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Season 10

Episode 5

(What You Think Of Me Is A Huge Misunderstanding)

After filming ended for the day, Lin Che continued to chase after Nan Gongyu.

Nan Gongyus entire face was filled with annoyance when he looked at Lin Che now.

However, Lin Che did not care. She walked directly towards him and said, You still havent talked to me about tomorrows scenes. Arent you going to talk to me about it?

Nan Gongyu responded, Dont you have your own way of doing things? Do you still need me to tell you what to do?

Hey, Director. We conduct ourselves for the sake of art.

Nan Gongyu looked at her. Do you have something against me?

Lin Che suddenly felt that he seemed to be asking her what she had asked him that day. She tilted her head, smiled, and said, Why would I have something against you? I just want to be responsible for the movie Im acting in.

Nan Gongyu said, Tell me straight if you have anything against me.

However, Lin Che just looked at him. Do you think the questions I asked you are professional?

Yes. Nan Gongyu had no choice but to concede.

Then, tell me. Do you think what I said was right?

I guess so. Nan Gongyu was also compelled to say so when faced with her overbearing behavior.

Lin Che said, Because unlike you who isnt professional enough towards other professionals and are critical towards your actors, I still want to treat you professionally even if I feel that youre not being professional enough in this aspect. Thus, Im showing you that Im professional now.

Was she saying that he was not being professional enough in having opinions on her personal life?

Nan Gongyu looked at her. Could it be that you think youre being professional by bringing your messy personal life to the film set?

Lin Che looked at him. Hey, what do you mean? My messy personal life?! How is it messy?!

Could it be that the person I saw that day wasnt here for you?

Ha A husband coming on set to visit his wife when did that become a messy personal life? Lin Che looked at him and asked.

Nan Gongyu paused. His throat was immediately stuck and he did not know what to say.

A husband visiting his wife on set?

Do you call that kind of relationship a husband and wife relationship? Nan Gongyu wanted to say. He really could not tell that Lin Che was usually this kind of woman. She was even being so self-righteous.

Lin Che immediately said, Hey, get this straight. Were a married couple. Dont tell me you dont call a married couple husband and wife but something else instead?

Lin Che said, We were a lawfully-wedded couple, to begin with. Usually, production crews allow actors to take time off when their spouses are here to visit. I didnt ask you for time off and met my husband whom I havent met for a long time in the middle of the night. I cant believe you said that my personal life is messy. Do you think youre being professional by doing this?

Nan Gongyu looked at her in surprise. You youre married?

He had never heard about this

Lin Che looked up. Why? Do you still want to interfere with my marriage?

Of course, that was impossible. He was just being curious.

That man was actually her husband

In that case, then he had indeed misunderstood

For a moment, Nan Gongyu felt a little awkward. He stood there but avoided her gaze.

Lin Che straightened her back. So, dont you think you should apologize to me? Furthermore, you must admit that Im professional and responsible.

Nan Gongyu did not speak. Under Lin Ches pressuring gaze, he instinctively moved backward.

Say it. Quick, say it, Lin Che continued.

If she had bluntly said this a few days ago, he would still have been able to retort that whether or not she was professional remained to be seen.

However, she had already proved her professionalism with her performance over the past few days. Now, she had also told him that he had misunderstood her. She had blocked off all his possible routes of escape.

Left with no choice and being pressured by her, Nan Gongyu could only say, Fine, fine, fine. Ill apologize. Im sorry I misunderstood you!

Only then did Lin Che smile in satisfaction. She looked at him and nodded proudly. She said, Alright. Ill accept your apology. I hope that we can treat each other fairly in the future so we can film the movie even better, right?

What else could Nan Gongyu say? He could only glance at Lin Che in helplessness.

This woman really left him with no choice.

She simply had to get her way. It was too much.

However, she had such good resources to back her up and had sufficient capability as well. In actual fact, she was bound to become famous sooner or later.

He said, Thats enough. Come on, lets discuss tomorrows scenes.

In reality, Nan Gongyu was not one to bear grudges either. Since they had clarified the misunderstanding between the two of them, as she had said, filming a good movie was the common goal they both wanted to achieve.

From the next day onwards, it was obvious that their relationship improved greatly even though they continued arguing about the movie.

Everyone felt much more relaxed as well. They felt that sure enough, it felt much better when the two of them cooperated like this as opposed to going against each other.

During the gaps in filming, Lin Che still had to participate in the pre-recording of the reality show. She was really awfully busy.

The filming schedule for the reality show had already been fixed but had yet to start. Making use of this time, Lin Che asked the production crew for time off so that she could go home to celebrate Niannians birthday.

Niannians birthday arrived in no time. Of course, Lin Che could not miss her sons birthday. After this birthday, he would turn four. Lin Che felt that time truly passed quickly. Her son was already a young child and was no longer the infant he had previously been.

On the day of his birthday, Gu Shinian received many presents at the kindergarten.

Meanwhile, Lin Che was at home preparing his cake. After discussing with the maids at home, she started making the cake on her own.

Of course, her cooking skills were still mediocre. Thus, she basically took a step back and left it to the maids. She was worried that otherwise, Gu Shinian may not eat the cake at all.

Just then, a maid shouted from outside, Madam, Little Young Master is back.

Lin Che quickly wiped her hands and walked out.

When she saw the people trailing behind Niannian carrying bags of different sizes, she could tell with one glance that those were gifts and she instinctively froze.

Are all of these gifts? Who gave them to you?

In a very stylish manner, Gu Shinian gestured for them to put the gifts down. Then, he answered, The kids at the kindergarten gave them to me.

Wow. Lin Che smiled, walked towards him, and patted his head. Our Niannian is so popular in kindergarten. Tell your mother, did more boys give you presents or did more girls give you presents?

Behind him, the maids who had followed him smiled and said, Madam, just by looking at this packaging, you can tell that more girls gave him presents. Little Young Master is already a chick magnet at such a young age.

Lin Che was even more amused after hearing this. However, Gu Shinian had an expression of complete reluctance on his face.

He said, How lame

Lin Che said, Dear me. Niannian, is there any child that you find very pretty?

Gu Shinian said, No!

It was not too early for Lin Che to worry. She really felt that Gu Shinian might not be able to find a wife in the future given his arrogant manner.

Of course, it would be easy to find a woman. There was no way that women would not like a child of the Gu family. This much was obvious from looking at his father.

However, the important thing was finding a wife who suited him perfectly. As his mother, she was really not confident in his emotional quotient at all. She felt that he would scare away most girls!

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