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Season 10

Episode 45

(The Entire Truth Was Revealed)

While speaking, Gu Qigang saw Lu Qinyu come out from inside as well. Su Cen trailed behind him, her complexion still poor.

Gu Qigang looked at Lu Qinyu. Since youre here, why dont we clear things up?

Lu Qinyu said, Why are you here

Gu Qigang said, I just found out that Lin Che is actually your daughter Qinyu, I told you a long time ago that you must be able to control yourself but look at what youve done.

Lu Qinyu was already wearing an expression full of regret. He looked at the sky and exhaled deeply.

Lin Che, I made many mistakes when I was young. I know it. Now that Im older, I only regret it now. But I realized this too late

Gu Qigang scoffed, Thats enough. Stop being pretentious. Since youre here right now, and Im here too, why dont we just reveal the entire truth? We should let everyone know the secret that Ive been keeping for you for so many years!

Everyone was indeed a little surprised. They looked at Gu Qigang and wondered what he was going to say.

However, from his gaze, it seemed that he was about to throw a flood of light on something that would bewilder everyone for a long time.

He looked at Lu Qinyu. Do you still remember how you went about changing girlfriends all the time in school? And how you came to look for me to clean up your mess the moment you had a problem? I thought that you were just in the prime of youth and insensible. Do you remember what happened after that? When you had just gotten married, you had an illegitimate son from an affair. In the end, you didnt dare to keep him and could only beg me to help you. I promised you that I would definitely hide the child well and you said that that would be the last time you did something like that too. But the truth still came to light later and you got a divorce. I thought that you had learned your lesson and probably would not continue behaving like that, but you actually got together with your student after that.

Gu Qigang turned around and said, That was Su Cen. When he was together with Su Cen, I was on the sidelines watching them. Su Cen, you still remember me, right?

Su Cen looked at him, nodded her head, and said, I remember.

Gu Qigang asked, Do you still remember how you left him and lost all hope in him?

Su Cens eyes moistened slightly, but she nevertheless smiled and said, All of those things happened in the past. At the time, I myself was rebellious too.

Gu Qigang said to them, Su Cen discovered that she wasnt the first person to be in a relationship with him. Su Cen heard me discussing Qinyus illegitimate son with him, so she found out that he had an affair while he was married and had an illegitimate son. Thats why she left in a pique of anger.

While listening, everyone thought that the events of the past were suddenly becoming clearer.

So this was what had happened.

Which meant that

Gu Qigang had never betrayed Mu Wanqing. That illegitimate son did not belong to the Gu family. Gu Qigang had helped Qinyu take the rap for it.

Gu Qigang turned to look at Gu Jingze. Jingze, I didnt tell you all this while because I promised your Uncle Lu to conceal this matter for him. Thats why I didnt say anything.

Following this, he looked at Black Hawk. Jinyan. No matter what, I promised to protect you but I allowed someone to abandon you in the ice and snow. I didnt keep my promise. My small mistake caused you to suffer so much your entire life. I really blame myself for it.

Thereafter, they were extremely shocked after hearing what Gu Qigang had just said.

Lu Qinyu looked at Black Hawk. He hes

Gu Qigang turned his head around. Hes your son, Qinyu. This is retribution. He came to look for us of his own accord for the only aim of taking revenge! Isnt this karma for what we did?

Lu Qinyu was genuinely shocked. He looked at Lin Che before looking at Black Hawk.

This was his daughter this was his son

He did not expect to meet both of them today, but

For a moment, it was difficult for him to accept it too. He leaned against the wall and slid to the ground.

Elder Lu

What happened to Elder Lu

Lu Qinyu collapsed onto the ground, his eyes still fixed on Gu Qigang. Its my fault its my fault

Gu Qigang shook his head helplessly. Since you did wrong in the past and theres still a chance for you to make up for it in your living years, why dont you try?

Lu Qinyu was ashamed. His whole body felt weak as his head drooped down.

Fortunately, this was the hospital. In no time, he was loaded onto a stretcher.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and then looked at Black Hawk. Lin Che was also looking at Black Hawk in front of her.Read more chapter on vi pnovel

Didnt this mean that they had all wrongly accused Gu Qigang? Gu Qigang was such a good person. He had been framed for so many years but had never divulged the secret. He had kept his promise until the day that the truth had to be revealed.

Black Hawk was not a child of the Gu family. He was not the illegitimate son of the Gu family, but the illegitimate son of the Lu family?

Lin Che was not a child of the Lin family but was also an illegitimate child of the Lu family.

In that case, that meant that not only was Black Hawk, not Gu Jingzes older brother, but he had instead become Lin Ches older brother

To be honest, Lin Che could not accept this!

No way. Lin Che is my sister? Black Hawk himself was first to point at Lin Che in front of him, his eyes full of disbelief.

Lin Che shook her head. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god

As compared to having a father surnamed Lu, she felt that having an older brother named Black Hawk was completely unacceptable to her.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes at Black Hawk, his gaze complicated. He did not know how much time had passed before he averted his gaze.

The next day, Gu Jingze released Black Hawk from the hospital.

Elder Lu was hospitalized due to illness and Su Cen looked after him for two days.

Since Lin Che was Elder Lus child, she naturally became the younger sister of Lu Beichen and Black Hawk.

After finding out about this, Lu Beichen rushed to the hospital first.

He looked at Lin Che in disbelief.

No way. Are you my younger sister?

Lin Che felt awkward too. She momentarily did not know what to say and could only part her lips in a smile.

Gu Jingze looked on from the side. Thats enough. Why are you getting excited?

Lu Beichen chuckled and looked at Gu Jingze. In that case, we have to put our hierarchy in order now. Shes my younger sister, which means that youre none other than my younger brother-in-law. Brother-in-law, call me your older brother.

Gu Jingzes face darkened immediately.

Gu Jingyan came in behind him as well. After hearing his words, she asked, Hey, then what about considering it from my point of view?

Indeed. If they were to consider it from Gu Jingyans perspective, Gu Jingze was still her second brother.

Lu Beichen said, Ha. Well consider it according to what I say.

Gu Jingze raised an eyebrow. Sure. So I guess youve acknowledged this younger sister of yours. Transfer half of the Lu familys assets to your younger sister first. Then, Ill call you my older brother.


How vicious. This Gu Jingze was truly vicious.

After Gu Jingze had dealt him the fatal blow, Lu Beichen did not continue harping on the matter but glanced up instead. Didnt you say that Black Hawk was held in captivity here? Where is he?

He left, Gu Jingze said.

Huh? You let him go?

From the start, Gu Jingze had no reason to trap Black Hawk here. If Black Hawk was his own older brother, he would have let him go. But since he now knew that Black Hawk was Lin Ches older brother, he also let him off on Lin Ches account.


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