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Season 9

Episode 40

(He Was Actually Her Cousin)

Lin Che watched the two of them walk away.

She pulled Gu Jingzes hand. When did you privately notice Lu Beichen?:

Gu Jingze took her hand and shook the phone in his hands.

Lin Che nodded blankly and looked at Gu Jingze. While he was expressionless, he had so many cheap tricks up his sleeves.

Lin Che noticed how few customers this bar had. There was only one full table where they were sitting. However, the decoration here was extravagant, so she could not help but wonder how the bar earned money when it had so few customers until she looked down

The tag on the wine said one bottle of wine cost thirty thousand dollars.

She swallowed her saliva, looked at Gu Jingze, and back at the place. This place seemed to be very fancy.

Gu Jingze nodded. I have never been here. Dont worry.

What? Lin Che was a little confused at his response.

Gu Jingze tapped her little face lightly. I dont like bars and dont like drinking, so I wont come here to casually find women. Dont worry.

Lin Che then understood and laughed internally. She purposely teased him. I wouldnt even know if you really came.

If not Ill let you install a location tracker on my phone. How about that?

Lin Che froze and looked at him.

How could she not trust him? It was completely unnecessary.

She was very lucky to have a man who she could completely trust without any location tracking.

She thought, She was probably luckier than most people, not because of Gu Jingzes status, but because of the stability of their marriage.

In a marriage, a trusting pair was the best relationship.

She shook her head and said, No need, if you want to go It would be useless. If you dont want to go, what is the point of installing it, right?

Upon hearing that, Gu Jingze smiled gently and kissed her fair face.


Inside, Yun Luo was walking out with a man.

This person was her cousin, Situ Jing.

Cousin, then we have an agreement. I will definitely go to your next birthday party.

Sure, your family had been busy with moving ever since you came to C Nation. Now that you have settled, we have a long way to go. Lets go. Ill ask someone to send you out.

Yun Luo sighed. I am not too bothered by these things. Ah, but my illness I am not sure if I will still be around tomorrow

How can you say that? You are not young anymore, so you can start a family and live a great life. It will be good for your illness as well. Situ Jing said.

Yun Luo shook her head. Where would there be a man who wants a sickling like me?

Situ Jing saw Yun Luo a few times when he was still young. That time, because she had hereditary heart disease, she could not really play with everyone else, so she looked quite pitiful sitting there alone.

Situ Jing smiled. You are so pretty. Of course, there are a lot of men who want to marry you.

Yun Luos eyes flashed. However, there was only one man she wanted to marry.

She looked back at Situ Jing. What kind of girls do you guys like?

Situ Jing said, Probably someone like you.

Didnt most men like weak girls that needed protecting?

Yun Luo asked, Really? But I know a girl who I think is very shrewish and speaks rudely. However, there are still guys that like her.

She thought about Lin Che and felt that Lin Che gave her such an impression.

Situ Jing asked, How could anyone like a girl like that?

Yun Luo smiled and felt slightly comforted. Yes, I also thought it was strange. I thought most men would not like that type of woman.

Impossible. If a woman is too shrewish, the man will only feel frustrated. An obedient woman like you is the mans true dream. Well, judging by that, you seem to have someone you like? Situ Jing smiled at her.

Yun Luo blushed. Not really

Yun Luo did not know many men. After hearing what Situ said, she secretly thought that Lin Che was not considered a big deal after all. Gu Jingze could be just fooled and thus liked her.

And at that moment.

When the two of them went out, they suddenly saw

Gu Jingze and Lin Che were leaning towards each other, talking to each other sweetly. Lin Che seemed to have said something that made Gu Jingze raise the corner of his lips and smile charmingly. He happily looked at the woman next to him, tapping her cheeks. That look was homely and beautiful, making peoples hearts melt as they watched.

But the woman next to him was Lin Che

Yun Luo froze as she did not expect to meet the two of them here.

Didnt Gu Jingze usually never enter such places?

It must be Lin Che who brought him here

Lin Che did not know how to do anything. She only negatively influenced Gu Jingze, and made things troublesome for him, Yun Luo thought as she saw Lin Che turn around and look at the two of them behind her.

Lin Che thought that she was seeing things, but she saw Yun Luo and Situ Jing standing together.

Yun Luo thought she saw herself so she quickly said, Miss Lin Jingze. Her gaze while watching Gu Jingze was obviously different, which made Lin Che felt nauseous.

Miss Yun Lin Che raised her head as she looked at Situ Jing about to speak.

However, Yun Luo first told Situ Jing, This is the girl I was talking about.

Situ Jing froze. She was talking about Lin Che

The shrewish girl was, in fact, Lin Che, so the two of them

Situ Jing had never heard external rumors, so he did not know some people thought Gu Jingze and Yun Luo were involved in the past.

She thought Situ Jing already knew Gu Jingze was married, so he never thought in that direction.

As the only young mistress of the Yun family, would she even fall for a married man?

But to think about it now If the married man was Gu Jingze, everything would be different.

Yun Luo wanted to continue taunting her because that feeling made her feel great. She hoped Situ Jing would help her say a few bad things about Lin Che so that Gu Jingze would know how other men looked at women like Lin Che.


Situ Jing looked at Lin Che and suddenly said, You didnt even tell me that you were coming back. Why? Am I so unimportant in your heart?

Yun Luos face paled immediately.

She looked at Situ Jing in shock, her mouth ajar and eyes bulged out.

Lin Che quickly said, Of course not. I was busy after I returned. I also did not know if you were still in C Nation.

However, Gu Jingze immediately shielded her. He looked at Situ Jing and coldly asked, Why are you important in her heart?

Situ Jing tilted his head and teasingly looked at Jingze. Why? How about you ask her? Am I important in her heart?

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che threateningly.

As if he was saying that if she dared to say yes, he would let her suffer today!

Lin Che was being glared at by Gu Jingze while being stared at by Situ Jing.

She speechlessly did not know what to say.

Situ Jing was her teacher and friend how could he be not important?

She said, This Situ Jing.

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