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Season 10

Episode 43

(The Family Of Three Finally Reunited)

There was no way the Su Cen of the past could compare to her.

Han Chengen scoffed. Forget it. Hes not worthy of Su Cen at all. Hes just a man whom Su Cen had no choice but to depend on.

Who who the hell are you? Lin Youcais face reddened to his ears. He was unbearably furious.

Han Chengen asked, Who do you think you are? How dare you treat Su Cen like that? How dare you let her suffer in your household?

Lin Youcai was again frightened by that steely voice of his that was laced with anger.

Lin Youcai quickly hid behind Gu Jingze and asked him, Who is this?!

Han Chengen said, Im her current husband.

Lin Youcai was extremely surprised. Apart from the fact that Su Cen was not dead, had she even found a second-hand good? However, he immediately noticed that Han Chengen was dressed from head to toe in luxury goods. More importantly, there was even a small and exquisite pistol at his waist for protection.

Gu Jingze said, This is a tycoon from M Nation, Mr. Han Chengen.

Ah A tycoon

Lin Youcai was even more surprised that Su Cen was still alive and had found a husband who was a wealthy businessman in M Nation.

It made Lin Youcai feel as if he was in a fantasy world. How was it possible that the people who were so ordinary back then were now of such high status? He was truly regretful. Why was he so unlucky that he just had to encounter someone like this?

Just then, someone outside came in again and said, Sir, Elder Lu is here.

When he heard the two words Elder Lu, Han Chengens complexion turned even worse. His expression of agony and sadness was deeply moving.

However, Gu Jingze looked around and nevertheless gestured for them to let Lu Qinyu in.

By the time Lu Qinyu entered the room, Lin Youcai had skittered to the side. How could he possibly behave badly in front of these prominent figures?

However, Lu Qinyu did not even look at him after he came in. He gazed at the woman sitting on the bed and was stunned as he stared blankly at her. Thereafter, an expression of disbelief immediately appeared on his face.

Su Su Cen

His voice trembled as he walked over to her. However

Someone coldly blocked his way.

Lu Qinyu, dont even think about touching Su Cen again.

Only then did Lu Qinyu look at Han Chengen. He froze at first before saying skeptically, Ji Qiancheng?

Back then, both he and Su Cen had been his students. He could still remember.


Han Chengen snickered. You didnt expect this, right? Teacher Lu, you thought that the people who knew about your dirty deeds in the past were all dead, right? But thats not true. Im still alive. Su Cen is still alive. You deceived Su Cens feelings back then and made her suffer so much that she wished she was dead. Sooner or later, I will get back at you for everything!

Lu Qinyu simply looked at Su Cen in surprise. So you really are Su Cen? Is it really you?

Fang Zichen looked at him strangely. I know you right?

Lu Qinyu was dumbfounded.

Over on the other side, Lin Youcai was completely shocked. What? Were all these people actually related to Su Cen?

He remembered how down and out Su Cen had been when he had first met her. She had nowhere to go and after he brought her back, he never looked her in the eye. Although she was beautiful, he had no choice since the female tiger at home kept a tight watch on him. Furthermore, he also understood that women were aplenty but he still had to depend on his wife, Han Caiying, to fight for power and wealth. Thus, he could only leave her there as decoration. Besides, she did not catch his eye at all at the time. He could not have imagined that Su Cen was actually quite the character.

If he were to regret it now, it would be too late anyway.

Chen Yucheng had been watching from the back all this time. Only at this moment did he step forward to look at the two of them. Alright, everyone. I want everyone to stay put right now. Im going to help Madam Han recover her memories. I hope that you can remain silent now and let me carry out the process.Read more chapter on

Everyone collectively stopped what they were doing and stared at him.

He walked over, picked up a coin, and said to Han Chengen, Im going to execute some movements. Just ignore me. Talk about how exactly you turned Su Cen into Fang Zichen back then. State all the details.

Han Chengen smiled bitterly. He had known from the beginning of this process that he really couldnt continue hiding the matter.

However, to be honest, he should also be content by now. He could just treat all these years as stolen happiness.

When Su Cen had been together with this incompetent man, I wasnt even aware at the time. It took me a very long time to find her. She already had a child at the time. I wanted her to leave with me but she said that she would stay in C Nation for the sake of the child. I had no choice but to enlist help. I wiped out her memories first and then took her away with me. Then, I made a fake rubber corpse resembling her and bribed the hospital and the funeral parlor. The funny thing is that Lin Youcai thought that she was dead and refused to get close. That was why my plan could be executed perfectly. Her fake corpse was incinerated and I immediately left C Nation with her. By that time, I had already gotten someone to create fake identities for us. When she woke up in M Nation, I told her that her name was Fang Zichen and that she was my wife. Because she didnt have any memories, I was the only one she trusted so, weve only had each other to depend on for so many years. But unfortunately, I gave her an excessive amount of hallucinogenic drugs back then so that she would be even more susceptible to hypnosis. As a result her health has been terrible and I dont know if its because of the effect of the drugs at the time or because of the hypnosis.

The moment he finished speaking, the coin in Chen Yuchengs hand fell to the ground immediately.

Fang Zichen froze. Her eyes were glaring and wide open. She cast a sweeping gaze over the people in front of her and seemed to have suddenly awoken.


She fixed her gaze on Lu Qinyu in front of her. Thereafter, her tears began to pitter-patter downwards.

Teacher Lu

Su Su Cen. Lu Qinyu staggered towards her.

Su Cen cried and bit her bottom lip as she looked at him.

Lu Qinyu could no longer control himself and embraced her body.

Im sorry, Cencen

An expression of loneliness appeared on Han Chengens face. As he looked at the two of them locked in an embrace, he suddenly felt as if he was superfluous.

He walked out of the room in slow steps as if he was a zombie.

But he did not expect to bump into Lin Che who had rushed all the way here the moment he arrived outside.

She looked at Han Chengen. My mother! How is my mother?

Han Chengen pointed inside. She has already recovered her memories.

There was a flash of exhilaration in Lin Ches eyes and she frantically ran in.

She pushed the door open only to see the two of them standing inside and embracing each other. For a moment, she felt so emotional as she looked inside but did not know what to say.

Until Su Cen looked up and saw her.

Lin Che Little Che

Lin Ches eyes brimmed with tears. When she heard Su Cen call her Little Che, she could no longer control herself and her tears streamed down her face.

Mother is it really you?

She ran over and threw herself into Su Cens embrace.

Su Cen hugged Lin Che and smoothed her back. She also started crying with her.

Lu Qinyu looked on from the side. He instinctively closed his eyes and suppressed the tears in the corners of his eyes.

However, Su Cen lifted her head and looked at Lu Qinyu. I never imagined that we would still be able to meet, much less be under the same roof as this. Initially, I thought that the two of you would never meet each other for the rest of your lives.

Lin Che looked up in surprise.

Lu Qinyus face was filled with confusion too.

However, Su Cen said, The reason I insisted on staying by Lin Ches side in C Nation is only because I hoped that the two of you would meet one day. I hoped that you would that you would be able to at least see her with your own eyes.


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