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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




I groaned softly and flushed open and I blink rapidly. What the hell happened? Shit my head hurts so much right now. I think I have a hangover.

I felt strong pairs of arms around my waist preventing me from leaving the bed.

I gazed his beautifully structured face and his chiseled jaw laid against a pillow. I blushed heavily as I thought about last night.

it was magical. I gawk at his closed eyes which was slightly covered with his unheveled hair. Gosh he looked so hot in that position. I felt his arms move and pulled me into his warmth.

"Come on my love stop staring at me okay? I'm yours truly." He mumbled with his eyes closed and I gasp.

How did he know i was staring at him? 

" hmm I wasn't by the way my head hurts like hell." I stated and he moved his head up and planted a kiss on my forehead.

"You gonna be fine. Or you wanna go another round?"his raw words had a strong effect on my body and I felt my desires building up.

My cheeks had turned crimson red.

He pinned me down and hover on top of me planting soft kisses all over my body.

He took my lips in hungrily kissing me, I responded to the kiss immediately even though I was still soar down there I couldn't stop the burning desires in me at the moment. He nibble on my buttom lip and bit on it tenderly. 

I moan into his mouth when his fingers draw tiny circles around my tits. My nipples stood erect waiting for him to take them. He understood immediately and attacked my peak with so much aggressiveness that I felt my body burn with desires. I could feel my wetness between my thighs and couldn't wait to feel him inside of me again.

He trailed kisses down my belly button and to my wet p**sy lips. He teased my clits with his tongue making me shuttered.

Damn!! That feels great. 

I gulp when I saw how hard he was, I guess last night I didn't get to see him completely. Damn he's so big down there, reasons why Nichole can't let go of him.

He got in between my legs and planted a kiss on my foot as he slowly dive into my wet cunt.

Omg!!!! Did I take this last night?

I held on to the sheets as he thrust in and outta me gently.

"Open your eyes baby girl! Look at me."he said huskily and I obeyed immediately.

Sharing an eye lock as he moved in and outta me.

I felt how strong our connection was.

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