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Season 9

Episode 41

(Im Sorry Zichen)

Fang Zichen took a step in.

They could not believe that their Madam, whom they seldom saw, had suddenly walked in.

They looked at the expression on Han Chengens face and hastily took their leave.

Fang Zichen gazed at Han Chengen.

Although she seemed to lead her life without a care for the world, in reality, it was not that she really did not care. It was just that Han Chengen did not want her to bother about worldly affairs, so she had never bothered with them either.

She reached out her hand and grasped the front of Han Chengens jacket. She looked at him from the closest distance possible. Chengen, what exactly happened?

Nothing happened

Thats impossible. Over the past few days, everyone in M Nation has been on tenterhooks. When I go out, the madams of other families avoid me completely. I may be very silly and very naive, but Im not stupid. You even said just now that our family is going to leave M Nation. Why? What happened that leaves us with no choice but to leave this place? Does it have something to do with Gu Jingze and with Lin Che?! Whatever it is youre hiding from me, how long are you going to hide it?! Fang Zichen who had never been agitated suddenly got agitated.

He quickly held her up. Dont get agitated, Zichen. Your health isnt great. Dont get emotional.

Just tell me if you dont want me to entertain foolish ideas. I havent been able to sleep the past few nights and Ive been pretending to be asleep. To be honest, I havent been able to rest well for the past few days. My mind has been groggy. I want to know whether or not Lin Che and I are related in some way. Why did so many things happen in our family after she appeared? I want to know what youre afraid of. I want to know what exactly youre hiding from me. I think that if this goes on, I may really die. I will not last long

Dont, dont say that, Zichen.

As she spoke, Fang Zichens head lowered and her body followed suit, beginning to sway. She held her forehead with one hand and looked extremely giddy.

Zichen, its my fault. I shouldnt, I shouldnt have caused your health to deteriorate so badly

Fang Zichen looked weakly at the anxious Han Chengen. Tell me exactly what happened

I I let you down, Zichen. But everything I do is for your good. I wanted to let you leave your former life, so I deceived you in actual fact, you didnt lose your memory.

What? Fang Zichen froze immediately.

Han Chengen looked at her. Youve been hypnotized into forgetting everything that happened in the past.

Fang Zichen was even more shocked.

Just then, they heard surprised noises from the people outside. Sir, were in trouble. Gu Jingze is here. He said hes here to visit.

Han Chengen looked at Fang Zichen in his arms. There was a hint of hatred in his eyes.

Visit? He had just crushed the Yun family and now came here to visit? No, no. He could not believe it.

Han Chengen said, Coming here to look for trouble. Hmph. Fine. Ill take him down with me!

Chengen. Fang Zichen grabbed onto Han Chengen weakly. Dont go.

Han Chengens heart softened. He looked down at Fang Zichen and hesitated.

At this moment, someone outside shouted, Sir, the situation isnt looking good. Gu Jingze has already come in. He, we couldnt stop him.

However, sure enough, Gu Jingze walked in just then. He narrowed his eyes as he looked inside. There was also a hint of bloodthirst in the way the corners of his lips quirked up in a smile. It made the people who saw it instinctively lean back. There was no way they would dare to go closer.

Han Chengen stood up and looked at Gu Jingze with his body straightened.

What exactly are you trying to do? This is my house.

Gu Jingze asked, Han Chengen, should I call you Han Chengen or should I call you Ji Qiancheng?

Han Chengens expression changed completely.

Gu Jingze snickered and said, Ha. I dug up a lot of past information about you. I wanted to find out how exactly youre related to C Nation and whether youve been there before. But I discovered that based on the documents, you had never stepped foot in C Nation before. However, I didnt believe it, so I instructed my men to investigate all the possibilities in detail. Then, I found out that Lin Ches mother, Su Cen, once had an admirer by her side. His name was Ji Qiancheng. After Su Cen died, Ji Qiancheng vanished completely too. There was no record of his death or of his leaving the country. He had completely disappeared into a sea of people. But its impossible for a person to disappear into thin air, right? Because you, you are Ji Qiancheng! You took Su Cen with you and you took away all the information about you too. You used the same method to take away information about Su Cen and found personal details of other people in M Nation beforehand. Then, you added your information to theirs and assumed the identities of Han Chengen and Fang Zichen. Am I right?

Han Chengens face was overcast. He stood there as rigid as a stone carving.

As for Fang Zichen, her face was deathly pale. Until now, disbelief was still written on her face. She was so shocked and could not accept the information.

Han Chengen said, Fine fine. Gu Jingze, since you already know, then even if I have to die with you, I definitely wont let anyone know about this either!

Han Chengen immediately pounced on Gu Jingze. However, at this moment, the person behind him fell to the ground with a thud.

Han Chengen and Gu Jingze turned back at the same time only to see that Fang Zichen had collapsed completely onto the ground. She had fainted.

Zichen, Zichen

Han Chengen ran over to her as if he had gone mad and lifted Fang Zichen in his arms in one swift motion.

While carrying her, he was about to run out like a madman.

Gu Jingze immediately blocked him. I brought my helicopter. Come with me.

Han Chengen went still. But after glancing at Fang Zichen who was unconscious, he still chose to compromise with Gu Jingze in the end

This was life. After stubbornly changing their names, they would definitely experience heavens wrath

Stolen bliss would not last long either.

He should have known

That day, Gu Jingze took Fang Zichen to the hospital in the helicopter and Han Chengen went along as well.

Thereafter, the entire structure of M Nation changed rapidly following Gu Jingzes arrival.

The Yun family was reorganized and lost its position at the top.

The President was now fully in power and re-established his military authority.

The Han family suddenly withdrew from worldly affairs.

Seeing that the world as they knew it had been turned upside-down a few days after Gu Jingzes arrival, the numerous tycoons finally understood that the Gu family was not to be trifled with. They dared not recklessly plan any schemes again.

The people who had attended the secret gathering no longer kept in contact with each other either and went their separate ways to earn money.

However, any news about Gu Jingze could still shake up this place.

I heard that Gu Jingze reserved the entire hospital to look after Madam Han. Why? Has he dispelled his enmity with the Han family?

It seems that Madam Hans illness is difficult to treat. Theyre even discussing going to C Nation for treatment.

I didnt expect Gu Jingze to be so powerful. He purged M Nation so stealthily.

The numerous people who had wishfully thought of driving Gu Jingze out of M Nation sighed collectively at their naivety back then.

Now, not only had they not driven him out, they had instead turned Gu Jingze into a legend in M Nation. He was a legend who had defeated the Yun family and changed the situation in M Nation over a few days.


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    I'm addicted to this story. I wish it had a movie. It just gets more interesting

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