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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯



☠️ TYLER ☠️

I slowly took off her dress and tossed it across the room my eyes roamed her smooth pale skin with desires burning in me.

"Baby i can't take it anymore. My body is on fire.",she confessed and I smirked and planted hickeys all over her collar bone.

Advancing to her tits which was staring right back at me.

Her nipples stood erect aching to be touched. I attacked them hungrily and suck on em like s baby.

Her moans filled the room as I work my magic on her body.

I grabbed her long legs and planted kisses on her foot down to thigh.

Her Wetness was visible through her pants. I outlined the shape of her clit and she shuttered.

"You're so wet baby." My voice came out huskily.

I took off my ruined sleeve and took off trouser and dumped it somewhere. I got inbetween her legs and held on the waist band of her pant and slam it against her skin making her shutter.

Her eyes were slightly open as I tease her a few more before taking it off.

She was dripping wet as I tease her with my fingers before pushing my joystick into her clit.

She moan out loud and held on to me as i thrust in and outta her.


I took her to one of the rooms upstairs and placed her on the bed gently and took off her shoes.

She giggled and mumbled something I couldn't understand.

" come closer babe wanna tell you something." She said and I shrugged before walking closer. She did the unexpected by pulling me closer and slammed my lips on her. The first few seconds my brain had shot down for the took my surprise. 

I snapped outta my thoughts and concentrate on the soft plump lips pressing against mine.

I deepen the kiss and slide my tongue into her mouth to gain access.

She tug on my hair as we kiss passionately and desperately for no one was ready to give up yet.

I pulled away eventually to catch my breath.

"What's wrong baby? Am I not beautiful enough For you?" She pouts and I frown.

"In my eyes you're the most beautiful woman have ever met , I don't care about anything else as long as I've you and you hold the key to my heart. Just that you're not ready yet." I explained and she cupped my chin.

"Of course am ready my love. My heart and body belongs to you." She said and pulled me back into another round of kissing.

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