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 Season 9

Episode 36

(This Incident Was Scary If You Think Deep About It)

Yu Minmin looked at the number and did not dare to call it. She thought Gu Jingming had more experience dealing with these sorts of incidents, so she brought it back to Glazed Tile Palace.

When Gu Jingming returned, he saw Yu Minmin in the study room. He smiled and softly walked over to her back, lightly kissed Yu Minmins ears.

Yu Minmin was deep in thought, so she got a shock. She looked up and saw Gu Jingming smiling. She heaved a sigh and looked at him begrudgingly. Why did you come without noise?

Gu Jingming said, I saw you thinking Why? Were you thinking of me?

Yu Minmin looked up. Of course Im not thinking of you.

Oh? There is someone more attractive than me? Gu Jingming asked.

Yu Minmin thought, There actually was nothing.

But at that moment, she was really thinking of something else. It was not something attractive but unavoidable trouble.

She said, Today, my father met a con man. I thought it was very weird, so I wanted to let you take a look.

Gu Jingming sat down and asked seriously, How so?

Yu Minmin quickly told him about the incident.

The more Gu Jingming heard, the darker his expression became.

After a while, Gu Jingming asked, Did you call the number?

Yu Minmin shook her head. I found it strange, so I havent.

Thats right. Give me the number. Dont touch it.

Whats wrong? Is it serious?

Gu Jingming said, No, its better if you dont touch it. If so, you are completely not involved. Once you called, the other side can say you were entirely involved and is already aware of the fees paid to see me.

Yu Minmin immediately understood. Then, it was fortunate I didnt call them, right?

Thats right. If you just think about it on the surface, someone just wants money, but if you think deeper Perhaps someone wants you to call them.

Yu Minmins heart sank.

Once she thought about it, it was indeed possible.

This may be a big conspiracy against her.

Gu Jingming looked at her. I couldnt tell you are actually quite clever. Tell me if you know anything.

Yu Minmin said, At least I am the boss of a company, okay? I can also sniff out conspiracies. When I got it, I just felt like I shouldnt blindly call anyone. I should plan it or else itll be dangerous.

Gu Jingming then kissed her.

Yu Minmin said, But who even wants to target me? What good will it bring to them for targeting me?

It is hard to tell now. Well see after I check this number.

Yu Minmin nodded. Then, Ill pass this to you.

Yu Minmin suddenly had the feeling that she could rely on someone even if she was in trouble and this figure to rely on was so strong.

Gu Jingming circled her. Lets go to the bedroom.

Yu Minmin somehow felt like his gaze when he said bedroom was a little weird

Gu Jingming smiled devilishly and swept her into his arms instantly.

Gu Jingming went to check the telephone number. However, he realized that this was a strange number. It seemed like a proxy number from overseas, but this number was for spies only.

Normal people might not understand but Gu Jingming naturally knew. Linda was a spy expert so once she saw the number, she knew something was wrong. Once she checked, of course, it was an overseas proxy number.

When spies contact each other, they might use these numbers because it would not be bugged and no one could find the origin.

Gu Jingming knew that these numbers were definitely not as simple as a private conning case. There must be someone targeting Yu Minmin or himself on purpose.

At night, Gu Jingming directly went to Chen Yuchengs home.

Speaking of criminal psychology, psychologist Chen Yucheng was the best at it. Furthermore, Chen Yuchengs family had always done spy research in the United States, so Gu Jingming immediately came at night.

The Chen house looked extremely homely. To phrase it nicely, Chen Yucheng did not want to compete and liked country life. To phrase it harshly, Chen Yucheng lacked ambition. Instead of working as a professor, he hid in his home enjoying his life like a happy marquis.

After entering the Chen house, the Chen family looked and saw Mr. President coming to their house in person, so they hurried went to find Chen Yucheng.

However, Chen Yucheng was in the room, washing Shen Yourans feet

The maid hurriedly said, Sir

Chen Yucheng looked up. What? Why are you so anxious? Cant you see that we are not done washing feet?

The corners of the maids mouth twitched.

After Shen Youran gave birth, her feet were uncomfortable. When the weather was chilly, her feet would be cold, so she would often soak her feet in herbal water. After heating it up, it would be very comfortable.

Chen Yucheng suddenly had an idea to wash Shen Yourans feet today.

Shen Youran giggled, one foot resting on Chen Yuchengs shoulder. Thats right. Our feet-washing servant has not served me well enough. Come, continue washing my feet for me or I will confiscate all your tips.

Chen Yucheng said, Yes, boss. I will definitely serve you well. From washing your feet to washing your body, Ill do whatever will make you feel comfortable. If you want more I can also offer my body.

Go away. Who wants you to offer yourself? You dont have the body of a young and handsome man.

But I have the skills of a young and handsome man.

Get lost!

Shen Youran almost sprayed dirty feet-washing water onto him.

Ahhhh, you cannot just hit me without saying anything. How can you be a boss like that? Chen Yucheng was still acting.

But they heard a voice in the doorway saying, Well, is it domestic abuse?

Only then did the duo finally had a reaction. They looked up and froze.

Gu Jingming came in

Ah, Mr. President Shen Youran quickly jumped down. She thought that was the most embarrassing moment ever.

Why did Mr. President see it?

Gu Jingming smiled at both of them. This pair had such an interesting love life.

I will not disturb you then.

Not at all. How could you be disturbing us? Shen Youran quickly said.

Chen Yucheng said, Ah, thank goodness you are here Mr. President. If not, I was going to get hit.

Go to hell. Shen Youran quickly hit Chen Yucheng a little to stop him from spouting nonsense.

Wasnt this damaging to her reputation?

Gu Jingming smiled and said, You two have a jolly life.

Shen Youran blushed. She was a little embarrassed that her little tricks at home were seen by someone.

After being with Chen Yucheng for so many years, life was indeed much better than before.

Her family knew she married someone wealthy, and her married life was sweet like honey.

Those people who thought she would not have a good married life in the past now did not dare to say anything.

Shen Youran suddenly thought she was too comfortable and forgot about being wary about potential dangers.

Gu Jingming said, I came at such a late time was because I need your help.

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