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 Season 9

Episode 32

(Gu Jingze Why Are You So Good To Me)


S City.

Gu Jingze and Lin Che went back to the hotel room together.

Luckily, the hotel didnt look bad. After Lin Che entered the room, she smiled and pushed Gu Jingze to the side of the door, looked at him, and asked, Gu Jingze, did you come and find me because you missed me too much?

Gu Jingze looked at her and raised her chin up. You are so daring today. Is it because His fingers slipped from her chin to her chest. You want it?

Lin Che immediately turned red.

Lin Che said, Go away! Its you who came to find me. It is you who wants it!

Who knew Gu Jingze would do something unexpected? He enclosed her body and leaned against her body, lowering his head. Yes, I do.

What could she say now?

Gu Jingze lowered his head and kissed her lips as he looked at her eyes. He uncontrollably kissed the part below her eyes and thought her eyes were so beautiful. He bit her nose and kissed it. He then turned to her neck, stuck his tongue out, and suddenly licked her throat. She looked up and softly called out, No, I havent bathed

Gu Jingze quickly picked her up. Come, lets shower together.

The bathroom was smaller than the one in the Gu family mansion. The bathtub was round, which was suitable for them to take a bath together.

He placed Lin Che in and opened the shower spray.

In the executive hotel suite, the water was warm.

The water sprayed down and wet the clothes.

Her white blouse became translucent. Any effect on hiding was gone with the water hitting her.

It exposed her lace nude bra.

She looked down and quickly covered her chest, shyly looking at Gu Jingze opposite her.

Gu Jingzes eyes lit up looking at her hands covering her top. She could not cover her bottom. Her fully exposed body was extremely tempting in front of him.

Her shy expression especially made her even more charismatic now.

Although she was usually very careless and loud, she seemed very womanly now. Just a bit of teasing made her uncontrollably shy. Her body was a little red like a freshly watered rose that looked very delicate and delectable.

He lowered his head and held her hands which were covering herself. His bright eyes looked at her cleavage, the tempting curve even more obvious now. He made her let go, but she tightly held on.

Gu Jingze touched her earlobe and bit down on her ears. Good girl, let go and let me see.

Lin Che shivered, her body suddenly itchy from his voice and actions.

Just then, he took the chance and peeled her hands away.

Ah no! She yelled but still felt him prowl at her like a hungry wolf that saw a prey.

Through her clothes, he kissed and bit her body.

Under the impact of the shower spray, this feeling was magnified.

Lin Che shivered unbearably from his actions. Her wet clothes had long become messy, her body no longer able to be hidden. Her clothes straps had dropped and her upper body that had been washed pink was even more exposed.

She gently touched his body against the warm water. His muscles were even more well-defined. After being touched and kissed, her thoughts were like her body that became more sensitive. She no longer knew what her hands were doing and they just followed her instinct and started touching his body. She really really liked his body.

She really really liked his kiss.

She actually liked everything about him.

Against the splashes, the couple hugged in the bathroom.

Steam rose and the heat in the room was unstoppable.


After finishing

Lin Che sat down, feeling extremely hungry.

Gu Jingze picked up the phone and ordered the hotels food.

He ordered food for two. He still remembered her taste, so he did not ask her before ordering food.

Only after it reached did Lin Che realize it was exactly what she wanted to eat now.

She sat cross-legged on the bed, too tired to move, so she asked, Can you help me bring it here?

Gu Jingze shook his head at this lazy egg. You, if no one took care of you, you would die from laziness.

Dont I have you? You dont know that when I filmed outside, I could tolerate any hardship, just now that someone was ordering, why would I make things difficult for myself, right? Besides, I am so tired today. Lin Che seriously said. Looking at how Gu Jingze brought a small table over, she thought, a hardworking Gu Jingze made her feel good watching.

Because he was after all Gu Jingze, after thinking how she was the one being taken care of by him, she felt proud of herself.

Gu Jingze looked at her. She placed the thing down and said, Am I not the more tired one

Lin Che snorted. Men should take care of women.

Gu Jingze scoffed. You!

The two of them sat down. Lin Che was very happy as she ate.

Because she was in a good mood today or because she was being taken care of by him, she was just happy. She smiled and called him, I want to eat this.

Gu Jingze glared at her and since it was just an additional step, he used the spoon to feed her. He did not feel any resentment after seeing her eating happily.

Lin Che looked at him and the food on the table. You still remembered I like eating these.

Gu Jingze looked at her. Of course. I remember everything you like.

Lin Ches heart skipped.

She ate while looking at Gu Jingze. She thought, His heart was even better than the food.

Lin Che knew that even if it was a normal guy, it was rare that a husband and wife would take care of each other like that.

Although she only ever had Gu Jingze, she saw many others.

Some couples fought for the smallest reasons. Some were angry about deciding who should clean the dishes and who should sweep the floor. How many men could still carry the food onto his wifes bed and feed her bite by bite, even after being married for so long?

But Gu Jingze could do it.

And he not only could do so.

He was just so good to her and so careful that she felt the warmth from the bottom of her heart and became touched from the smallest actions.

She looked at Gu Jingze. Say, why are you so good to me?

Why? Are you touched? Gu Jingze laughed. Do you want to repay me with your body?

Although it just ended, he could still go again now.

Get lost!

Lin Che speechlessly looked at this improper man.

I was thinking, if one day you stopped being nice to me, wont I have a hard time adjusting?

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