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 Season 9

Episode 33

(I Will Definitely Be Goo)

Gu Jingze extended his hands to brush her hair strands away.

Why would I be not good to you? If not, I will give you half of my assets now. See if I still dare not treat you well.

Lin Che only casually mentioned, but she did not expect he would seriously try to eliminate her worries.

Are you crazy? I am joking, okay?

Lin Che really thought, This man made her speechless once he was serious.

Gu Jingze said, I mean seriously, you will not need to worry again, no matter what happens in the future, right?

No no, I am not worried at all now, really, Gu Jingze. She shook her head. I trust you.

Such a man, how could she not trust him?

When he was at his best, he also never thought about betraying her and instead treated her so well. In the future, she would also not need to worry too much.

She said, Furthermore, I already have one percent of the shares? That is already a lot of money. Even if you dont want me now, I am not worried. I am already rich, so I can just go and look for some young handsome guy

Before she finished speaking, her mouth was covered by his hand. He looked at her threateningly. Who did you say you are going to look for?

Ah I was just joking, okay Lin Che speechlessly said.

To punish her, Gu Jingze bit down hard on her lips.

She yelped, frowning when she touched her slightly swollen lips.

He stared at her and tapped her nose. Ill see if you dare to.

Lin Che pouted.

But while looking at Gu Jingze, she felt very sweet and happy.

She was full as she lied there, not wanting to move.

Gu Jingze said, Go and wash up before sleeping.

Lin Che said, Wait I still need to read the script. It is still at Xue Yangs place. I havent gotten it back.

Gu Jingze said, Okay, you go wash up first. I will go help you take it and come back in a moment. Ill lie down on the bed and check the script with you.

Lin Che asked, Ah, you go and take what about your bodyguard?

I didnt bring him.

What? You are so daring recently

Gu Jingze said, Recently, it has been much safer than before.

So that was how things were.

Lin Che asked, Is it because Black Eagle is siding with you now?

That is one of the reasons. In the past, it was well-known that Black Eagle was against the Gu family. Many of the hired assassins came from his side. After all, as the king of the mafia, he is the strongest killer of all the assassination organization.

That sounds really scary

Okay, now that he is working with me, you dont have to worry about these things.


Gu Jingze patted her head like patting a child. Lin Che thought, Although she already had a child, why was she still acting like a child in front of him

Actually, she knew that this depended on the person. When she was alone, she was a mother who could support a home. But once he was here, she automatically de-aged.

Because he doted her too much and was too protective, she did not like to think or move when she was with him.

Fortunately, she went out to explore these past few years. If he was always at her side, she would have probably become an idiot under his care.

After Gu Jingze finished speaking, he left the room to take the script from Xue Yangs room.

Xue Yang got a shock when he opened the door.

Looking at Gu Jingze, he only coolly said, I came to take Lin Ches script.

Xue Yang hurriedly said, Oh, Mr. Gu come in and take a seat. I will immediately go and get it.

No need. I will leave after I take it. She is still waiting to read it back in the room.

Okay, okay, I will bring it to you now Mr. Gu. Xue Yang quickly brought the script to Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze said a quick thanks and left.

Xue Yang entered the room, Ah Bi was still here. She sat cross-legged on his sofa.

She asked, Who was that? Why were you so nervous?

Xue Yang scratched his head. Gu Jingze came to take the script on behalf of Sister Che.

Why is your face like this? What happened?

Nothing. I just thought, how could Sister Che order Gu Jingze around like a maid?

Ah Bi laughed. Do you have to ask? She probably did not think much about it herself. Ah, poor Gu Jingze, instead of being a CEO, he came here to run errands.

And he was pretty happy about running them.

In another room in the hotel.

Peng Yu washed her body and applied skin products while donning a bathrobe. Her men quickly came in from outside.

I saw the man in Lin Ches room come out. He is in the corridor now.

Peng Yu immediately stood up.

Her bathrobes almost fell but she did not care about it at all.

Anyway, all the staff in her room saw everything when she was changing clothes for an emergency. She felt that her beautiful body was meant to be shown to everybody.

He is finally out?

After coming back from the production team, she asked people to keep a watch out there and to immediately tell her if anything happened. Although no one was able to check who the person was yet, she knew he was definitely no ordinary person. As long as she could hang onto her, she would definitely have benefits.

One of the staff members said, He is walking over now.

Because Gu Jingze was going downstairs to find Xue Yang whose room was downstairs, there was a distance between here and there.

Peng Yu immediately put some makeup on herself that was disguised so that no one could see she did. However, it made her entire face look extremely clear and bright, her large eyes shining charismatically.

In this industry, many women knew how to do these sorts of scheming makeup. It looked like they were barefaced, but it was full of makeup.

She donned her bathrobe and headed out. She looked outside and to no surprise, Gu Jingze just happened to walk to her door.

She quickly opened the door and saw Gu Jingzes upright figure approach her. She tripped and pretended she stepped on her bathrobes, falling down.

Ah Her shoulders were exposed and almost everything beneath her bathrobes could be seen. Half her breasts were almost fully exposed and looking extremely tempting.

Any ordinary man would probably be already drooling after seeing her like this.

She knew her bodys attractiveness and was good at using it. She glanced and saw the man stop. Although she did not look up to see his expression, Peng Yu felt that he was dazed.

After all, no one would reject a piece of meat placed next to their mouths. Besides, she always had similar features as Lin Che: long legs, a thin face At this moment, the qualities she detested made her feel a little lucky as many of the features that men looked for in the type of women they liked were similar. So although some men had many girlfriends, they were of similar types. Due to a difference in beauty standards, some men had their own fixed beauty standards, even if no one else understood it.

However, the man in front of her seemed to have not moved at all.

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