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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯



🤵🏽 DYLAN 🤵🏽

The kisses became intense that I'd to stop to catch my breath. I trailed kisses on her neck planting love bites all over her collar bone making her moan as she tug on my hair sending sweet sensation all over my body.

She wore a jean fabric tank top with bottons at the front making it easier to take off.

I undid the button and gently took it off as my eyes attacked her titts hungrily.

I could feel her erect nipples right behind that bra. I trailed kisses on her cleavage to her bra as I took it off and dumped it somewhere.

Damn her tits were so beautiful had to burry my face in them. She moan out loudly when I took one her b*bs into the warmth of my mouth and suck on em.

I teased her more making her moan even louder. 

"You're beautiful baby." I said huskily and planted a kiss on her tits before taking in the other one.

I gave both tits equal rights and now I was harder than ever. I growl softly and took off her skirt and I tossed it aside.

Her pants had been soaked ,damn she's so wet already.

I squat and trailed a finger over the wet fabric and she shivered.

"Stop teasing me please. Am gonna blow up anytime soon, my body is on fire." She sounded like someone who was about to cry.

"I like to go easy and slow on you my darling."my voice came out huskily.

She cried out in pleasure when I sunk my finger into her honey pot.

 I took off the pants and toss it aside. I gently took off my shirt and pant before dumping it on the floor.

I got in between her dripping wet honey pot and stroke the entrance with my beast before thrusting in.

F*ck! She's damn tight. She cried and held on to the sheets tightly. I stopped and went easy on her so as to not hurt her.

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