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Season 10

Episode 27

(Xue Yang Actually Hit Someone)

Ha, a slut is a slut, hiding behind Xue Yang arrogantly.

Did you crawl to Xue Yangs side because you were bashed by netizens?

Xue Yang, how can you do this sort of woman? You disappointed us so much.

A whole group of people yelled angrily at the two people.

However, regardless of how angry they were, true fans would not be like this. These people were obviously hired here.

Ah Bi looked at the people at the front with frustration.

Just then, the company and the airports security rushed over and sent the people to the police.

Xue Yang turned back and looked at Ah Bi, gently removing the egg on her.

Ah Bi, lets go, Ill bring you to clean up.

Ah Bi patted herself. Its fine. Its just a little bit of egg. Can it even hurt me? Lets go.

But Xue Yang felt extremely angry.

That afternoon.

Yang Lin was still at the film set. Upon looking at how Ah Bi and Xue Yang were hit by eggs in the news, Yang Lin laughed until she was almost out of breath.

The filming ended at the set. Yang Lin took her stuff and prepared to leave.

However, just as she reached the door, a figure came in front of her.

Before Yang Lin could react, his fist was on her.

Yang Lin froze. Her face was just hit, right smack on her nose bridge. Her artificial nose bridge was now as flat as ever.

She immediately covered her face and looked up at the man in front of her. It was actually Xue Yang.

Xue Yang, you

Someone come! I got hit Call the police! Someone is going to violate me! Yang Lin turned and ran into the set, screaming.

Outside, Xue Yang was immediately pressed down by several people.

At the company.

Ah Bi and Lin Che were still watching the news. Ah Bi said, I almost couldnt tolerate it, but I remembered you still had a plan, so I forced myself down.

I also didnt think that this Yang Lin would purposely shame you to make herself happy.

Yes, I know so I dont care. We can hit back at her together later.

Alright, go and find Xue Yang! Comfort him and dont make him anxious.

I dont know how you tolerated it in the past.

I understand that you must be famous for someone to hate on you. Compared to when I was unknown, I think there must be some form of sacrifice so I need to bear with it and not let the entire team worry about me.

Alright, you are truly a good girl.


However, they did not manage to find Xue Yang when they went out.

Ah Bi was going to ask where exactly Xue Yang went.

Unexpectedly, her phone rang just then.

You are Xue Yangs manager right? Xue Yang is in the police station now.

Xue Yang attacked someone, so he was at the police station.

Yang Lin immediately went to the hospital and refused to see anyone. She threw a tantrum and said she would let Xue Yang go to prison and she would not be willing to take things lying down.

Her newly fixed nose was actually hit broken until she had to fix it again. She could not see anyone for at least a lot more days. She was, of course, fuming when she saw her ruined face.

Just then, Ah Bi and Lin Che also arrived at the police station.

There were a lot of reporters following outside, so it seemed like they already knew about it.

Because Xue Yang was a celebrity, the police also gave him special treatment and allowed him to stay alone.

Celebrities also cannot hit anyone at will. Look! What a fuss he caused. The police said while bringing the two women in.

Although he said that, the police still carefully looked at the rarely-seen Lin Che and exclaimed internally how beautiful celebrities looked, even in real life.

Upon entering, Xue Yang sat there and watched the two people enter. He looked up, his stubborn face showing some remorse.

Im sorry, Sister Che. He did not regret hitting her because that Yang Lin deserved a beating but he was remorseful about betraying Lin Ches trust and grooming. He said, I know that I only have the status and popularity I have today because Sister Che saw potential in me and promoted me. Now that I am in the police station for hitting someone, if the television channel and commercial companies are going to blacklist me, my future will be gone, so it is reasonable if the company is going to abandon me. I will not say anything.

Ah Bi immediately looked up at Lin Che at the side.

Lin Che sighed and said, Silly boy, what are you saying? All people have emotions. It is normal for you to have emotions too.

After all, he was still at the age when he was vigorous and active, and the other party had gone overboard.

Lin Che said, Yang Lin was purposely trying to anger you so that you would make mistakes when youre upset. However, she did not know about one thing.

What thing? Xue Yang looked up.

She did not know that Ah Bi is not any girl from a village. Lin Che looked at Ah Bi and said, Just you wait. We will fight the comeback fight earlier. I heard, Xue Yang, that you made her nose crooked, right?


She doesnt need to think about future commercials. I want photos of her crooked nose to be all over the Internet. Lin Che said.

Ah? Ah Bi asked. How do we take a photo of it? She will definitely defend to death so that no one can film her.

Lin Che told Dongzi who was behind her, Dongzi, find someone to film it.

Dongzi nodded. Yes, Miss.

Dongzi left the room. Lin Che said, Ordinary people cannot film it. But she doesnt know that my personal guards are not ordinary people. Lin Che looked at Ah Bi. Yang Lin initially followed me for a while. Unfortunately, I did not have personal guards then and didnt let her get in touch with the Gu family guards, so she does not know these people are not just security guards. She will also not know that you, Ah Bi, are from the Wesley family. She really offended the wrong people.

Ah Bi laughed. I also tolerated her for very long. If I have the chance, I want to hit her face properly.

Lin Che said, Xue Yang, you need to have the correct attitude when admitting to mistakes. Since you have already caused a ruckus, we will deal with it one by one. Do not hide. People nowadays like people who are honest. As a man, you have neither stolen nor robbed, but only stood up for your friend. It is a scandal but it is not so bad that you cannot make a comeback. Straighten up your back and admit to your mistakes, you hear me?

Xue Yang looked at Lin Che and Ah Bi. Yes, I will admit to my mistakes.

Lin Che said, Our company will not anyhow abandon people. We are not like other companies that only care about profit. You are the companys artists, but also our friend. Our company will not lose a single one of you.

Xue Yang looked at Lin Che and suddenly felt moved and grateful.

He thought he was extremely lucky to know such a bunch of people.

If he did not know them, he would not know that there was another way to live his life. He would also not know that he could have a comeback one day and that he could support himself and step away from his past life.

Thus, he always worked very hard, so that he could live up to this opportunity.

But because it was Ah Bi who always accompanied him, he admitted that he did lose control. Ah Bi treated him so well but he could only watch them harm her, so he could not tolerate it any further.


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