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Season 10

Episode 4

(He Could Only Get Comforted At Her Place)

Gu Jingze felt that being next to her really made him less easily awkward than he was before.

The external world was spreading rumors that he was harsh towards others.

However, he treated others harshly because he easily went down a dead end. He had to complete everything he thought of with no delay.

But Lin Che was such an open and easygoing person. Regardless of what happened, she always went with the flow.

If it was someone else, he would have probably gone mad a long time. But because it was Lin Che, so he thought his personality also became more grounded and calm like her.

He liked everything to run efficiently but now, he felt that even if it did not go as planned, it was fine.

If he could not manage it, then he would go with the flow. Like what Lin Che said, there will eventually be a solution so, in the end, he would have his own way of resolving it.

Gu Jingze thought he had been negatively influenced by her. However, he was strangely genuinely a willing victim.

Gu Jingze leaned there, looked at Lin Che, and scanned through the room.

Lin Che said, It is quite bad here. But since I am filming, it is okay if it is harder.

Gu Jingzes hands reached into her clothes

Thats fine.

Lin Che quickly said, Stop playing around. What are you going to do here, this is not good. You should go back.

How is it not good?

It is so old here and so worn down. Of course, it is not good

Thats alright. With you here, anywhere is good. He leaned down. Because he discreetly felt somehow stressed, so he wanted to release his stress on her as if he could find comfort in her body.

Lin Che felt like she was mesmerized by his gentle actions as if he was purposely tempting her. His actions were slow and light like a feathers touch like the suns days, making her feel so warm and comfortable she could not help but open her heart.

However, she should have known that no matter how gentle the start was, it could not stop the intensity at the back

He could not control himself at the end, making her on the verge of collapsing before letting her go.

At night, Gu Jingze secretly left through the back door. Lin Che thought, Why did Gu Jingze have to come and even discreetly leave at the end

As the CEO, how Mr. Gu ran away secretly made Lin Che uncontrollably feel very funny, so she almost laughed out loud

However, when she woke up in the morning to film for the early scenes, Nangong Yu still looked very cold when she met him immediately after walking out. She looked at her, greeted him, and left without saying anything.

Lin Che felt that it was strange, so she caught up with Nangong Yu. Director, please wait for me. She walked over and said.

Nangong Yu stopped. Something is up?

Lin Che took a deep breath and pursed her lips while earnestly looking at him. Director, do you hold something against me? Did I do something wrong? If I did something wrong, you can tell me. You dont have to tolerate it. Since I signed for your movie, if I have done something wrong during filming, I can change if it is something reasonable.

Nangong Yu looked at her and silently scanned around her body. He then coolly said, No, you have misunderstood.

However, his words were completely different from his expression.

Lin Che said, Director, I dont like to beat around the bush or to second guess your thoughts. If there is anything, just say it!

Nangong Yu looked at her, his eyes staring at her face. He looked like he could not bear it anymore. Fine, since you dont like to beat around the bush, I will tell you. I dont have anything against you. Although you brought a man back to stay the night, which was against the rules of the crew, I cannot hold anything against you because the man that you brought back seemed like a very powerful man who I cannot afford to offend.

Lin Che choked. But upon seeing how Nangong Yu coolly walked past her upon finishing speaking with the prideful aura tinged with some indignation, Lin Che felt suffocated.

He was not the kind of director that would kiss her ass and become respectful towards her if he thought that she had a powerful person backing her.

He looked down at this common occurrence in the entertainment industry.

Lin Che knew she had been misunderstood to be bought by a sugar daddy.

She felt a little angry that he would just randomly make assumptions.

When Ah Bi came and saw Lin Ches angry face, she quickly came over and asked, Whats wrong? Why do you look so angry?

Lin Che said, This Nangong Yu had quite a temper.

Ah Bi froze then laughed. Did he offend you? He is famous for being an angry youth in the industry. If not, why did he not become an actor but a director? Just take him as an idiot who is devoted to making pure films. Ah, how can there be so many pure things?

After hearing Ah Bi say that, Lin Che did not feel so angry anymore. She said, It is okay to have aspirations. However, he got angry at me for no reason at all and made many assumptions about me, seriously

Alright, no matter how many assumptions he made, he still needs to use you because this movie of his cannot be acted out to this effect by anyone else. You act really well, so use your competency to hit back on him. Dont care about him.Read more chapter on our

Lin Che heard and felt encouraged once again.

She sniffed and said, You are right. I should think this way. I need to show him my capabilities. I am not just a pretty face; I am true talent. If you look down on me, then you are blind.

From that day onwards, Lin Che also did not have a good attitude towards him. She acted her part and if there was anything wrong, she would clarify with him logically. Sparks were flying at the scene sometimes, which shocked the crew.

There were really artists that dared to fight with the director.

Especially not just any other director, but Nangong Yu who had a lot of fans.

He was a representative of angry youths and his fans were also very hardcore. They were known as being very harsh on the web. Few people won when they fought him, so many people did not dare to offend him.

Furthermore, his movies were also very good, so he was always the one calling the shots at the scene. This time, Lin Che became the first actress to call him out.

The most important thing was that even if Nangong Yu wanted to logically win the fight, Lin Che sometimes made a sound point. Some feelings, emotions, and expressions of the script and lightning were rightly pointed out by Lin Che. She did not film many movies, but she did film many dramas. Every drama filming lasted for many months, so she was very familiar with the processes and filming techniques. Comparatively, although Nangong Yu was also an actor, he had not been an actor or director for many years. He was not even a formally trained director but was self-taught, so he did know the way to many things.

Although Nangong Yu felt indignant, he had to admit he learned a lot from Lin Che.

Therefore, even if they fought, Nangong Yu continued to film with her the next day. Both of them were such perfectionists that the effect of the movie was also surprisingly good.

Everyone could not help but gossip that with the current progress of the fighting, they might just really film a classic.


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