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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯




I almost screamed in anger as I watched my anger crumble right before my eyes.

How did they find out about it? Did Bella snitched on me? I huffed out loud and walked past the party freaks and head upstairs let's see what they're up to.

I stopped walking when I heard loud banging and moaning coming from the room by the left. Wait that's Ariel's voice. Is that what I think they're doing?

I frown as I got even angry. I should be the one in Tyler's arms and moaning crazily not her.

I walked towards the other rooms and heard another different moaning coming from the room down the hallway by the right.

Wtf!!! That's Dee and Tia. What did I just do? My plan was to pulled them apart but I ended up making them get intimate.

Am such a failure and dumb ass. All this moaning got me so horny. Right now I needed to help myself .

I rushed towards my room and locked up the door and sat down on the bed with my legs wide open.

I slide in two fingers and pushed my head backwards in pleasure as I finger f*cked myself badly.

All I wanted was so hard c*ck dangling in my p*ssy.

I opened the cabinet beside my bed and brought out my dildo and teased myself with it before sliding it in.

F*ck!! I moan as I help myself reach climax.

The door pushed open revealing Max. He smirked seductively on seeing my wet p*ssy.

And I just got lucker. "Come get me baby." I winked and he rushed me immediately.

Max was from school though we have never f*cked but am pretty sure his c*ck is gonna make me scream.

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