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Season 10

Episode 30

(The Servants Thought Lin Che Was Too Insensible)

Every morning, Gu Jingze would be already eating breakfast at six. He would read the newspaper and then head off to work while Lin Che slept until whenever she wanted to. Even after the young master had left, she did not wake up. When it was almost ten, she would happily come out to eat some food, then leave the house and disappear somewhere.

Whenever the two of them were at home together, they would cuddle close together and the servants would sensibly leave the room.

Gu Jingze never hid his love for Lin Che away from the crowd.

When the servants were around, Gu Jingze also indulged in Lin Che.

He would actually pick the food for her, play around with her, carry her around the house, and massage Lin Ches back and hips.

The newcomers said to some older people privately, Madam is so blissful usually.

The older people smiled at the newcomers with a look of pride. Of course, Madam and Sir have a great relationship. Even after so many years, they are still in their honeymoon phase.

The newcomer said, I also think that Sir is too good to Madam. Madam wakes up so late in the morning, eats whatever she wants to, and drinks whatever she wants to.

The older person looked strangely at the newcomer. That is Madam. Of course, she can do whatever she wants.

They were here for a long time, so they naturally knew the fact that Sir indulged Madam with so much love also came gradually. Initially, they also had fights but afterward, Madam completely conquered Sir.

Furthermore, they all thought that Madam was such a good person. Thus, they were completely loyal to Lin Che.

However, these newcomers from outside were not loyal to Lin Che. They were trained by the Gu family, so they were loyal to the Gu family and not any specific person.

A few of the newcomers began to chat privately about their observations these past few days and how they thought Sir had indulged Madam too much.

You havent seen how Sir carried the water Madam used to wash her feet.

Sir even piggy-backed Madam up the stairs.

I have never seen any household adopt such an ugly dog but I heard that Madam wanted to adopt it. A mongrel that ate until it was so fat living in the house if outsiders knew, they would definitely laugh at him.

Furthermore, as the wife, when her husband leaves the house, she doesnt even send him off. Every, day she will sleep until almost noon. Her husband is working hard while she is enjoying herself in the house. How ill-mannered she is.

Anyways I heard Madam was from a rural place and so she does not have many manners. She is completely lawless in the household because Sir treats her so well.

The new servants were originally trained by the Gu family and did not know Lin Che since the start, so they did not have a good first impression of Lin Che. Afterward, no matter what Lin Che did, they thought that it was not good.

Lin Che and Shen Youran were preparing to found the company. After settling the company brand and the location, they could soon open the company, so Lin Che became busier.

After returning, upon hearing that Gu Jingze was in the study, she secretly walked in.

After seeing how Lin Che did not even knock the door before directly entering the private study, the servant noted down another point of how Lin Che did not follow rules.

Lin Che naturally did not know. After she entered the room, she saw Gu Jingze tilted there, one hand supporting his chin, looking as if he fell asleep.

Lin Che blinked and walked over. She looked down at Gu Jingze and realized she did not see it wrongly. Gu Jingze really felt asleep.

She suddenly felt like it was hilarious, but she also felt sad and her heart ached.

How tired must Gu Jingze be to just hold his cheeks and fall asleep.

She walked over and took a closer look at Gu Jingze who was asleep.

A frown was still on his face. Official documents were spread out in front of Gu Jingze. His eyes droopy and his long eyelashes covered half the side of his eyes. The dark whirls drooping down made her feel a sense of tenderness towards him. It seemed like he was so tired that it drooped so low.

Lin Che looked at his handsome face and thought that Gu Jingze usually shouldered too many responsibilities, suffered from too many burdens, and needed to worry about too many things. However, he was not a man of steel. He would also get tired. It was just that he would never show a single sight of exhaustion externally.

Lin Che thought about how Gu Jingze never stopped and her heart ached even more. Perhaps they should find a place and rest together.

Since her return, both of them never took a break.

One incident after another made them forget about time. After thinking about it, it had been a long time since they properly went out.

Lin Che scanned around and found Gu Jingzes clothes. She slowly walked over and was just about to place it on him

Suddenly, Gu Jingze who was asleep just now quickly grabbed her wrist with one hand. The next moment, Lin Che was pressed against the table.

Ah Lin Che yelled.

Gu Jingze immediately reacted. His previously misty eyes became clear. Upon seeing Lin Che, he quickly reached out, pulled her up, and checked her out carefully. How are you?

Lin Che rubbed her wrists and shook her head while looking at him. Im fine I just wanted to cover you with some clothes. What happened? Did you have a dream?

Gu Jingze just realized and discovered he actually fell asleep.

Recently, he had been thinking and dealing with things at every moment. There were too many messy matters, which made him very tired.

He sighed and breathed in deeply. He said, Next time, dont come near me. You can call me from afar. I am afraid that I will hurt you if you stand so close, you understand?

Lin Che looked at him. Alright You are a little too alert.

Gu Jingze said, This is my natural reaction after training. I cannot change this without some time.

Once someone got near him, he would immediately move defensively as if it was subconscious so he could not change it immediately.

Upon hearing that, Lin Ches heart ached more.

Outsiders would not know how Gu Jingze who lived at the top of the pyramid did not rest every day and only slept six hours. Every day, he tired himself out with a schedule so packed that everyone who saw it would be in shock.

She said, Gu Jingze, after I am done filming this movie, lets go out and play, alright?

Gu Jingze looked at her. Why? Do you have a place you want to go to?

There isnt really a place I want to go, but, I just want to go out and explore Ah, what is this Because he never hid things from her, he did not keep the files just now away.

Just then, when Lin Che looked down, she saw a photograph she recognized.

The person inside was none other than Han Chengens wife she saw that day in M Nation.


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