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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯



☠️ TYLER ☠️

I looked at her with uttermost disgust making wonder why I ever made out with such slimey looking b*tch!.

I noticed Tia and Ariel was drinking rather too much but I acted like calm.

I guess this was Nichole's cheap plans. To get them drunk and abuse , humiliated them.

" you know I'm always available when you need me yeah?" She said seductively and Dylan chuckled softly. He winked at me and left us alone.

He went over to Tia and carried her in his arms right before she could misbehave. I watched him take her upstairs till he was outta sight before glancing at Nichole who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Seriously is that all you got? You should know better than use such cheap tactics. Thanks anyways for the party." I blow her an invisible kiss before walking towards Ariel who was still swaying her hips.

Nichole was dumbfounded as couldn't believe her ears.

Ariel had become tipsy and was starting to misbehave. I caught her by the waist right before she could fall.

She giggled and tug on my sleeve.

"What took you so long baby? Did That witch bothered you?" She pouts and I smiled softly.

"You're drunk babe. " I said and carried her in bridal style and head towards the stairs.

Thanks to Nichole and her pathetic plans we gonna use the bedrooms to our advantage. I wonder Dee and Tia were doing at the moment.

Went through the hallways and stopped in front of a door. Ariel won't stop giggling. I opened the door and walked into the room with her in my arms and shut the door behind me before placing her on the bed but she held on to me.

"Where are you going love? Don't wanna stay with me?" She feign annoyance and I chuckled at how cute she looked at her the moment.

"Am here okay? Let me take off your shoes." I said and she nodded smiled before letting go.

I took off her shoes and massaged her feet gently and moved towards her face and trailed my finger on her face line.

She giggled and pulled me to her by the shirt and I slammed my lips on her.

She ricked of alcohol which only woke the beast in me.

I groan softly as well kiss passionately and tongues fighting for dominance.

I nibble on her bottom lip and bit em teasingly.she moan into the kiss and i roamed her body with fingers sending shock waves all over.

Gush she's so intoxicating all I wanted at the moment was her , nothing else mattered.

She tug on my sleeve aggressively and sent all bottons flying out.

I left her lips and moved to her neckline. Kissing and sucking the hell outta em.

She moan out as I planted kisses all over her body. My d"ck was hard as rock ready for action but I was gonna take my time.

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