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💯 { the bad boy and the girl who lives next door}💯



🤠🤠 DYLAN 😚😚

ALEXA dè parîs was an historical hotel and yet remained the most fanciest RESTAURANT and also the most expensive place to be.

Me and dad would come here for some Tamales and shrimps which was my favourite..

I booked a special table for two and got it decorated with lights and candle.

It was a VIP spot so the privacy was very much okay.

Sat down and patiently waited for Tiara who showed shortly after dressed up in black strapless gown which revealed her curves in a magnificent manner.

Swears I was drooling over her body and ever beautiful face which looked so much dad. 

"Hi." She flashed me a nervous smile and helped herself to the chair before me.

"Thought you weren't going to show up." I mumbled and trailed a finger and her cheeks and she blushes.

"And I came. So here I'm." She said and I chuckled and relaxed into my touch.

"Am glad you did my love." I said and signaled the waiters who quickly brought different dishes to the table.

"Wow dont tell me you made all this arrangements for us. Come on dear its just a date." She whined softly whichi find cute...

She's cute in every way and my love for seems to increase every day.

"I love you Tiara but am afraid you don't love me that much." I sigh and looked away sadly.

"Look at me. " she said and I ignored.

"Look at me Dee!" She half yelled and I did.

She saw such amount of love in my eyes which over powered every other thing in my heart.

Love did feel good and also shed light over my heart.

"I love you Dylan. I was having a crush on you for years which my brother was against. But then my love was stronger than the hate in his heart. Please don't feel insecure okay? I love..." I didnt let her finish as I bent over the table and took her lips in mine.

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