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Season 10

Episode 1

(Get Lost)

Mo Ding said, Thats enough. Jingjing already knows that she was in the wrong. She should not have provoked you. Putting this matter aside, the issue of money today

Mo Ding, I earned all this money. I earned it through working desperately hard.

Mu Feiran. If I didnt nurture you, you would have been nothing!

How much support did you give me? Huh. Did you have money or power to nurture me? It was more through my own hard work, my nonstop filming, endorsements, and events!

Mo Ding stood up and glared at Mu Feiran.

For some reason, his company had been attacked and immediately lost thirty million. If he could not reimburse the company with thirty million, it would really be in the red. That was why he had no choice but to ask Mu Feiran for money.

After Mu Feiran, the company had pushed out numerous rookies. However, most of them did not achieve anything. Mu Feiran was the only one who became a superstar. The rest of the rookies were in the red. Through attending events, commercial performances and accompanying several rich businessmen to dinner, the money they earned was just enough to cover everyone. There was nothing extra at all.

Mo Ding had no choice either. His family was still hastening him to give them money to buy a house before they migrated overseas. As he was hard pressed, he had no choice but to shamelessly ask Mu Feiran for money.

She definitely had money. She had saved up quite a lot over the years. The only issue was whether she would let him spend it.

Mu Feiran scoffed. Just give up. I wont give you a single cent. Get out.

Mo Ding looked at her. Im not leaving unless you give me money. Without the company, I can only rely on you to support me.


Mu Feiran had literally never met such a shameless person.

However, the more shameless the person was, the more difficult it was to deal with him.

Just then, outside.

The police looked at Black Hawks subordinates. In actual fact, they did not really dare to approach them either.

Even though they had given no indication of who they were, they did not seem like good people either.

However, the policemen felt that they were ultimately policemen and were not afraid of typical gangsters too.

Typical gangsters aside, they were also not afraid of wealthy businessmen who had considerable money. After all, they could only get by through relying on the police. If they did not cooperate with the police, trouble would await them.

After many interactions, those wealthy businessmen were very respectful towards the police too. This was so that when something happened, there was nothing like having a man on the spot to smooth the way.

As they looked at the row of people, the policeman said, Theyre a married couple discussing something inside. Whats the point of you being here?

Black Hawks subordinates looked at the policemen stationed there. They are a married couple but they are only married at law. That man is not a good person. You let him in just like that. Arent you being way too irresponsible? If I remember correctly, our laws protecting married women are quite well-enforced too.

After Gu Jingming came into power, the first thing he did was to protect married women and children. Over the years, numerous laws were put in place.

However, as C Nation was a traditional country, after all, many citizens had their culture ingrained in them and had not changed their mindset. They still felt that outsiders should not interfere in matters between a married couple. Quarrels between them were bound to be resolved.

At times, however, they did not know that in many cases, arguments between married couples would turn into homicides. Some of them were definitely not simply arguing either but had aspersions cast on their own character.

Still, the police dared not interfere with these matters.

But nothing has happened here. Listen. Theres no sound at all, the policeman said nonchalantly.

At this moment.

Outside, a line of cars drove here at long last.

They looked over only to see that those cars actually belonged to the Gu family. They could not help but feel a little disappointed. Why wasnt their boss here

However, thereafter, they saw their comrades following behind as well.

The car that was protected in the center drove in first. The first person to get out of the car was Gu Jingze. He was then followed by Black Hawk.

Dressed completely in black, others immediately felt as if he gave off a foul and foreboding air.

When he alighted, his presence was felt even more strongly. His eyes had an endlessly dark and gloomy aura that made people instinctively feel that the temperature around them had lowered by a few degrees.

The two men who were of more or less the same height walked towards them one after another. All the policemen who had initially thought nothing of the matter could not help but come to rapt attention.

The moment one of Black Hawks subordinates saw him, he was about to burst into tears. He quickly walked up to him and said, Boss.

Boss. Youre finally here.

Black Hawk looked inside. Where is Mu Feiran?

Boss. Shes inside, Black Hawks henchman said while pointing inside.

Hearing this, Black Hawks gaze deepened. What? Inside, alone?

With that man called Mo Ding

Black Hawks expression immediately turned rigid. He clenched his teeth together and pursed his lips. Then, he pushed them aside furiously. You just left her alone with that bastard!

Black Hawk was about to walk in as he spoke.

Seeing this, the policemen made a move to block him.

However, the moment Black Hawk glared angrily at them, the policemen quickly retracted their hands.

Black Hawk simply kicked the door open and walked in.

In the living room.

Mo Ding was just about to move closer towards Mu Feiran when he looked up only to see Black Hawk walk in.

His black coat was still fluttering. Mo Dings heart seized up when he saw him.

You you what are you going to do For a moment, Mo Ding was extremely terrified of him. He quickly looked outside and shouted, Is there anyone outside? Where is the police? Police, this person has violent tendencies.

Mu Feiran looked at Black Hawk who had suddenly come in and was slightly surprised at the moment.

However, she was touched and ran towards Black Hawk. She looked at him. Youre here

Black Hawk looked at Mu Feiran and quickly pulled her behind him first.

When Mo Ding saw how Mu Feiran gazed at him with her eyes shining, he could not help but feel disgusted.

Mu Feirans eyes shone the moment she saw a man.

Black Hawk scoffed. Shout all you want. Ill see which policeman dares to control me.

Mo Dings voice froze and he felt his throat tighten.

Who exactly was this man? Apart from being arrogant, he was not even afraid of the police.

Mo Ding would admit that he was terrified. He looked at him and said, This is my family affair. Im not trying to do anything either. Im just asking for some money. Our company lost thirty million. Nothing will happen if she just gives me the money. Right now, she even has connections with a prominent figure like you. Thirty million is all the more nothing to her. Were a married couple

Hearing this, Mu Feiran could not believe her ears. She said to Mo Ding, Get lost. Thirty million?! I wont even give you a cent. All of that money is my hard-earned money. Why should I give it to you?!

Hey, woman! Mo Ding yelled angrily, At the very least, we were married. You wont even take into account the many years of our relationship?

Relationship? Stop dreaming.

You Mo Ding looked at Mu Feiran. Be careful or Ill publicize these things. See how everyone treats your daughter. Wait for people to point fingers at your good daughter and talk behind her back!

There was a painful sting in Mu Feirans nose. You are you human or not?

Black Hawks eyes turned sharp when he heard what he wanted to do to Yunyun.

He lifted his leg and immediately kicked Mo Dings chest. What did you say? What are you going to do to Yunyun?


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