situ Qiong.

But when he looked at the two of them, there was something quite amazing about them. It seemed that the two of them resembled each other slightly.

Their features did look different but their dispositions and their face shapes were a little similar.

After getting out of his trance, Situ Qiong looked at the two of them in confusion before saying to Lin Che, Alright. Todays meeting was a little rushed. Lets meet again and talk about things in detail next time.

Lin Che immediately said, Yes, yes.

She was thankful that Lu Beichen had arrived at a time like this. She quickly pushed Gu Jingze and said, Lets go, lets go. Well make our move first. Why has Jingyan disappeared? Did she leave already?

Gu Jingze stared at Situ Qiong unwaveringly, glaring at him in a threatening manner.

Situ Qiong slowly stuck both his hands into his pockets. He looked at Gu Jingze and scoffed, refusing to back down as well.

However, the good thing was that Gu Jingze was pushed outside in no time. Thereafter, Gu Jingzes subordinates also followed him out.

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