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Season 10

Episode 39

(Opposing The Yun Family)

In the past, if the bank pressed for repayment, they would go over and have a cordial discussion or think of ways to borrow more money from elsewhere as a temporary expedient. However, no matter what they said this time, the bank insisted that they quickly make payment.

Just when he thought that he was the only one having trouble with the bank, he heard that another familys bridge construction project had been halted for its implications in international law. Their bridge spanned the ocean and invaded the territory of another country, so they were forced to stop construction. Furthermore, they were completely unaware of when they could commence work again.

The remaining families that had attended the gathering encountered other problems to varying extents as well.

Only then did everyone realize that Gu Jingze had found out about their secret gathering a long time ago.

Apart from the Yun family and the Han family, the other families were all given such warnings. This was to make them understand that Gu Jingze had been clearly aware of their every move since a long time ago. No matter how secretive they thought they were being, Gu Jingze knew everything.

How exactly did Gu Jingze know?

They had no way of finding out and merely felt a chill run down their backs.

But this was just a small warning so many families remained completely fearless. They thought that it was nothing but a mere trick. Did he think that they would retreat out of fright just because of this?

However, just then, Yun Qi was having a problem on his end as well. The President of M Nation had suddenly called Yun Qi to the presidential palace.

The President of M Nation had just hit the three-year mark in office. In the past, he used to call Yun Qi, Old General Yun all the time and was extremely respectful. However, he appeared very stern this time.

He looked at Yun Qi and immediately said, Come and take a look at this document. Tell me if its contents are true or false.

Yun Qi took the document from him and looked at it. To his surprise, it showed information about the Yun family selling arms and ammunition in A Nation. The invoices and the details of the arms and ammunition were clearly stated and every single numerical figure was more or less accurate.

Mr. President someone, someone is trying to create a rift between us.

The President said bluntly, Selling arms and ammunition directly without obtaining the permission of the presidential office is committing treason.

Mr. President, let me explain. This is definitely just hearsay.

But A Nation has already verified this information. I just had a telephone conversation with the President of A Nation and informed him that I already know about this. He said that they would purchase arms and ammunition through the presidential office in the future. Before this, he was also unaware that you were selling arms and ammunition on your own without informing the presidential office.


Yun Qi understood what was happening now. Someone had found out about this and informed M Nation about it.

And it went without saying that this person was

He was merely wondering how Gu Jingze had found out.

Did the Gu family have such a strong network of information that they were actually able to find out so many secrets?

Yun Qi could not help the chill that ran through his heart. He walked back in the direction he had come with a very poor complexion.

He had not gone far when he saw people blocking the road in front of him. They had formed a barrier horizontally across the road.

Yun Qis expression changed completely. Who exactly is the person at the front?

The Yun familys butler got out of the car and said, Old Master, I think I think its Gu Jingze.

Yun Qi froze. He looked outside with a grave expression. Thereafter, he was about to get off the car immediately but he quickly moved back into his seat when it occurred to him that at the very least, he was his elder. Then, he told the butler, Go and ask whats going on.

In no time, Gu Jingzes men came over.

Yun Qi watched Gu Jingze walk slowly towards them. There was only one bodyguard trailing behind him but the way Gu Jingze was walking towards them step by step was so imposing and made it seem as if there was an entire army behind him. Yun Qi was instinctively frightened and wondered what strategies Gu Jingze had planned to appear so confident. He seemed to be completely fearless as he walked over in such an unhurried manner.

Gu Jingze arrived and said straight into the car, Elder Yun, I came to M Nation on a vacation. I knew that you were free for the day and came over specially to visit you.

Visit? Ha. Was that what he was calling it?

Yun Qi inhaled deeply to calm himself down. Then, he looked outside and said, Long time no see, dear nephew. Its the first time Im hearing of such a visitation method.Read more chapter on

Gu Jingze said, Its my first time visiting an elder like this too. Most of the time, I will visit them at their houses but you are busy after all. You even have to prepare for gatherings from time to time and have secret dinners with people. I was worried that I would come away empty-handed if I went, so I decided to head here directly to visit you.

Yun Qis mood turned sullen.

As he looked at Gu Jingze outside, he felt more and more that this young man was so unfathomable. It was if nothing could get past him.

Time stopped for a moment. He slowly got out of the car and looked at Gu Jingze. My dear nephew, Ive been on familiar terms with the Gu family for many years. Why must we strain the relationship like this? Is your grandfather doing well in C Nation? We havent met in years. To be honest, I miss him a lot too. Back in those days, we worked hard together as well. But later on, I said that he could lead C Nation. I didnt have much ambition, so I came to M Nation to be a landowner. I just wanted to live into old age and have a proper burial.

Gu Jingze looked at Yun Qi. Elder Yun, theres nothing that we cant discuss amongst our families, right? However, you should tell me straight if you have anything against me. Initially, the reason I came to M Nation had nothing to do with the Yun family. It was just that Han Chengen was playing tricks on me behind the scenes and I had to come here to give him a warning but I cant believe you gathered them together to oppose me. It made me feel bitterly disappointed.

Yun Qi hastily said, I I wasnt the one who organized it. I was just deceived into going with it.

Gu Jingze said, Whether you were the one who organized it, you should know better than me. Honest people do not resort to insinuations. Back then, what exactly was the motive of your eldest son, Yun Kuohai in hiding away the infant related to the Gu family? He hid him away for so many years. Until today, Ive never asked you about this. Why dont you just clear up my confusion today?

From the side, the butler looked at how overbearing Gu Jingze was being and felt even more furious.

Gu Jingze, what do you mean by this? Did you come here to force out answers? Youre being way too disrespectful in blocking our Old Master on the road. Is that any way to treat your elders?

Just then, Gu Jingze immediately glanced over and the bodyguard beside him pulled the trigger.

The butlers thigh was shot and he fell directly to his knees.

Ah Fresh blood oozed out of his thigh and streamed down. Gu Jingze looked at him and scoffed. Im talking to your master. Its not your place to bark randomly.

He wailed and wailed on the ground. As for Yun Qi, his anger rose immediately.

Gu Jingze, before you hit a dog you have to look at the status of its owner. Do you really think that Im terrified of you? Dont forget that this is M Nation, the Yun familys territory. The Yun family has been in M Nation for so many years. Neither the President nor the commoners dare to disregard our Yun family like this. Look at who I am before you try throwing your weight about. Youve been in M Nation for so many days but you never thought about coming to visit me. Now that youre on Yun family property, how dare you be so disrespectful? And now, youre even questioning me? Thats right. Our family did it. Your grandfather Gu Xiande was the one who was so inhumane as to abandon a child in the ice and snow. You speak as if your family is completely innocent. Which family wouldnt leave a hand for its future?

Ha the Yun familys territory Elder Yun, what would the citizens of C Nation and the President think if they heard this?


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