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Season 10

Episode 3

(He Came To The Film Set)

When Mo Jinyan left, he looked at her. Think of a way to divorce him.

Mu Feiran smiled and nodded. Hn. Ill think up a way very soon.

Its better to just get the pain over with rather than prolonging the agony. Ill help you think of a solution if he doesnt agree, he said.

Mu Feiran did not really want to trouble Mo Jinyan too much. As she looked at him, she felt grateful. For a moment, she thought that even though he was a very violent person, he seemed like a very good person in front of her.

Lin Che continued filming on set.

Today, Nan Gongyu still did not seem to be in a good mood. He maintained a poker face when he looked at her.

Lin Che did not know if she had somehow offended him. However, she constantly felt that his attitude was somewhat different from when they had been filming.

Of course, perhaps she was overthinking it. It was possible that the director was not in a good mood because of something else.

That night, Lin Che walked towards her hotel room once filming wrapped up.

She saw Nan Gongyu walking in the same direction after filming ended as well.

Lin Che greeted Nan Gongyu, Director, are you going back to the hotel?

Nan Gongyus expression was normal when he saw her. He merely looked at her indifferently. He recalled that there were some issues with the script and said to her, Go back and practice the part that we changed yesterday. Well try to film it first thing tomorrow.

Oh, okay. Ill practice when I go back, Lin Che promised.

Nan Gongyu looked at Lin Che and could not bring himself to be fierce. She was not like other celebrities who liked to throw tantrums for no reason. She had a very good temper and was also very professional. He could tell at least that much.

He was also thinking that it was unlikely for him to misjudge someone. He felt that Lin Che was probably not that kind of worldly woman.

As he looked at Lin Che, he paused and was just about to speak when he saw a row of people standing in front of the door to Lin Ches hotel room.

The person leading them was Gu Jingze. A few tall and well-built bodyguards who looked extremely professional trailed behind him.

Nan Gongyu immediately swallowed his words. He narrowed his eyes and looked over at them.

Lin Che, theres something else I must warn you about. Dont let your visitors stay too long. Youll affect tomorrows filming if you dont get a good sleep.

Lin Che froze. Thereafter, she looked up to see Gu Jingze standing over there.

She immediately understood that Nan Gongyu was talking about Gu Jingze.

She said, Director, I

Thats enough. Go ahead. Nan Gongyu stuck one hand into his pocket. Without casting another glance at Lin Che, he walked past her directly.

Lin Che could only let out a breath. Her chest felt slightly heavy as she had not said what she wanted to.

But Gu Jingze was actually here

She looked up, smiled, and looked at Gu Jingze. Then, she quickly ran towards him.

This entire level of the hotel had essentially been booked by the production crew. Lin Che stayed in a suite. However, it was not as luxurious as the one she had stayed in when she had been filming Yin Shangshus drama. As Nan Gongyu did not really like such luxury, the production crew had kept food and accommodation very simple.

It did not bother Lin Che. They were just filming. It was fine as long as she could stay in the hotel and rest well.

There were people in the hotel who noticed Gu Jingze and looked at him in unison.

This man had previously gone to the set with Lin Che. He was here to see Lin Che again

Gu Jingze seemed not to notice the speculating gazes of the people around them. He looked at Lin Che. Has filming ended?

Lin Che asked, Why are you here? Youre even waiting for me at the door you should have told me in advance.

Its nothing though, Gu Jingze said.

Lin Che quickly looked at the people around them. Then, she took out her card key and went in.

It would not matter if someone else was standing here. But for someone like Gu Jingze who was so conspicuous wherever he went and even brought people with him, standing here was akin to being an animal in the zoo for people to view. Every passer-by would definitely come to take a look.

Lin Che quickly pushed Gu Jingze in.

His subordinates tactfully left.

Lin Che said, You must tell me next time! I dont want everyone to start talking tomorrow about how you stood at the door waiting for me.

Gu Jingze asked, Why? Is there anything shameful about me waiting for you?

Seeing that Gu Jingzes eyes were already glaring at her warningly, Lin Che hastily said, No, no. Youve misunderstood me. Knowing that this man liked being petty over nothing, Lin Che held his arm placatingly.

She said, Youre too good-looking and you stand out too much. I dont want everyone else to look at you. I want to keep you to myself. Cant I?

Gu Jingze proceeded to glare at her. He thought to himself that it was only when it came to this woman that he still liked to listen to her flattery even though it was so obviously fake.

Lin Che smiled sheepishly, looked at him, and asked, Why did you suddenly come to the set?

Its nothing. I came out to run some errands and conveniently came here to take a look. He looked at her, raised an eyebrow and asked, Something just happened to Mu Feiran. Do you know about it?

Huh? I dont know She had been too busy recently and had not been in frequent contact with Mu Feiran.

Their relationship was also not one that required them to contact each other every day for them to remain close.

Even if they had not contacted each other for a very long time, Lin Che still felt that Mu Feiran was her good friend. This fact would not change.

A natural relationship like that was much more relaxed than making a conscious effort to maintain a relationship.

And in each persons lifetime, they only had a few such friends.

It was possible that many people did not even have one. She was lucky to have so many friends like this.

What happened to Feiran? Lin Che asked frantically.

Gu Jingze said, Nothing. It has already been resolved. Black Hawk went over to deal with it. Mu Feiran just had a problem with that man.

Lin Che said, Ah. Did Mo Ding cause her trouble again?

Although it was just a small problem, you should persuade this friend of yours to quickly solve this problem.

Lin Che knew this. She had also thought of several methods with Mu Feiran before. However, there was no way around it. Both of them had the same concern. They were very worried that it would affect the children if the matter blew up.

In the end, they did not come to a conclusion either and left the matter as it was.

Just then, Lin Che realized another problem.

She looked at Gu Jingze. Are you saying that you released Black Hawk?

Gu Jingze leaned against the side and massaged his temple tiredly. My subordinates went there with him.

Oh. So you agreed to let him go there. You have already given him a lot of grace. In actual fact, you dont want things between you and Black Hawk to become so difficult, right? Lin Che said as she looked at him after approaching him and leaning against him.

Gu Jingze looked straight ahead, many thoughts and emotions running through his mind and heart.

If what he says is true and hes a child of the Gu family as well, I cant keep holding him prisoner. I wont be able to imprison him either. If he wants to run away, sooner or later, he will have a chance to run away. But it doesnt seem like he wants to run away now. So it also confirms the fact that everything he said is true.

Lin Che knew that he wanted to resolve this matter, but this matter could not be resolved easily as if it concerned someone else or was a business matter.

This matter was very complex and involved blood relations, family relations, and friendships.

She rested her head on Gu Jingzes shoulder. Dont think about it if you cant find a solution. Think about how to resolve it simply. Do what you want to do. In any case, no matter what you choose in the end, the matter will be resolved. Right?


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