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 Season 9

Episode 39

(The Longer You Stay Together The Larger The Friction)

Gu Jingyan rolled her eyes. No problem, no problem, okay?

When they were having a meal, Gu Jingyan kept telling Lin Che to bring her child together, so that they could go out and play. It would be cute to let the older brother take care of his younger sister.

After the meal, Gu Jingyan asked Lin Che, I saw sister-in-law starting to film after your return. Have you been busy lately?

Lin Che said, We havent started filming, so I am temporarily free.

Thats great. Lets go out together later. I havent seen you in a long time. Lets go out, drink something, and have some fun.

Gu Jingze said, You can just say that you dont want to go home now and want to continue playing around.

Gu Jingyan looked up and glared at Gu Jingze. Dont come and talk about things amongst us women.

Gu Jingze meant that Gu Jingyan did not want to go and listen to Lu Beichen apologize, and was planning to continue staying outside.

Lu Beichen liked to make people angry, but Gu Jingyan was also too stubborn. This was why the duo made others so speechless because their personalities directly clashed.

Lin Che of course nodded and agreed.

When they went out, however, Gu Jingze followed up.

Gu Jingyan already left her child here, so she turned back to look at Gu Jingze and said, Its a girls outing. Are you also following us?

Gu Jingze expression remained unchanged. He pushed the door to drive the car and turned his back at her to say, Im worried that you will influence her badly.

Lin Che felt done with him and Gu Jingyan even rolled her eyes.

The three of them boarded the car and went to a shop outside.

After they entered, as Gu Jingyan was a regular who had not visited in a while, the manager personally came over to greet them when he saw her.

Miss Gu had not been here for some time. The manager said.

Yes, I went overseas for some time. Gu Jingyan said.

The manager saw Lin Che who was behind and paused for a while to recognize it was her.

However, they had to maintain professionalism. In these sorts of places, they should not speak about anyone they met. It was best if they could pretend they did not see anyone.

He brought the few of them to a booth inside. This was an atmospheric Chicago styled bar with a quiet atmosphere and patrons drinking red wine or drinks. Not a lot of people were inside or singing, so they were just quietly sitting down and chatting.

Gu Jingyan said, The alcohol here is extremely delicious, so I used to come here to drink in the past. Today, I shall introduce you to their cocktails, okay?

Lin Che said, Okay, I can drink But if I am drunk, you have to be responsible for carrying me back.

Okay, I will, but Im afraid Second Brother will not let me touch you. After all, once you are drunk, he will have the chance to have drunken chaotic sex with you Gu Jingyan laughed and looked at Gu Jingze at the side.

Gu Jingze coolly held the glass and drank a sip of the plain lemon water. No need, I can have chaotic sex anytime. There is no need for alcohol at all.

Lin Che continued to glare at him and said, Yes, a shameless person is always shameless. He doesnt need alcohol to gain courage.

Gu Jingze looked at her. Dont you like me for the shamelessness?


Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows.

Opposite them, Gu Jingyan could not stand it anymore. Hey, I am in the middle of a fight here. Can you think about my feelings?

You still have the face to talk about the fight? You are the one who wants to marry him. Now that your child is so big, you still have the face to talk about the fight. When your child grows older, you will continue fighting and your child will also laugh at you.

I Gu Jingyan twisted her hands. She did not want to, but when two people were together, there was bound to be friction between them. She originally thought that the longer they stayed together, the smaller the friction. However, that was not the case. Instead, the longer they were together, the easier it was to have friction between them.

This time, because of the companys project, the two of them had a fight which almost caused an internal struggle in the board of directors.

In the end, Old Master Lu had to negotiate. If not, everyone thought the husband and wife were going to call it quits. If not, why would they team up with the board of directors to gain power and fight one another?

For those who did not know, they really thought that the couple was fighting for power. But although they were obstinate about their work, they did not care much about power or money. It was just a fight between the two of them. Initially, they just wanted to win over the other so in the end, the board of directors came to an understanding and those conspirators also got mad. After negotiations, Gu Jingyan got mad, left first, and stayed overseas for two months until Old Master Lu said he missed Guoguo, so she had no choice but to return.

Gu Jingyan asked, Whats the point of saying this now? If not, am I supposed to get a divorce?

After a short while, she saw a tall man in suits standing at the door. His tie was astray as if he ran up here. He breathlessly stopped at the door, saw the people inside, and placed his hands on his hips. He took a deep breath and called, Gu Jingyan.

Who else could it be besides Lu Beichen?

Gu Jingyan froze. She was initially weirded out, but after she saw the wordless Gu Jingze and then looked outside, he realized that he had no change in facial expression. She realized who betrayed her.

Second Brother!

Gu Jingze coolly said, I am giving you a chance. Regardless of whether you want a divorce or to return home, what is the point if you dont go home and resolve it quickly?

Gu Jingyan looked at Lin Che. Little sister-in-law, how can you not reel him in and look at him? How can he do that?

Lin Che shrugged and looked at Gu Jingze. I think he didnt say anything wrong. It is not good for you to keep living outside, right?

Gu Jingyan said weakly, Little sister-in-law, you have been negatively influenced by my second brother after being with him, hmph.

Lu Beichen had already arrived in front of them at this moment. He looked at Gu Jingze and Lin Che. Then, he directly asked Gu Jingyan, Where is Guoguo?

What? Gu Jingyan looked up to drink the water in her cup as if she could not bother to look at him.

You took Guoguo away, so how dare you ask me what?

Guoguo is my daughter. Why do I need to ask you if I want to take her away? Gu Jingyan rebutted.

Lu Beichen said, Yes, she is your daughter, but she is also my daughter, right? Can you have her alone?

Ha, how can I not have her? There are so many men. You are not the only one who can do this.


Lu Beichens face paled with anger.

Lu Beichen looked at Lin Che and Gu Jingze. Then, he pulled Gu Jingyan up. You come out with me.

What are you doing

Come out and well talk.


Quickly, dont disturb others here! Lu Beichen pulled Gu Jingyan.

Gu Jingyan blushed but could only be pulled out after looking at her surroundings. While being pulled away, she resisted and pushed at his hands. Let go, I can walk by myself.

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