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Season 10

Episode 2

(He Really Behaved Like A Man)

Mo Ding knew that he could not win against him in a fight. He got up and ran outside.

Mo Jinyan was about to go after him but Mu Feiran held him back from behind.

Thats enough. He will not dare to do anything to Yunyun. Hes all bark and no bite.

Mu Feiran knew him well.

Perhaps she did not know him at the very beginning, so she was deceived by him. However, after she actually saw him for who he was later, she felt that she had truly been brainwashed when she looked back on it. That was why she had felt that this man was charismatic.

In actual fact, he was simply incapable and a cowardly man. While he was quite good-looking and his family background was alright, he was indeed not as good as she had imagined. He was just an ordinary man. She had adorned him in gold because of love.

However, in reality, he did not deserve it at all.

Mo Jinyan did not go after him again when Mu Feiran held him back.

He turned to look at Mu Feiran. He didnt do anything to you, right?

Mu Feiran shook her head. No.

Only then did Mo Jinyan stop moving. He glanced at the side and found a place to sit down first.

Mu Feiran still had not realized that there was something wrong with his leg.

Mo Jinyan looked up. Since the two of you have no more lingering feelings, why are you still not divorced?

Mu Feiran said, I wanted to get a divorce, but he kept disagreeing.

Disagreeing? Can he even disagree to a divorce? Mo Jinyan asked.

Mu Feiran sighed and looked outside. Worry was very evident on her pretty face. I know that theres a possibility of divorce if we go to court. But even though his family isnt a very wealthy family, they have some connections in the courts. If they make things difficult, it wont be easy for me to get a divorce. Furthermore, Im a public figure. Even though Im semi-retired and havent had any works for a long time, there are still many outsiders who know me. I dont really mind it but Im afraid that Mo Ding will blow the matter up and negatively affect Yunyun. Yunyun has no father and shes not Mo Dings biological daughter, so he definitely wont bother with her. But everyone out there thinks that Yunyun is his child. If news gets out that Yunyun isnt his flesh and blood, I dont know what everyone will say about Yunyun. I dont want Yunyun to get hurt.

Yunyun had no father

No, Yunyun had a father.

Mo Jinyan wanted to get up and say something. However, the moment he moved, he could not tolerate the sudden pain in his thigh.

He held his thigh and his knee immediately swung downward.

Mu Feiran realized that something was wrong and hastily asked, Whats wrong?

At this moment, Gu Jingzes drawling voice could be heard from the doorway.

A hole was pierced through your leg, so dont push yourself anymore.

Gu Jingzes face was completely composed when he walked in calmly, looked at Mo Jinyan, and spoke.

Mo Jinyan looked up and glanced at Gu Jingze. He held his leg, unmoving.

Mu Feiran quickly went over to help him.

Whats going on what does he mean when he says that a hole was pierced through your leg?

Before Mo Jinyan could respond, Gu Jingze had already said, He got shot in the thigh and in the shoulder. He hasnt fully recovered yet.

Mu Feiran looked at him in surprise.

Mo Jinyan looked up and glared at Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze said, Miss Mu, since the matter has been resolved, I will take my leave first. If anything crops up, remember to get someone to inform me. As for him Gu Jingze looked at Mo Jinyan. Ill leave someone here to watch over you. Remember to bring my henchman with you when you return to the hospital.

Gu Jingze did not say anything further and turned to leave.

Mo Jinyan looked in the direction in which he left and smiled to himself. Ultimately, Gu Jingze was still willing to trust him.

However, the fright on Mu Feirans face had yet to dissipate. She looked at Mo Jinyan in shock. How did you get shot

Mo Jinyans hand was on his thigh and he had an indifferent smile on his face. Its alright. Im fine now.

Mu Feiran knew that they did not belong in the same world.

She could not imagine what he had been through.

For instance, she had acted out a scene in a drama series where she had gotten shot. However, she had always thought that she would never encounter such a thing for real.

But it seemed to be such a common occurrence to him.

Mu Feiran hastily asked, Then, what should I do now? Can I look at your wound?

Mo Jinyan looked at her and nodded silently.

Mu Feiran sat him upright. Then, she crouched down, pushed his pants aside, and looked at his wound.

It was indeed a sizable wound that was already healing. The bandage around it had medicine that was turning slightly yellow.

Mu Feiran said, It looks like its time to change your bandages. Let let me help you.

Theres no need to go through that trouble, Mo Jinyan said.

Mu Feiran said, Its not troublesome. You still came to help me despite being injured. I really feel very apologetic. Ill help you change your bandages. Hold on a minute. Ill ask them for the medical kit.

Mu Feiran genuinely felt grateful, so she wanted to put effort into helping him do something.

Mu Feiran went out and got the medical kit.

She came back to where he was and helped him peel away the bandages.

The sight of the wound really made her gasp in surprise. It was her very first time seeing a bullet wound. Of course, much of its original appearance had changed because of surgery, but it was still a ghastly sight.

She did not know how exactly Mo Jinyan had been shot, neither did she know what he had been through. She could do nothing but look at him. Her heart really felt strange.

Let me know if it hurts, she hastily said when she saw the frightening wound.

However, Mo Jinyan merely watched her apply the medicine and did not say a single word. He did not even whine at all. It was as if the wound was not on his thigh.

Mu Feiran could not help but find him strange. He was so tough and made no sound at all.

When she looked up, her eyes met his eyes which were staring straight at her.

Her face instinctively turned slightly red. She quickly bowed her head down and momentarily felt that his gaze was so overwhelming that she could not look straight at him.

What exactly was he doing?

She quickly finished up and slightly regretted going so close to him.

Im done, she said.

Hn. I can see that, Mo Jinyan said.

Mu Feiran said, Youre amazing. Dont you feel pain? You didnt react to the medicine at all.

Mo Jinyan stood up calmly and tested out his injured leg. This injury is nothing. A man should not make any noise, he said as if he was referring to someone.

Mu Feiran instinctively thought of Mo Ding.

After being kicked, he wailed as he lay on the ground.

Compared to Mo Ding, Mo Jinyan seemed even more manly.

Furthermore, he was a very masculine man.

Mu Feiran looked at him and felt confused for a moment. How could there be a man like this on earth? His existence seemed so fantastical as if they were in a movie scene but he was right in front of her and was a man in real life.

Mu Feiran had never dared to think that they would get involved any further. She was a woman who had a child and was married. She was no longer that rebellious young girl who had unrealistic thoughts.

It was a very pleasant fantasy, but the reality was so cruel.


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