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 Season 9

Episode 37

(This Incident Targeted Yu Minmin)

Upon hearing Gu Jingmings words, Shen Youran could suddenly read the atmosphere and said, Then, you two quickly go outside to talk. Ill clean this place up.

Chen Yucheng hummed. He stood up, clapped his hands, and followed Gu Jingming out.

Gu Jingming firstly described the situation.

He sat down outside and looked at Chen Yucheng. I only told you about this incident because I hope you can help me check which spy unit is this. I need to know what this persons motives are.

Chen Yucheng looked and said, This should not be some large-scale spy activity. This is a slightly outdated method. Father showed me the latest ones when I went home last time. This number should be outdated. From your description just now, I suspect this could be an act of revenge against Maam.

Against Minmin?

Thats right. If they are targeting you, it should be more sophisticated. I think this should be a private transaction between the people in the upper tier. People not from high society or the military may not be familiar with these, so this is someone who knows the industry well. However, it is not a large operation, so they did not want to target you.

However, Gu Jingmings darkened.

He narrowed his eyes and only spoke after a while. Okay, I understand. Help me check who this person can be for this incident.

Chen Yucheng said, This is easy to analyze. If it is a crime, according to criminal psychology, this person must have a motive. Why were they targeting Maam and not you? If they are close to you and have deep feelings for you, why are they targeting Maam? Because Maam is in a conflict of their interest. Thus, this means becoming Madam President is in a conflict of their interest

Yin Suya Gu Jingming suddenly called out this name.

Chen Yucheng shrugged. This is just my analysis.

Gu Jingming knew that Chen Yucheng was just analyzing but after the simple description, all arrows pointed at Yin Suya.

And her fianc worked in the military, Fang Zhongmou.

Gu Jingming hoped Fang Zhongmou would not be involved in this incident at all. But if it was true

Gu Jingming stood up and patted Chen Yuchengs shoulder. Thank you.

Not at all. Its Mr. President who has a good opinion of me.

Gu Jingming said, Because this involves my wife, so I think it is more of my private matters. Hence, I cannot find someone from the official side.

But privately, he also knew that Chen Yucheng was the most trustworthy.

After all, Chen Yucheng had a long-standing relationship with the Gu family and could be considered Gu Jingzes closest friend.

Although he always called Gu Jingze boss, their relationship was not as simple as one of supervisor and subordinate. Even if they did not call each other as friends, they definitely treated each other as so.

Shen Youran quickly came out after seeing him leave.

Wow, what made Mr. President come here himself?

The Presidents visit was a huge shock no one could avoid.

She waited at the door and watched Gu Jingmings car leave.

There were still Presidential guards behind. They all left quickly how boring.

The huge crowd drew attention from the neighbors.

Shen Youran did not continue watching but instead turned to ask Chen Yucheng, Is it something serious?

Chen Yucheng said, Its a private matter, so its not convenient to ask the National Security Agency. Thus, he came to ask me. Its about Yu Minmin. He has a suspect now, so he left.

Ah, Minmins incident She said, Hubby, I think you are great. Why doesnt Mr. President hire you to the National Security Agency?

Am I crazy? Is it not enough to serve one Gu man and still go to the National Security Agency to serve Gu Jingming? Our relaxed peaceful life is even better than the million-dollar salary Gu Jingming will give.

Shen Youran said, Enough.

As if he cared about the few million dollars.

Actually, Chen Yucheng did not need these. He gave up some other jobs for the sake of research. However, the National Security Agency was probably not an easy place to stay either. She just felt that since Chen Yucheng was so smart, it would be a waste for him to just do research.

However, there were also merits to doing research and that no matter when, he was always with her.

She hugged him and said, There is nothing much going on recently and the research is also at a bottleneck. I really dont know what to do.

If you really dont know, then go and find Lin Che. Her side is much more fun.

Okay, you are right. She is going to start filming soon so when I am free, I can also go to the filming site to see some young and handsome men.

As she spoke, she sneaked away but was immediately pulled back by Chen Yucheng. You can go out and play but you cannot see any young and handsome men!

Yes, I know that my husband is the best. I dont care about any young and handsome man, alright?

Hm, thats right. Lets go in. Ill massage your feet. I just learned this new technique.

Lets go. If you massage well, I will give you more benefits at night!

Upon hearing that, Chen Yuchengs eyes lit up and walked in more proactively.

Gu Jingming went back to the Glazed Tile Palace.

Yu Minmin had already fallen asleep, huddled in the bed. Her quiet sleeping face did not move even when he entered.

He walked over and caressed her face. He lightly kissed her face and then walked out.

Linda, get someone to check on Fang Zhongmou. At the same time, I am going to set up a trap for them to jump in.

Linda froze. Mr. Fang

If this incident was really caused by him, then he is no longer Mr. Fang. Gu Jingmings eyes darkened, looking at the night sky as if his eyes were filled with the darkness surrounding him.

How dare they touch Yu Minmin? Gu Jingming would never allow anyone to touch her.

Especially Fang Zhongmou and Yin Suya.

If they wanted to touch his most beloved even though they were his friends, Gu Jingming would never tolerate it.

When Lin Che reached the company, Yu Minmin suddenly said, There is bad news about your drama.


Peng Yu is in the cast.

Damn it

Lin Che thought about what Peng Yu did in front of Gu Jingze and immediately felt extremely disgusted.

But luckily, Gu Jingze would never fall for her tricks.

She said, She really knows how to look for trouble.

Yes, she would definitely go for the opening ceremony in the afternoon. At that time, I will inform the media to go over and watch the drama unfold.

Ah, even though its a good crew, one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. But it seems like this time, filming will be quite chaotic. At least its not boring, right?

Yu Minmin sprawled there. Oh, you seemed to have taken things a lot easier.

Lin Che sighed. Yes, there will be trouble anyway so might as well take things a little easier. Isnt it bad to live in a sea of troubles every day?

This thought is not wrong!

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