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Season 10

Episode 42

(Im The One Who Hypnotized Her)

At the hospital.

Gu Jingze had indeed locked down the entire hospital.

When Lin Che arrived outside, she walked in through a special passageway too.

Upon seeing Gu Jingze exit the room, she quickly went over to him and asked, How is she?

Shes still undergoing treatment. But because the extent of her illness is too grave, Ive already informed Chen Yucheng to wait in C Nation. We will transfer her there.

Lin Che said in surprise, In that case, she really is she really is my

When Gu Jingze had told her about it over the phone, she found it inconceivable.

Why did life have to be like this? Didnt she pass away when Lin Che was ten years old? Why was it that she was not dead but had instead been taken away by someone?

Gu Jingze pulled her into his embrace and comforted her while looking straight ahead. Worldly affairs were just so unpredictable but everything had a traceable cause too. If not for Han Chengens persistent desire for revenge, they would not have found out all this.

Thus, in reality, all the coincidences merely occurred because of desire.

Gu Jingze said, The truth will be revealed very soon. Now, were merely speculating from the trace we managed to detect but if Fang Zichens illness can really be cured, then we may be able to find out what exactly happened back then.

Lin Che shook her head. I just find it unbelievable.

Silly girl. Do you want her to be or do you not want her to be?

Lin Che thought about it. Of course I hope she is. I Ive never had any family.

Gu Jingze said, So we should be happy.

Lin Che nodded. He was right. They should be happy.

Gu Jingze caressed her cheek. Lets go.

Outside, the two of them glanced inside.

But Lin Che did not go in.

In actual fact, it would be pointless for her to go in now too. Fang Zichen was completely unaware of who she was as she had been hypnotized for way too long.

Gu Jingze said, According to Han Chengen, he hired a hypnotism expert to hypnotize her back then. To maximize the impact, she was given hallucinogenic drugs and the effects continued but she gets dizzy very easily. Its probably the effect of long-term hypnotism and usage of the drugs. To awaken her memories, we can only snap her out of her hypnotic state. Thus, I asked Chen Yucheng for help.

Lin Che asked, So does Chen Yucheng know how to awaken people like these?

Gu Jingze said, Of course, he knows. After all, hes a specialist in psychology. And hypnotism generally does, in fact, utilize certain concepts in psychology.

Alright then. In that case, when are we going back?

The plane is ready for takeoff. We can leave once the two of them are ready.

Inside, Han Chengen clasped Fang Zichens hands tightly.

Zichen, Im sorry

Fang Zichen shook her head and looked at him. If everything is true, tell me why did you do this?

Han Chengen said, I liked you for a very long time but you were constantly in love with someone else. I watched you give yourself to despair. I had no choice I asked you to leave with me but you refused to. You said that you would die in C Nation if you had to die. You wanted your child to grow up in C Nation, so I could only think of a way to take you away. I just wanted to give you a better life. I made an oath to you back then that I would definitely give you a lifetime of happiness after taking you away.

She shook her head. No, Im not happy. I know that you treat me well, but Ive always felt that I lost something. Chengen

Han Chengen nodded his head. Tell me.

Let me have my memories back.

Han Chengens face was covered in tears. Sure, sure. If its what you want, Ill take you back to C Nation so that you can recover your memories

That day, Han Chengen finally agreed to let Fang Zichen return.

Thus, Lin Che and Gu Jingze returned to C Nation on the same flight as them.

Meanwhile, in C Nation, Chen Yuchengs hospital had already prepared everything.

He watched as they escorted Fang Zichen and Han Chengen in and said disbelievingly, Youre really making my hospital an even more dangerous place. I already have one sinister figure overstaying his welcome here but now, theres another one. With these wealthy tycoons here, it would be extremely dangerous if someone was keeping an eye on my hospital.

Gu Jingze looked at him. Dont you think this is something worth studying? Youve probably never seen a person in such a deep state of hypnosis.

Thats true but, Im telling you. The deeper the hypnotic state, the more difficult it is to awaken the person from that state. You should inform the people shes familiar with and knows to come over together and help her recover her memories.

Gu Jingze thought to himself that if she was in such a state, then it was preferable to call over all the people she had known in the past.

Therefore, he sent Lin Che back to the Gu residence first. He wanted Lin Che to stay with Niannian so that she could calm down a little.

Thereafter, Gu Jingze sent people to bring Lin Youcai here.

The moment Lin Youcai heard that Gu Jingze was calling for him, he repeatedly agreed out of fear. The only thing on his mind was that he had behaved himself over the past few years and had never done anything wrong. He did not know if Gu Jingze wanted to do something to him since he was now the head of the Gu family and had more power. Thus, he was scared witless as well when he agreed.

Gu Jingze subsequently sent people to inform Lu Qinyu in advance that his help was needed. Because he was getting on in years as well and was in poor health too, they first told him to keep calm when they informed him but did not tell him specifically what this was about.

Lin Youcai was the first to arrive. He came in and saw Gu Jingze in the doorway, surrounded by people from the Gu family. He instinctively grew apprehensive and took reluctant steps towards them. Then, he asked, President Gu, did you call me here because of Lin Che? I relinquished the office and have been at home recently. I havent done anything at all. Regardless of what happened to Lin Che, it has nothing to do with me.

Gu Jingze said, Your acquaintance is inside. Go in and take a look.

Huh? Lin Youcai was even more stunned but he nevertheless walked in. He looked at Gu Jingze in slight suspicion. He was afraid that there was still something fishy inside and dared not be too relaxed.

However, when he went in, he immediately saw the person sitting on the bed

Ah ah a ghost, ghost its a ghost

Only then did Lin Youcai immediately start screaming involuntarily.

Inside, Han Chengen sat there while Fang Zichen lay on the bed. She frowned when she saw this man and Han Chengen immediately shot him a cold gaze.

Under his threatening glare, Lin Youcai was so frightened that his face was expressionless.

Gu Jingze trailed in behind him and looked at Fang Zichen. Do you know him?

Fang Zichen shook her head. I dont.

Even her voice was the same

Lin Youcai immediately thought of the unmatched beauty of his generation, Su Cen.

But wasnt she wasnt she already dead? He had witnessed her get engulfed in flames with his own two eyes.

Gu Jingze said, Hes the father of your daughter.

Of course, Fang Zichen was surprised.

As for Lin Youcai, his face paled in fright as he asked, Is is she really Su Cen?

However, in actual fact, Lin Youcai could no longer associate the woman in front of him with the Su Cen of the past because the woman before him had an air of gentility about her and looked young, charismatic and extremely elegant. Based on her appearance alone, it was clear that she was no ordinary woman.


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