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Season 10

Episode 35

(Seeing Fang Zichen Again)

Upon seeing Gu Jingzes face change, a few of them mentally froze and immediately said, But we managed to get out how because she has no children, she adopted an orphan from an orphanage and will volunteer there every week.

Oh Every week?

Yes, the orphanage is here.

Gu Jingze paused slightly and thought of something.

After Lin Che woke up, Gu Jingze said, Today, lets go out and walk around.

Oh, where are we going?

We will go somewhere a bit further today. Come, lets go.

Oh, Lin Che said and thought that she should just listen to him.

She followed Gu Jingze out and sat in the car. Lin Che looked outside. They directly drove into the city and immediately reached an orphanage.

Lin Che asked, Why are we here?

Naturally, we are here to give the orphanage presents. He said as he got out of the car. Only then did Lin Che see that there was a bunch of people following them. Their car stopped directly next to the orphanage and a lot of people alighted, carrying many packages. They came over and reported to Gu Jingze and Lin Che. Sir, Madam, we have already contacted the orphanage and said that we are here to contribute our compassion.


Unsurprisingly, inside, the principal of the orphanage quickly came out.

Seeing how there were so many people carrying so many things, he knew they were probably very wealthy, so the gifts would not be small. Hence, he was very passionate.

Thank you, kind-hearted person. I just received the call. Thank you for your care for our Kind Heart Orphanage.

Gu Jingze said, We are from C Nation and we like doing charity work. Every place we go, we will do some form of charity work. Someone bring out our donation now.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and thought he could really lie without batting an eyelash.

He was so natural when he spoke and was not nervous at all. His powerful aura also showed no doubt in his words.

The orphanage people looked and saw there was still a donation. They looked down at the number and received a bigger shock.

Thirty million.

The orphanages staff immediately said, Really, thank you so much. A hundred orphans in our orphanage will have a much better life and we can help even more children that need help and conquer their life difficulties. Kind-hearted person, you will definitely receive good karma.

Gu Jingze said, We do not ask for a good repay for doing good things. We only hope to do good for our conscience. Oh yes, we can go and take a look at the children in the orphanage, right?

Of course you can. Today, another kind person also came to our orphanage. She did not complain about the hard work and she comes every week. Because of kind-hearted people like you, we can establish ourselves in society and help more people.

Lin Che followed Gu Jingze inside.

After going in, she saw how this orphanage was indeed cleaner than normal orphanages. The children looked neat too but upon thinking about how these children have no home, she felt pity for them.

She could only hope this money would really be used on the children so that they could receive more comfort.

Just then, Lin Che suddenly saw a lady wearing a summer hat sitting inside, taking care of a baby.

That baby looked like it had a bit of a cleft lip. Other than the deformation of the lips, the baby was very cute. She did not know which cruel mother abandoned her. Now, the little baby sat there, drinking milk powder.

The woman was very professional in carrying the baby. She carefully fed milk and the entire scene was very heartwarming.

Lin Che froze. Looking at her was just like looking at her own mother.

Because they looked so alike.

That was Fang Zichen who she had seen before.

Lin Che froze there and looked at Fang Zichens direction with some expectations.

Gu Jingze tilted his head and looked at her silently, thinking about something.

Some time passed before he took Lin Ches hand and walked over. Mrs. Han, what a coincidence.

Fang Zichen raised her head and saw both of them. She was a bit shocked and then she quickly stood up.Read more chapter on

Ah, hello. She looked at Lin Che and inspected her. You are Lin Che, right? What brings you here?

Lin Che said, Oh, Mrs. Han, we are spending our holidays in M Nation so we wanted to take the chance to do some charity work, but we did not know we will meet you here.

Fang Zichen said, Oh really? You are here to do charity work? Thank you so much! There are more than a hundred abandoned children here and every week they will have a lot coming in while only a handful are adopted. But many children still need help, so we really need kind-hearted people like you.

Lin Che asked, Do you come here often?

Fang Zichen nodded. Yes, looking at these children made me feel like I have a lot of things that are not done. I still want to help them. Look, this child is only six months old and was abandoned. She does not have a mother, so I can become her mother, take care of her, and help her. Even if I am just a temporary mother, I can make up for some of her lack of motherly love, right?

Lin Che looked at her words and thought she must be truly passionate about this and not like some other people who only did it for show.

For some reason, Lin Che just thought that she was a good, kind, and benevolent person, even though they did not know each other well.

Lin Che said, Thats nice how you can come here and help often. We can only take some time off our breaks to visit.

Yes, young people like you must be much busier. I have nothing much to do at home.

Lin Che looked at her. Previously, I saw how you almost fell. Is your health not that great?

Ah, yes, it is an old illness. My body is a bit weak, so I will feel dizzy often. Chengen also tried to help me treat this for a long time, but there was nothing to be done. I think this illness will follow me my entire life. If it was not for Chengen, I think no one can take care of me like this. They will definitely look down on a sickly person like me.

Why would they? You are so nice and pretty. Lin Che said.

She looked at Lin Che and also felt that she liked her so she pulled Lin Ches hand and looked at her carefully. You are so good at speaking. How am I as pretty as you? You are the true beauty here.

Lin Che said, How can you say that? If I am so gracious and elegant like you when I am your age, that would be great.

You will definitely be. You are so healthy, unlike me.

Then, do you not have a child?

Yes Her face showed some regrets. Because of my body, I cannot have any children. Chengen also doesnt allow me to give birth but luckily, I still have these children.

Lin Che thought that she was really pitiful but that Han Chengen must really dote on her and loved her, so such a wealthy person actually did not care whether he had children.

Although she could not speak for all, many wealthy families still had a high requirement for children.

She said, But Mr. Han treats you really well, so you dont have to be so sad. One wins some and loses some. This is probably a law of life.


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