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 Season 9

Episode 35

(Even Lin Che Had Tricks Up Her Sleeves)

Peng Yu had to admit that Lin Che was more difficult to deal with than imagined.

Unexpectedly, although she looked rather pure, she still had tricks to deal with men.

She felt reluctant but not hopeless. She thought, All things were done by people, so she believed there was no door she could not pry open.

Especially just now

She actually still had some tricks up her sleeves.

After she entered through the door, she quickly asked her staff, How was it? How was it? Just now, did you manage to film anything?

The staff said, We filmed something, but

Peng Yu glared at the staff. But what? Let me see how it looks.

Peng Yu grabbed the camera. The shot did not look bad. The photo that she launched herself at the man was shot very vaguely like she was hugging him.

She had to say that this sort of photography technique was still good. Later when they used the photo and spin a little story to accompany it, it would look very credible.

Peng Yu said, When we release the photos later, lets see how Lin Che will react.

The staff quickly said, But our men just went to check. There are updates.

Did they find out who he is?

Yes. We went to ask and showed them the photo. Someone said that is Gu Jingze

What? Peng Yu uncontrollably shrieked in shock.

There was a lot of news on Gu Jingze recently because he just succeeded as the head of the Gu family so many people knew about him.

He is the head of the Gu family?


Peng Yus eyes darkened. Lin Che actually met such a good sugar daddy and it made Peng Yu felt very jealous.

How come she always met some CEO of this or that company, but never this sort of big international corporations, and a wealthy family with such history?

Still, Peng Yus eyes lit up.

There were not many chances she could meet this sort of person. Thanks to Lin Che, she met Gu Jingze and even took this photo with him.

It was already a big deal to even scare people with this photo.

After all, the man in the photo was none other than Gu Jingze.

What Peng Yu could not understand was why was Gu Jingze so obedient in front of Lin Che?

He was t alking in such a humble tone.

Still need to pacify Lin Che.

As the head of the Gu family, the one with controlling power of the entire household, it was unbelievable that he would actually listen to the words of a small celebrity and treat her so well.

Did Lin Che really cast a spell on him?

But Peng Yu did not believe in such things like casting spells.

But she just could not understand how did Lin Che make Gu Jingze so obedient in front of her?

She felt even more jealous in her heart.

That night, after looking at the comments on the Internet, Peng Yu had basically given up on the test tomorrow.

It seemed like everyone praised Lin Che highly and the amount of airplay had increased a few bouts because of her too.

It seemed like she had no hopes of winning back this match.

The second day, Peng Yu made up an excuse and left.

So the next day, when Lin Che directly got first, she found it kind of boring. Peng Yu did not face her directly and just left with an excuse that she was suddenly sick. Because of that, a lot of people scolded her for making up excuses and that she only left because she did not dare to face Lin Che. However, she did not care much.

Anyways, after this period, everyone would forget about this, and she would have some words to say.

This was different from directly losing to Lin Che because they did not directly compete. Thus, she could say anything and no one had direct evidence that she was worse than Lin Che.

Although everyone had already thought that way.

Gu Jingze brought Lin Che directly back to B city from here.

And Peng Yu had heard that Lin Che had confirmed to be participating in Yin Shangshus new drama. The drama was a reincarnation historical drama with two female leads, one good, one villain.

The first thing Peng Yu did when she went back was to ask someone to contact Yin Shangshu to tell him that she wanted to be the other female lead, the villain, and hoped Yin Shangshu would agree.

Yin Shangshu was initially reluctant, but when Peng Yu used the photo she just took to hint Yin Shangshu that she was Gu Jingzes woman, Yin Shangshu took a look. Although he was internally unhappily about it, he still somewhat agreed.

Peng Yu had a good plan in mind. She thought, If she could maintain a relationship with Lin Che, she could perhaps meet Gu Jingze again.

After all, it was too difficult to meet such a man.

Her staff initially wanted to disagree. She already could not win against Lin Che. Was she not asking for a scolding to still ask to film in the same drama as Lin Che?

Peng Yu nonchalantly said, What do you know? It is easy to act as a villain. Although she may act as a good character, she may not be well-liked because it is easy to portray a good character too much like a saint. Thats different for a villain. By then, I can ask someone to create some hype. Hmph, so what if they compare us? So what if she is good at acting? The audience cant tell.

The staff members were still worried. They thought that Peng Yu cannot fight Lin Che at all. After all, Lin Che was more senior and there was definitely a reason why she could be popular for so long.

Once Yu Minmin got back, she received a call from home.

These past few years had been well for the family. Father Yu was so plump he needed to diet and her mother had recovered from her illness.

Her younger brother also got admitted to a good school and was currently studying in another city. Recently, she was preparing him to do IELTS and TOEFL, trying out for another scholarship, and studying in an overseas college.

When everything seemed to be going in a good direction, Father Yu suddenly called, Oh no, Minmin. I got conned, now

Yu Minmin listened to his quick explanation and hurried home.

Her house was a little spacious, so she hired a maid to clean up the house. Because she earned a lot of money from starting a company with Lin Che, she could still hire a maid and was a lot more generous towards her mother.

Father Yu anxiously waited at the door. Upon seeing Yu Minmin, he quickly said, He said that if I give some money, I will be able to see the president and he will give me money. Because we have so much money, I agreed. I dont dare to tell you, and I realized he has a voice recording. Yesterday, he threatened me saying if I dont give him five million dollars, he will publicly release the recording, and you will be gossiped about. What, what should we do

Yu Minmin asked, Where did you meet this person?

I I met him when I was eating outside.

Yu Minmin thought it was not very strange since he just came for money. If he just wanted money, it was still alright, but she had a weird feeling like something was not right.

Yu Minmin said, This persons number Give it to me. Let me find out what happened.

Okay, Minmin, you have to think of a way out.

Father Yu knew that it was because of Yu Minmin that they had a great life now. He did not want to relive the life when he was always looked down upon. If Yu Minmin got into trouble because of this, what would happen to his family?

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