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 Season 9

Episode 30

(Black Hawk Said That He Had To Fulfil His Promise)

Her staff members were momentarily stunned. What?

Peng Yu asked, Whats the matter? Cant I cooperate with the television station? Go and tell them that we want a suite at that hotel. Also, I want the same kind of room as Lin Che. It better be close to her room, on the same floor, and look the same. It cant be different in any way!

That day, the program immediately garnered high viewer ratings the moment it was broadcast.

Several interesting incidents that happened during the live broadcast were immediately uploaded on Weibo and shared.

Lin Che had an edge in the sense that she spoke in a very amusing manner and created her own highlights. Since she started getting famous in the past, she had made fun of herself without ever caring about her image. She did not seem pretentious at all and instead always seemed to let nature take its course. Her interactions with the host were very smooth as well. The pace of the entire program was extremely good and it felt like they were engaging in mutual banter. The venue became lively as well and there was constant laughter. Many funny segments were uploaded online and shared by people.

Many people quickly went to watch the program online because of Lin Ches segments.

Thus, after the viewer ratings went up, the number of online streams went up even more.

Not long after the program began its broadcast, the number of online streams already began rising.

Businesses were good at seizing the opportune moment and had ample information. Upon seeing the situation, they immediately called Yu Minmin.

When Yu Minmin picked up the calls, she was extremely surprised.

A few programs called her consecutively to ask if Lin Che was interested in participating in their variety shows.

Everyone really wanted Lin Che to participate because they felt that she did particularly well on variety shows.

Yu Minmin hastily responded, Im sorry. We dont have any intentions to participate in any variety shows at the moment. We will contact you if we want to participate.

Lin Che was intending to become a serious actress. She was not going to develop in the area of variety programs. It was fine to participate in one or two variety shows, but her image would change if she kept appearing in them.

So even for variety shows, they had to choose carefully. She could only attend variety shows that would definitely be popular. If she appeared on shows that were not popular, it would instead damage her image.

As she watched the news, Yu Minmin felt that Lin Che did indeed have talent in this aspect. She was very good at controlling the situation. When she watched Lin Ches interview, Lin Ches interactions with Xue Yang and her stories about the two of them in the company, about Xue Yangs little secrets, and the first time they met, the lively and vivid way she described these things made people laugh in spite of themselves and immediately attracted their attention. They definitely would not skip her segment, nor would they find it awkward at all.

At the hospital.

Mu Feiran decided on a suitable house and brought Yunyun there. While driving, she felt a little unfamiliar with some of the traffic rules here as they were slightly different from the rules in America. After staying abroad for so long, she had gotten used to the roads there. She still felt a little strange after just buying a car here.

With Yunyun beside her, she was even more careful. She glanced at Yunyun reading a book obediently in the baby car seat and smiled. She felt very happy that Yunyun could continue going to school with Niannian here.

As long as Yunyun was happy, it was worth it for her to stay here.

Mu Feirans handphone started ringing. She saw that it was unexpectedly Wei Jingjing again.

She still had the cheek to call.

Mu Feiran put in her earphones and took the call.

Seeing that the call had gotten through, Wei Jingjing hastily said, Mu Feiran, not bad. When did you manage to seduce such an impressive sponsor?

Mu Feiran asked, Are you trying to ask me to return those photos? Sorry, theres no chance of that now.

You dont be too arrogant, Mu Feiran its useless for you to hold on to these photos too. I know that youre not lacking in money either but no one will be averse to having more money. Just name a price. How much money do you want before you will return the photos to me?

Excuse me for not being able to agree. Im not selling them. Mu Feiran scoffed and immediately hung up the phone.

She knew that Wei Jingjing was now afraid, cowardly, and starting to relax her stance. Since that was the case, she was definitely not afraid that Wei Jingjing would do anything.

She proceeded to pick up her phone and immediately said to someone, Regarding the photos I was talking about earlier, help me release them online. Remember to blur out the faces. Use the caption high society is such a mess. Let people know that this person is from the entertainment industry, but dont reveal who it is.

Since Wei Jingjing had treated her that way the last time, she would not leave things as they were.

The person on the other end of the line instantly replied, Alright. Dont worry. Ill release the photos now.

After making the arrangements, she turned to look at Yunyun.

Naturally, Yunyun could not hear what Mu Feiran was saying since she was wearing earphones. Mu Feiran did not want things like this to affect her daughter at all. Although she didnt even know who Yunyuns biological father was, Yunyun was a blank canvas from the moment she was born. As her mother, it was up to Mu Feiran to draw her future.

Thus, she did not care who Yunyuns father was. No matter what, Yunyun was her darling.

After alighting from the car, they just got inside their home when the kindergarten suddenly called to inform her that there was something wrong with the formalities for Yunyuns admission.

Mu Feiran asked gloomily, Whats wrong?

The kindergarten staff said, The disease-prevention form that we use here is missing. Our students must undergo the process before being admitted into the kindergarten. Now that she doesnt have it, we need this procedure to be done. Let us know when youre available

Mu Feiran had no choice but to say, Alright, Ill do it right now.

Mu Feiran took Yunyun out again. In any event, she had nothing on that night, so she could bring Yunyun there and then take her elsewhere too.

However, upon arriving at the kindergarten she saw Mo Jinyan standing at the entrance.

She looked at Mo Jinyan who stood there dressed in black from head to toe. His coat made him look very tall and well-built. Although he had a cold air about him, he smiled when he walked over to them. Youre here.

The moment Yunyun saw Mo Jinyan, she quickly greeted him sweetly, Hello, Uncle Mo.

Mo Jinyans gaze softened even more as he looked at her. He looked down and swiftly lifted Yunyun off the ground.

Mu Feiran looked at him in surprise. Why are you here?

Mo Jinyan said, Oh, the kindergarten called me. I arrived just now and Ive already settled things. You dont have to bring Yunyun in.

What? Mu Feiran was even more confused. Why did the kindergarten call you?

Mo Jinyan looked at Yunyun and the corners of his lips turned up. Since I said before that I would protect you and Yunyun, then I should undertake full responsibility. Thus, I gave the kindergarten my number. They can give me a call if there are any issues.

What? Mu Feiran was a bit taken aback.

Give him a call if there were issues

She asked sheepishly, How could we trouble you?

Although Mo Jinyan had indeed said that before, she did not actually believe it. She had never expected him to fulfill his promise either. He had nothing to do with her at all. There was no need for him to do so much for her.

Thank you. But its better to leave trivial things like these to me.

No way. Mo Jinyan said lowly, I, Mo Jinyan, always mean what I say. Otherwise, how would I survive in this day and age? If other people say that I actually talked big and said empty words, who will listen to me in the future? Besides, these are just trivial matters.


If you really feel guilty, you can treat me to a meal. I came here before finishing my meal earlier.

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