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Season 10

Episode 31

(Lets Go To M Nation For A Holiday Together)

Lin Che looked in shock and raised her head in confusion. What is this for?

Gu Jingze looked down. He had forgotten to keep it, so it was too late.

Lin Che looked carefully. It was indeed that person.

Seeing this face again still gave her special feelings. It felt familiar and strange.

Gu Jingze looked at her. Because I am still checking Han Chengen, I also looked up on her

Lin Che curiously asked, Ah, did you get any results?

As of now

Nothing at all? Is this person not related to my mother at all?

This Gu Jingze pulled Lin Che over, made her sit on his legs, and looked at her. Did you not see your mother get buried with your own eyes when she passed away? Why are you still so interested in a person that looks like your mother?

Lin Che shook her head. I was still young then. Some people say that young children cannot look at corpses, so I just had one glance and did not get any closer.

Gu Jingze looked at the side, deep in thought.

Lin Che stared at him. Did you think of something? Is there anything suspicious?

Gu Jingze looked at her and thought that there was no benefit in hiding it from her. He initially thought that he would only tell her after it was confirmed but since she had already seen it and everything was so suspicious, he thought there was no way of directly hiding it from her.

Gu Jingze hence looked at her and asked, Lin Che, if this person is connected to your mother, what will you do?

Lin Che thought and looked at the front. Connected That depends on what kind of connection. If she is a relative of my mother, I think I will be quite happy, but my mother did not seem to have any sisters. I cant think of any others but if there is a connection, of course, I hope to find the answer to how exactly they are connected. I also think that although there are people in the world that looks alike, such alikeness is rare unless they are really related by blood.

Gu Jingze said, If you really want to investigate, we can go M Nation again in the next few days.


Gu Jingze said, Her identity is indeed full of suspicious points. He unrolled the thing in front of him to let her see.

Because her identity is an unknown, a lot of people had never seen her before. Later, she got married to Han Chengen somehow and they do not have a child after so many years. Thus, everyone thinks that her background is problematic. I took a look and every year, Han Chengens house imports a lot of medicine. Although it is of a wide variety, most of them are for women, so it is likely for her. If she is sick, then there should be hospital records. Despite this, not only was this the case after she got married to Han Chengen, even before she got married to Han Chengen, she had no hospital records at all. She did not even catch a cold, so her identity is indeed a little strange.


Gu Jingze said, Didnt you say you want to take a break? We can take this chance to rest in M Nation. While resting there, we can investigate a little.

Lin Che heard and thought it was a great idea. That is naturally good but the Yun family is in M Nation. Will they

If the Yun family dont dare to do anything, we will be safe. If they dare to do something, we can also deal with the Yun family anyway.

Lin Che hugged Gu Jingze. Okay. Anyway, I will listen to you but dont work every day once youve reached there. Even as a CEO, you need to know how to plan and put down your power. Dont do everything yourself. Isnt it tiring?

Gu Jingze looked at her. Why? You cant bear to see me like that?

Lin Ches breath mixed with his. She glanced at him and said, Of course. I am your wife. If your body has a problem It is also your own problem. You must remember that you still have me. If you tire yourself out, what do I do in the future?

Gu Jingze laughed and lightly kissed her lips. You are right. I still have so many years. I need to save my body to torment you well for the second half of my life.

While speaking, he reached out and pinched her waist.

AhLin Che was tickled and she uncontrollably made a noise.


Gu Jingze actually did not move anymore today. He would treasure his body because he did not want to burn everything out now. In the future, he could only see her but could not move, which would be torturous to him.

After resting for a whole day, he arranged for a holiday in M Nation the very next day.

He let the servants prepare the villa he prepared in M Nation. Afterward, he let them bring some new servants with them over to test their abilities.

Upon hearing, the newcomers thought it was definitely Lin Ches idea to let Gu Jingze bring her out to play and stop working. After getting cozy with Gu Jingze last night, today he immediately said he was going on a holiday.

The servants rightfully should not reveal any of their masters plans but this new batch just arrived in the Gu household and thought that the Gu family and the entire family clan was connected, so they revealed this news to the family clan.

The new servants said that Gu Jingze doted on Lin Che too much and listened to everything Lin Che said. Whatever Lin Che wanted, he would give her. She said she wanted to go out and play, so he immediately threw away his tasks and went out, so this was definitely not good for the Gu family.

After thinking this sort of person would become the matriarch, they felt very helpless.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze just went to M Nation like that.

M Nations seaside villa had good sunshine. As a southern nation, it was unlike C Nation. B city was very cold and here it was all tropical, so they could still wear short sleeves out now.

After getting there, the couple first went to the villa. Because it was a holiday villa, all the facilities here were simpler.

After Gu Jingze and Lin Che had tidied up, he first brought her to the shore to walk around.

The seashore was very pretty, and the coastline was a lot cleaner than that of C Nation. This could not be helped. After all, C Nation had a huge population, so it was difficult to maintain a balance between the population and nature.

There were a lot of tourists on the beach. A lot of them probably came from the north just to enjoy the sunshine and beach here.

Both Lin Che and Gu Jingze did not bring their swimsuits and did not plan to swim here. They just slowly walked along the seashore while looking at the beauties in bikinis outside.

Lin Che exclaimed, The seaside is really a mans heaven. So many beauties.

Gu Jingze took a glance. Where are the beauties.

Lin Che said, So many of them. Did you not see?

Gu Jingze said, I didnt even see one.

Lin Che turned back and said, Gu Jingze you are too good at making a woman happy. Nope, I think you should stop treating your illness. She nodded. That way you can only make me happy. If not, with your sweet talk, whoever you sweet talk to will fall for you.


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