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Season 10

Episode 28

(Ah Bis Identity Is Not They Way They Think)

That day, Dongzi ordered someone to secretly enter the room, take a photo when Yang Lin was sleeping of her twisted facial features. From the top, one could directly see the twisted additional parts.

When Yang Lin woke up, she thought the room felt wrong.

She immediately called the doctor and nurse over and angrily asked, Did someone come into my room?

The doctor and nurse immediately said, Impossible. The people outside are all your people, Miss. Even a fly couldnt fly in.

Yang Lin scoffed. You have all signed a non-disclosure agreement. If my look spreads, you shall all be fired.

The doctor and nurse were at a loss, but they had no choice. Dont worry. Our hospital definitely practices professionalism.

But I still feel like the room is weird. Her suspicious look made the doctor feel repulsed. He could not help but think that she was guilty because she had bad plastic surgery so of course, she was afraid of people seeing her.

Miss, no one can enter through the door and you also didnt leave this room. This is the fourteenth floor. No one can fall from the sky.

Yang Lin agreed, but she never knew that someone could actually fall from the sky.

Dongzis people jumped right inside from the fifteenth floor. To them, it was a simple task.

However, that afternoon, someone released a report, saying that after Yang Lin got beaten up, the truth about her plastic surgery could not be hidden. The artificial parts were twisted after being hit and her face looked horrendous

Afterward, Yang Lins photos were directly released.

When Yang Lins side received the news, it could not be contained. Everyone was shocked after looking at Yang Lin.

How can Yang Lin be so ugly?

This is so scary. Plastic surgery is so scary.

Is it not painful inserting such a huge artificial part?

Ah, its man-made. But I saw her photo previously. She looked like a common person and cannot be a star.

She still doesnt admit her plastic surgery. This photo is too horrifying.

That day, there were commercial companies that quickly went to find Yang Lin and told her that her beauty advertisements could not be released. They said it in an indirect way but they still meant that they did not want to work with her anymore.

Yang Lin lost a lot of advertising opportunities immediately.

She immediately went to whine, saying that someone was targeting her. She was beaten up and received no empathy nor any condolences while the one who beat her, Xue Yang, was bailed out. How unfair!

Just then

Xue Yang started a news conference.

This was considered a news conference to publicly apologize. He was stoic when he appeared on the conference. There were a lot of reporters at the venue, surrounding the entire place.

Xue Yang bowed to everyone and said, I am very sorry. As a public figure, I displayed negative influences to my young audiences. I am sincerely apologetic about my bad actions. This incident was indeed my fault. I will hence take up the legal responsibilities and moral questionings. I will work hard and do charity work to make up for my mistake this time. Even if I cannot make up for it, I hope to let everyone see my diligence in admitting my mistake. But

Her gaze gradually raised up and said to everyone, I am very regretful of my extreme actions to vent my anger, but the other party spread rumors previously. Because our companys shows clashed at the same broadcast slot, she hated my manager, my friend, and my dear partner so she purposely hurt her. We have already found evidence that the internet ghostwriters were hired by the other party. She accused my friend and me that we had a special relationship. Accusing a girl and attacking her with such nasty words made me feel unbearable. I cannot watch people around me get hurt because of me while I cant do anything. Hence, I went against the expectations for me by my company and hit someone. But I really felt angry when she hired people to throw eggs at me and my manager, so I made a rash decision. I want to tell the other party. I will be responsible for hitting you but we will also take legal actions against your ill-willed actions towards us.

After finishing, Xue Yang bowed and left.

The reporters flashlight shined non-stop.

Xue Yang did not smile the whole time but his last words were firm and powerful. The netizens had a good impression of him. Furthermore, because he stood up for his own people, everyone thought he was just a person who did not care about his own interest to help his friends. Even though it was illegal, everyone thought it was good.

And as for Yang Lin, she was being hated on because of the pictures of the failed plastic surgery. She was currently whining and crying, saying how she was the victim.

They actually thought what Xue Yang said was more convincing and logical.

Just then, someone on the internet exposed Ah Bi and Xue Yangs relationship.

A verified account on Weibo said, after looking at what others posted in the past about Ah Bi had a dark past, about how Ah Bi used Xue Yang to earn money, about how Ah Bi lived a luxurious lifestyle, they realized everyone had misunderstood. Ah Bi did not use Xue Yang to earn a single cent. Furthermore, Ah Bi did not even receive a single bit of remuneration from Xue Yang because Ah Bi did not need it. Ah Bis surname was not Lin and her nationality was also not a citizen of C Nation.

Her real name was Abigail Wesley.

She was the youngest daughter of the famous Wesley family. She met Lin Che overseas and really liked C Nation, so she helped out at Lin Ches office when she came to C Nation. All her mansions, luxury cars, and clothes belonged to her!

Everyone was curious, so they went to search up on the Wesley family. They then realized the Wesleys were an internationally well-known oil tycoon, one of the top ten in the wealthiest ranking, so they were definitely very rich.

Ah Bi was not an exotic girl from Ming Village. She was a true international socialite.

After seeing how she was actually so high class, when they looked at her exotic photos in the past, they did not look so weird anymore. Because they were outfits of some young girls in the United States with a little Latin influence, it did not look so bad.

The netizens thoughts changed really quickly. A rich person would look like a rich person no matter what they wore, but a poor person would be hated on even if they wore golden clothes.

The world was just so unfair and hence, Lin Ches office made use of this point.

Now, everyone thought that Ah Bi and Xue Yang were not incompatible.

So what if an international socialite and a local young, handsome star got together?

Xue Yangs fans also thought that if Xue Yang really had a girlfriend like that, his future would be good too.

At the other end, Yang Lin was going crazy with anger.

She looked at the reporter on the so-called Wesley family with a look of disbelief.

That little girl was a socialite?

She could not tell at all. Furthermore, why would a socialite be willing to be someones manager?

Her people were mumbling at the side, Why does this Lin Che always have powerful people around her? Yu Minmin is Madam President and now, even a small manager has such a solid background

Alright you guys, if you are so jealous of her, just go to her office! Ill see if she will deal with trash like you! Yang Lin angrily yelled here.


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