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Season 10

Episode 26

(Xue Yang Was Suddenly Of Great Stature)

Ah Bi looked at Xue Yang. Although he was still considered young, rash, and did not even stick to one pattern, he made Ah Bi feel very happy.

Ah Bi said, Forget it. Anyway, they just want to vent their frustrations. I dont really get angry because if I get angry just from this, then wouldnt Lin Che be fuming? She did not receive any less hate.

Xue Yang looked at Ah Bi. But this incident started because of me. I think I need to stand up and let everyone know you were helping me. We are friends and partners, not the uncouth relationship they think we have.

When did Ah Bi purposely approach him? What seduction was there

He already felt very annoyed after looking at all those messages.

Just then, Ah Bi said, Alright, idiot. These companies have legal departments and public relations departments right? We can do this slowly. Dont be a mess because Minmin is not here now. There will definitely be a way to solve this problem.

Lin Che also said, Thats right. This is the first challenge faced by the company after Minmin took a break. Everyone, lets cheer up and fight this battle well. We are one company, one team, one family. This is a test to our teamwork.

The company firstly gathered some Internet ghostwriters and asked where these ghostwriters were bought and then thought about who was buying the Internet ghostwriters to bash the company.

Afterward, they checked the comments on the Internet. The conspiracies seemed to be already brewing. Someone said, Ah Bi always gave Xue Yang dramas and films when she could get away to stick with him. Furthermore, Xue Yang did not have any other friends usually so whenever he went out, he would bring Ah Bi because Ah Bi was definitely trying to separate him from others.

Other people said that Ah Bi already had the thought of having him alone a long time ago. Furthermore, Ah Bi was an ambitious person. Not only did she rely on him to earn money, but as a small manager, she lived in a big mansion in the wealthy area in C Nation. Furthermore, she usually drove luxury cars that were definitely gifted by Xue Yang or she withheld Xue Yangs money normally.

Although the netizens dug pretty deep to find out what Ah Bi did normally, where she went, where she lived, what brand she wore, and what type of car she drove, they could unfortunately not dig any further.

The company quickly found out that the Internet ghostwriters were hired by a place called the Qianshen Film Management Company.

And there was one artist under this company that they were all familiar with That was Yang Lin.

Lin Che said, Ah Bi scolded Yang Lin that day. I reckon, Yang Lin began to hate her since that day, so she prepared to hit back at Ah Bi.

Xue Yangs face was stern. He sat there, hands slowly curled into a fist.

Lin Che said, Since we know who it is, we will have an easier time dealing with it. Yang Lin has so many dark histories herself. How dare she hit back at us, hmph.

Lin Che immediately asked people to prepare to dig out Yang Lins past. Firstly, they exposed a few of Yang Lins plastic surgery photos.

Yang Lin did undergo plastic surgery. Furthermore, some places were obviously amended based on Lin Che.

Once the photos were released, many fans started scolding Yang Lin, saying how Yang Lin was very ugly and normal like a passerby in the past, and could not believe she actually became like this.

Afterward, there was more information leaked online that said Yang Lins background was problematic. Her portfolio was suspected to be falsely created. She said she graduated from Fafou Girls University, but there was one from the school who said she was their batch mate as if no one had ever seen her there.

When Yang Lin saw the news, she was still at the film set. She looked at the news, crossing her legs, her expression cold.

Just then, her assistant quickly ran over and told her, Sister Lin, it seemed like Lin Che called you.

Yang Lins expression froze and she raised her head, taking over the phone.

I cant believe Sister Che would call me. How surprising. Yang Lin said with a weird tone.

Lin Che scoffed. You should already know I will call you.

I dont know what you are talking about. Yang Lin was not so dumb that she would reveal anything through the call.

Lin Che said, You just need to understand yourself whether you know it or not. I just wanted to say, everyone has dark spots in their past. If we dig it up together, we will have to see which dark spot will make someone fall in the end.

Yang Lin laughed. Sister Che, plastic surgery and fake identities are not huge matters in this industry. However, if an artist got together with the manager, then they will lose a lot of fans. If you want to continue playing, thats fine. Let me tell you, I am not afraid.

Ha, really? Alright, dont you regret it. Lin Che coolly said.

Yang Lin said, If you really have a way to deal with me, you will not call me to make peace with me. Didnt you come and threaten me because you have no qualms against me? Fine, let us continue, I also want to see if you lose more or I lose more.

Lin Che hung up the phone while ordering people at the side. Okay, release the photos that made Yang Lin look like she was in prison before.


The staff was very efficient. After no time at all, Yang Lins photos in the prison were spread out.Read more chapter on our

Even though Yang Lin was angry, her company was frightened and wanted her to stop,

Yang Lin did not agree.

She threw all the things on her table in her room. Looking at the messy office, she gritted her teeth and said, Okay, in the next wave, let us trigger this damn Xue Yang. Go, didnt you snap photos of Xue Yang and Ah Bi staying together in her hotel room for a few hours?

That photo was when after they filmed, Xue Yang went back to his room and his manager went in and stayed for a few hours. When a man and woman stayed together, it was hard to not think about the wrong things.

After the photos were released, people immediately felt that Xue Yang had something with the manager.

Some people started scolding Xue Yang, saying how he had no standards and would even go for the women around him.

The image of a young and handsome man was just packaging.

Yang Lin felt ecstatic looking at the lashing against Xue Yang.

Just then

Xue Yang was heading out with Ah Bi.

Just as they reached the airport, they were surrounded by people from nowhere.

Some people directly faced Ah Bi and threw eggs at her.




You still dared to come out after screwing around.

Xue Yang froze and immediately went to protect Ah Bi. The eggs were all thrown onto him.

Ah Bi was shocked. Looking at Xue Yang, although his shoulders were not so wide, his image suddenly felt tall.

Ah Bi bit down on her lips and could not tolerate it anymore. Stop it, if you dare to spout rubbish, I will pull out your teeth out myself!

Although Lin Che had a plan, Ah Bi could not tolerate them throwing eggs at Xue Yang and even lash out at Xue Yang!


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