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Season 10

Episode 38

(They Were Going To Conspire Against Gu Jingze)

That day, the Yun familys butler heard from Han Chengens men about Lin Che and Gu Jingzes arrival at M Nation.

One of the men from the Han family said, Gu Jingze went way too overboard. In C Nation, their family is the boss and we cant interfere. But now, what does he mean by coming to our M Nation to flaunt his prowess? The Yun family is the oldest in our M Nation and has been our leader all this time too. Were just waiting for your word now. If you still insist on standing on Gu Jingzes side now, I think that M Nation will also be occupied by the Gu family. But if you give the word, we will definitely work together and do all that we can to chase Gu Jingze out of M Nation and make sure that he never tries to step foot in M Nation for the rest of his life. No matter how powerful he is in C Nation, they wont dare to recklessly pick a fight with M Nation either.

Yun Qi stood there and sighed with a troubled expression on his face. He was momentarily at a loss as to what to do.

He did know how powerful the Gu family was. If they were to start a fight, it would definitely cause destruction to both sides. Even if they managed to chase the Gu family out, they would incur great losses. However, Gu Jingze was indeed going too far right now. He was completely disregarding the Yun family.

Yun Qi was furious. He had left M Nation back then and parted ways with Gu Xiande because he had thought that he could at least be the first in command in M Nation but he didnt expect C Nation to be so powerful now. Whether it was the size of their territory or their financial power, both had increased exponentially. As a result, the expansion of the Gu family was becoming more and more unpredictable. Even a little brat like Gu Jingze was starting to think that the Yun family was nothing, right?

Back then, the Yun family and the Gu family had both been old and established families of influence. They were on equal footing. When Gu Xiande saw him, he even had to greet him Brother. Gu Jingze was another matter altogether.

Yun Qi immediately slapped his hand down on the table. I know whats going on already.

The people from the Han family looked on and smiled internally as well. Seeing that Old Master Yun was so angry, they thought that he probably wanted to stop Gu Jingze from continuing to cause trouble too.

After he left, the Yun familys butler walked in and continued adding fuel to the fire.

Old Master. Look at how Gu Jingzes presence in M Nation has already caused an uproar. If you ask me, why dont we seize this opportunity to put Gu Jingze in his place? In the future, there wont be any other time like this when were so united. The Gu family will probably have gained influence in M Nation by the time everyone loses this morale. When that happens, everyone wont be able to gather the courage. Im afraid there wont be another chance.

Yun Qi knew this too.

It was just that he was old and no longer had the courage to do so.

When he thought about it, he felt that he was a good-for-nothing too. Why was the patriarch of the Yun family afraid of a little brat?

He had merely wanted Yun Luo to marry Gu Jingze back then but he was now completely disregarding the Yun family and even broke Yun Luos heart. If so

Yun Qi scoffed and said, Send someone to tell the Han family that the Yun family is willing to do what they can.

Hearing this, the butlers heart burst with joy. He immediately said loudly and clearly, Yes!

Gu Jingze had been irking the Yun familys butler for a long time ago. Seeing that M Nation was going to chase Gu Jingze out now, he was indescribably happy.

There was only one Gu Jingze. Was he going to go up against the entire M Nation?

When it was time to actually drive him out of M Nation, the butler thought that he would definitely go and see him off. He would only be able to resolve the anger he had felt when he picked up Gu Jingze back then if he watched Gu Jingze leave M Nation in a sorry state.

In the villa, Gu Jingze returned to the study room to work only after watching Lin Che fall asleep.

The shadow guards under him who had gone out had already obtained some information after investigating. Apparently, Han Chengen had eagerly started to announce his plans to everyone after returning. It seemed that either the fish would die or the net would split.

But unfortunately for him, how great of a fish did he think he was? And how weak of a net did he think Gu Jingze was?

Gu Jingze said, Since Han Chengen is so conceited and insists on opposing me all the way, we wont continue showing him any respect.

His subordinate said, But Sir, the Yun family has now gotten involved too

The Yun family got involved a long time ago. If they didnt seek me out, I would have sought them out. They secretly hid away the illegitimate son of the Gu family. They started doing this over thirty years ago. Over thirty years ago, theyve been planning to go against the Gu family one day. As of late, theyve even provoked us numerous times. Do they really think that they can remain unscathed? They came looking for trouble this time. They have no one else to blame either.

Over on the other side, several families had indeed gathered in secret very quickly. At one of the trade associations in M Nation, they started coming up with a plan.

The only thing the Gu family has is some President. But even if Gu Jingming is the President, theres no way he will dare to send an army to trample on us. If that happens, it would be strange if the citizens of C Nation didnt force him out of office, someone said.

We dont absolutely have to kill Gu Jingze this time either, right? His death wont do us any good too. However, we must drive him out of M Nation completely in a humiliating manner so that he will be too ashamed to come to M Nation ever again. We must also let him know that we citizens of M Nation are not easy people.

Youre right. At the auction, he totally showed us no respect and kicked our people out of the auction. That in itself was already a provocation. Even though we were the ones who started it first at the time and that good-for-nothing was out to cause trouble for no reason and was definitely disgusting too, hes still a citizen of M Nation no matter what. Its fine for us to criticize our own citizens but outsiders must ask for our permission if they want to lay a hand on our people.

Precisely. Before you hit a dog, you must find out who its master is, right?

The Yun family was also here right now but Yun Qi had remained silent all this while.

Han Chengen gazed at Yun Qi from beside him, looked at him, and asked, Elder Yun, is there something youre worried about? Just tell us straight.

Yun Qi said, I just hope that all of us dont underestimate the Gu family. We should plan a little more.

Elder Yun, the Gu family is no longer the Gu family of the past. Someone continued, Right now, Gu Jingze is just a young man in his thirties. Hes not Gu Xiande and is definitely not as formidable as Gu Xiande was in the past.

Yun Qi said, But he definitely isnt a child either. You guys should be careful.

However, everyone thought that nothing was frightening about Gu Jingze. They looked down on him more than anything.

Meanwhile, Gu Jingze immediately received news about their gathering.

He smiled grimly and said, Lets break it down first. Tell me one by one which families attended the gathering.

His subordinates presented to him the name list.

So the next day, one of the participating families was prompted to repay their loan with the bank.

The family even found it strange. Every family owed money to the bank, whether it was a large sum of hundreds of millions or a small sum in the millions. As all the money accumulated by the nation was stored in the bank, loaning the money to its citizens to develop their businesses had benefits for the countrys economy too, so the country was also willing to loan money.


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