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 Season 9

Episode 38

(Gu Jingze Said He Wanted A Child Now)

In the afternoon, the drama hosted its opening ceremony.

This reincarnation drama could actually be considered a female lead-focused drama. Hence, the company initially really did not want Xue Yang to participate because the male leads parts were not as impressionable or important as those of the female leads.

The drama mainly showed scenes where the female leads faced off each other, so the male lead was mostly a subplot.

Without Xue Yang, the male lead that the crew found was also young and handsome. He would also become a popular male lead if the drama aired shortly.

However, he was a lot less influential than Xue Yang.

Upon reaching the set, when Lin Che got out of the car, she saw heaps and heaps of fans standing there holding signs with Lin Ches name, which was a grand sight.

Lin Che never thought she would have fans coming today, so she quickly thanked them.

The film site was chaotic, so Lin Che could not stay long. She bowed to everyone and followed the staff inside.

The film crew was very respectful towards Lin Che and humbly welcomed her inside.

Initially, when Lin Che replaced the newcomer to become the female lead, everyone was a little hesitant. After all, Lin Che left for very long.

Many artists actually could not go back to their initial status when they returned. One cannot leave this industry for long because the fans would run away and get attracted by new and fresh things. Few people would turn back and look at the original artist.

After all, humans liked new things and disliked old things. Especially in this technological age, there were tons of newcomers being pushed out. There was no lack of interesting people, interesting topics, or interesting artists.

So what if she returned? How many people from the audience would actually watch her? They were almost sick of her in the past, so no one would be happy to see her again.

Unexpectedly, when Lin Che participated in a variety show, the Chinese Drama Festival, her influence did not decrease and instead, caused another commotion.

Thus, everyone finally agreed that she was definitely someone who could recover her initial glory and it seemed like she had a chance.

When they came today, they say heaps of fans, so everyone quickly welcomed Lin Che inside.

After a short while, Peng Yu arrived.

When Peng Yu got out of the car and saw the people inside, she thought it was strange that there were so many people surrounding them.

After she alighted, all she saw were fans.

Her eyebrows furrowed. She felt a headache from looking at Lin Ches name everywhere, so she did not look again as if she was too lazy to see them.

When she walked inside and saw Lin Che, she also had a nonchalant attitude. She sat down and said, Sister Che, we meet again. Im young and ignorant. Because we are collaborating this time, if I offended you in the past, please forgive this pesky person as a generous person, Sister Che.

Lin Che hummed and asked, Since you already admitted you are a pesky person, what else can I say?

Peng Yus eyes stopped moving and then she looked at Lin Che with more anger.

She just offhandedly said that, but Lin Che also did not answer by the book.

Lin Che smiled and stood up. She stopped putting on makeup and went out.

Lin Che could not be bothered to play tricks or beat around the bush.

She only had a simple thought when she came back. She acted because she liked it and wanted to do it, so she did not want to do anything that made her unhappy and just followed her hearts desire.

The opening ceremony was starting soon.

After the ceremony, there were a lot of people standing in between Lin Che and Peng Yu, so they did not have much interaction. The drama was mainly about the fight between the two of them but it seemed like it was true in reality as well.

After it ended, it was time for media interviews and questions.

When the emcee announced it, the reporters immediately swarmed over and surrounded Lin Che to listen to her interview.

Because the reporters knew that Peng Yu was not an easy person to interview as she did not know how to speak well and had no unique traits, they did not bother to interview her.

Peng Yu did not expect such a scene and looked at them angrily.

She wanted to yell at them, but she could not do so. Thus, she gritted her teeth and glared at those damned reporters, already yelling at them all in her mind.

Lin Che was in the limelight and no one could overtake her. Therefore, Peng Yu angrily walked away, immediately asking the staff to spread rumors about Lin Che.

Go hire internet ghostwriters and ask them to attack her fatally! Say that she stole the role and acted all stuck-up. Anyway, whatever way they could attack her, I want it all done.

Peng Yu thought that she had been very unhappy since she was being oppressed just now, so she simply said, If not, you can also expose the photo of Gu Jingze and me too. It would be breaking news and Ill see how she can snatch everyones attention then. What could be more eye-catching than Gu Jingzes rumor? Hmph.

The staff members hands shook watching her. They had to do it. Knowing this madams personality, she would throw a huge tantrum if they did not do it. But, if they did

That was Gu Jingze.

Would they not have a problem

Gu Jingze picked her up immediately after the ceremony. While they were on their way back, Lin Che called the preschool to ask how was Niannian in school.

The preschool said that everything was alright. However, Gu Jingze already informed the preschool beforehand that every afternoon, Niannian must have a few hours to do professional training, so the preschool had to hide this from Lin Che.

Gu Jingze watched her make the call and said, Okay, Jingyan is coming back today. We have to go back and visit her.

Oh right. I havent seen Jingyan since I was back.

You wont be able to see her. She just had a fight with Lu Beichen and brought her kid overseas.

Lin Che asked, They still fight now?

Not as often but occasionally, they will have a serious fight.

Lin Che felt like this pair was incredible.

Soon, they arrived at the Gu residence.

Gu Jingyan gave birth to a girl, her nickname was Little Pingguo [1. Apple is Pingguo in Mandarin], so everyone called her Guoguo.

This little princess was born a few days later than Niannian, so she could be considered as Niannians younger sister.

Once they entered, they saw Guoguo sitting on Mu Wanqings legs while eating a large apple.

Gu Jingyan saw Lin Che enter and shouted with surprise, Little sister-in-law, sob. I havent seen you in so long.

She launched herself at Lin Che to hug her.

Lin Che felt her passion once again. She was hugged tightly and only released after a while.

Lin Che asked, I heard you ran away to another country after the fight this time?

Gu Jingyan waved her hands and said, Dont mention what happened in the past Ah, why dont I see my little nephew?

Gu Jingze said from behind, Busy with school.

However, Lin Che went over first to look at Little Pingguo. Looks so much like her father But luckily, her dad is handsome, so she is still very pretty.

Gu Jingyan sighed. So wasted, ah It makes me sad speaking about it.

Lin Che looked down and pinched Little Pingguos face. Looking at such a cute little face, she could not control herself but to touch and kiss it. At the same time, she told a smiling Mu Wanqing, I actually also want a little girl.

Upon hearing it, Gu Jingze immediately replied, If you want it, we can have it immediately. We can go in and make a baby now.

Lin Che looked up and glared at him.

Gu Jingyan said, Second Brother, you dont have to be so straightforward

Gu Jingze asked, You have a problem with that?

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