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Season 10

Episode 29

(Solving Things Will Do)

Everyone already realized by now. Indeed, when Xue Yang and Ah Bis news were exposed, Yang Lins scandals were also released at the same time.

Everyone saw that both sides negative news were released in turns.

It was obvious that the two parties were at a face-off. Xue Yangs explanation was right. It was true that the two parties had some conflicts. He hit someone because of these conflicts as well.

The netizens were discussing. I think Xue Yang is a real man who takes up the burden of the mistakes to protect his own people.

Someone said, Xue Yang is so pitiful. He got hit by eggs. The report on the egg-throwing incident said that he directly shielded his manager and used his body to protect his manager from the eggs. He is so manly.

I always thought that people who protect those around them are good. It shows that they are more than just partners with common interests. Everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves for others.

Of course, some stood with Xue Yang, but others stood with the other party.

Someone said that Xue Yang still hit someone and the other party was a woman, so he should not hit others no matter what happened.

Although this was immediately refuted by others who said they were just too forgiving to all people. Because the other side was a woman, they could throw eggs at you, but you were not even allowed to hit back?

Someone even said, Xue Yang is indeed in the wrong because he should not hit people. All these fake benevolent people should stop reprimanding him. An eye for an eye he should throw poop at her.

Yes, this sort of woman should just eat shit.

She deserved the beating. Although both sides were in the wrong, somehow I have a better impression of Xue Yang.

Look at how many dark spots Yang Lin have and then look at Xue Yang. Other than hitting someone this time, he worked hard filming and had no negative news at all. Only this time, because the other side touched his people, he hit them back. Thus, I think I still like Xue Yang.

Yang Lins side already knew it was impossible to control the situation now. The best way was to let Yang Lin not to appear in public for now.

She could not face the public now anyways. Her nose was in such a state she definitely had to take a break for a while.

Afterward, Yang Lin resigned from the reality show Lets Travel Together.

Although Yang Lin was fuming, at this time, the company would never let her out to cause a ruckus.

In retrospect, Yang Lin thought Lin Che purposely let her throw a tantrum and didnt release Ah Bis real identity just to expose it all one day so that she would have to slap herself in the face.

This Lin Che was too evil!

If Xue Yang did not hit her in the midst of all these, she would really be done for this time.

Although even now, Yang Lin attracted more haters than Xue Yang. There were overwhelmingly more supporters of Xue Yang, but at least Yang Lin still stood on the moral high ground because after all, it was Xue Yang who hit her.

At the company.

Xue Yang left and said to Lin Che, Then, Sister Lin, Ill be going.

Lin Che said, Alright, go back home and rest for a few days. Youll still have to return to work.

Although some people did not dare to randomly use artists that had dark spots in their history, Xue Yangs manager was Ah Bi. After knowing Ah Bi was actually someone from the Wesley family, they became more daring and thought, so what if Xue Yang had some history? Could people even buy connections to the Wesley family?

Therefore Xue Yangs work would still continue.

Xue Yang smiled. Yes.

After he left, he saw Ah Bi following him out. He said, Ill go back. You rest well too.

Ah Bi looked at him and said, Idiot, dont go and beat someone up for me next time.

Xue Yang looked back. Idiot, you are one of my people. How can I watch you get bullied?

Ah Bi gently smiled and looked at this big boy.

Although he seemed to be unable to grow up, she still felt that his body suddenly became so wide.

After dealing with the companys matters for a few days, Lin Che was extremely tired.

After she left, Gu Jingze came to fetch her.

Upon watching her lean down, Gu Jingze turned his head to the side and asked, What happened? Are you too tired?

Lin Che said, Im alright, just that things are finally resolved, so I suddenly felt a little tired?

Gu Jingze patted her hand. Lets go. When we get home, Ill massage you a little, alright?

Really? Okay okay, youll have to keep your promise.

Gu Jingze smiled, gathered her in his arms, and asked the chauffeur to drive.

Upon reaching home, the maid said that the old mansion sent a few new servants over to help take care of the young master.

Gu Jingze pulled Lin Che into the room. Lin Che asked confusedly, Why do they send people over at this time?

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and promptly entered with Lin Che.

The servants had changed into the clothes for the household. Upon seeing the two of them enter, they bowed and said in unison, Sir, Madam.

Gu Jingze scanned through the few people. Who sent you over?

The one who stood the most forward in the bunch of people said, Sir, it was Maam Mu who chose us.

Gu Jingze turned back to call Mu Wanqing and asked, Mother, you sent people over to take care of Niannian?

Mu Wanqing immediately said, Its your grandfather who said that even though you have one more person there, you did not add any servants. So I thought he was right and went to pick some for you.

Gu Xiande

Gu Jingze said, I understand.

Lin Che was listening at the side while looking at Gu Jingzes cold gaze and she understood.

She turned back and looked at the few people, and told Gu Jingze, Since it was mom who personally picked these people, we will just leave them here.

Gu Jingze held her. Alright. Ill let you watch over them. If they are problematic, dont give them to Niannian.

Yes, I understand.

Lin Che looked at the people and asked Gu Jingze, Are they trained from the same place?

Yes, they are all trained by the Gu familys clansman.

But we havent had new people here for a long time.

Yes, those who can remain here initially were already the cream of the crop. After staying, they would not easily make mistakes and leave.

Lin Che thought and agreed. The people here did not change these past few years and they all treated her well. These people were not reprimanded by Gu Jingze under his surveillance, so they were definitely very careful. If not, with his high expectations, how could he let people who did not make the mark stay around him?

Lin Che turned back and told the few people, Alright, since you are here, just stay here and learn from others first. Gu house and old mansion is still a little different.

She casually left the people to deal with it. These people still needed to be observed to determine whether they could stay.

The newcomers and older people began to work.

They were separated to work for different things.

Afterward, some newcomers realized this place was a little different from their training. The smart ones knew but did not ask. Those less sharp were a little curious.

Especially during the training, it was important to let the family eat all three meals on time so that they would be healthy but Lin Che often did not eat meals on time. Sometimes she would ask for supper at midnight and would suddenly ask the people in the kitchen to make something, but she would not wake up to eat in the morning.

They saw Gu Jingze indulging Lin Che every day. When he woke up and saw Lin Che sleeping in the morning, he would not wake her up nor let anyone disturb her. He would come out for breakfast first, then ask the servant to ask the chef to prepare a new set after Madam woke up, and to make the breakfast after asking what she wanted to eat.

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