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Season 10

Episode 34

(She Actually Was Willing To Put In Such Effort For Him)

Gu Jingze already carried her and said, Lets go inside to wash up.

After showering, washing faces, and tidying up, it was coincidentally time to rest.

Gu Jingze helped cleaning her up. He looked at her as if he was looking at a detailed doll. No matter how he looked, she was adorable.

He lightly separated her hair which was just blown dry. Her hair that was just washed was soft and comfortable to touch.

Gu Jingze looked down at her and gently placed her on the bed, kissing her fragrant skin.

Lin Che hummed.

He said, Good girl, you smell so good. You are tastier than everything, really.

Lin Ches whole body was burning and her face was even redder.

He said, I want to eat your whole body, really.

Lin Che clenched her hands and felt as if he was really eating her, lightly tapping her skin bit by bit.

Lin Che was originally a shy person. Even if they had been together for a long time, she was too embarrassed to initiate anything.

And Gu Jingze doted on her so much. Since she did not dare to, he did not make her initiate anything much. He always cooperated with her and put her into the mood.

Lin Che really thought that she was too used to his service but she had never really helped him out.

She thought,If other women could do it, she could do it too. If other women could not do it She could actually do it because he was the man she loved.

He treated her so well, so she should do something for him too.

Lin Ches face was bright red. She pushed him and flipped him so that he was below.

She rode on his body and looked at him lying down.

Gu Jingze asked, Why are you on top today?

Lin Ches face got even redder. She said, I I want to try it.

The woman who sat on his body was like a mouthwatering fruit, making his heart afire.

However, Gu Jingze could not imagine it. Lin Che bent down to kiss him from the top all the way down

Along his ribs, sturdy stomach, firm muscles.

However, she still did not stop and continued down

Gu Jingze immediately froze and quickly pulled her back.

Lin Che, you

Gu Jingze grabbed her hand to stop her from moving.

Lin Ches face flushed and thought she seriously did not know what she was doing. However, there was this sense of rashness in the brain that thought she could definitely do it.

She said, Dont move. Let me do it

Gu Jingze understood her motives and was even more disagreeable.

No, Lin Che, dont be like that.

Although he always said Lin Che never treated him well and he always doted on him, how could he actually bear to let her do anything?

He just wanted her to enjoy her the best life and not sacrifice herself to do things she did not want to.

He still wanted to push her, but Lin Che already grabbed it with one hand.

Gu Jingze felt his entire body tense up.

His body was already out of control.

This little devil What was she up to today?

Lin Che raised her head to look at Gu Jingze.

He had kissed her in places he should not kiss, making her unable to fight back, so today She wanted to try it too.

She wanted to kiss every place, every single place of her man.

She would not be disgusted, nor uncomfortable, nor forced to do anything.

At most, she would feel a little too shy.

Her face was really too red, so she bent down

Gu Jingze was about to go crazy.

He madly moaned out, grabbed Lin Ches shoulders, and uncontrollably said, Lin Che, oh, Lin Che, are you trying to kill me?

She really wanted to swallow him whole

But damn it. he had no strength to stop her.

Because he already lost all of his sanity and she made him not like a man at all.

He could not bear it quickly. He did not take her kissing for too long before taking it out.

After relaxing, his body was still recalling everything that just happened and thought everything was unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Lin Che was so flushed that she did not dare to look at him or think about what she had just done.

Gu Jingze regained his bearings and looked up at her. You Lin Che, seriously

Lin Ches beautiful eyes gazed at him. I just want to do something many wives would do. Furthermore, I also want to try

Gu Jingze hugged her. I dont want you to feel compromised.

Why will I suffer? Didnt you also help help me before? Do you feel compromised too?

Of course not. Gu Jingze said in a low voice. I think it is delicious

She was already very embarrassed so she was definitely not so formidable and said things like delicious.

Gu Jingze looked at her and bent down to kiss her lips.

Lin Che was pushed onto the bed. His well-rested body also recovered his virility, that rogue feeling was still there. At that moment, he really thought he had gone crazy. He uncontrollably wanted to eat her up, bite by bite after thinking about all the things she had done for her.

Lin Che could obviously tell he was crazier than usual.

He was like the crazy tornado here to pillage her, making her body extremely sensitive.

Gu Jingze kept yelling, Little guy, how dare you seduce me today?

Little devil, how I want to just torture you to death!

Lin Che sobbed to him, I didnt, I I did not do that at all, ah you

At this point, Lin Che really thought she had stirred up trouble.

She was tormented the whole night. He only let her go after the skies were lighting up.

When he woke up and saw the woman next to him, Gu Jingze gently kissed her tired cheeks.

Just by looking at her normally, he already had enough passion but he could not imagine that she was so brave that she would trigger him like that.

Then how could he let her go?

Gu Jingze also felt heartache and thought that she sacrificed so much for him. Although she said that she did not feel uncomfortable and was not forced, he still was unwilling for her to do so.

She was his precious treasure and he did not want her to feel uncomfortable at all.

He also could not bear for her to touch such a dirty place.

Although she did not feel that it was dirty and it was indeed washed clean, he still thought and felt heartache.


That look really made one mad.

That feeling was also indescribable.


Gu Jingze also worked hard at night and did not wake up early.

In the study, several people waited the entire morning but unexpectedly, Gu Jingze did not wake up early.

Gu Jingze looked at them. How was the investigation?

Sir, Han Chengen was really protective, it was difficult for us to check.

I dont want to hear about the process. I only want the outcome. Gu Jingze knew it was not easy, but he had to have the results.


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